Membean By: Sam G.

For a whole school year of Language Arts in the 6th Grade we have been using an academic sight known as Membean. The esteemed creators of this sight are both intelligent and are great software designers. Membean helps you learn vocabulary for life. Words like depict, deplorable, and jubilant are just a small taste of what Membean has in store for you. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer and go to Google or Google Chrome and type Membean and create an account. Then start leaning, and the more correct answers you get the higher level and harder words you receive.


The Giver By: Sam G.

 Currently in the class of Language Arts we are reading a rather strange yet fun book called The Giver. It is about a boy named Jonas who is about to go through what is called The Ceremony of Twelve where Jonas will be assigned a job for the rest of his life by the Elders. He has talk with his parents about what it was like for them to go through The Ceremony of Twelve and the job they got was what they expected. But Jonas is still concerned on what his job for the rest of his life chosen by the Elders would be? If I were Jonas living in basically a perfect society I would stop and think about what I am best at…. for me that is probably dodgeball. You guessed it I would want to be the funniest, loudest, nicest, smartest gym teacher ever.

Frank Gallery Hero by: Sam G.

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

As you can see my brother, Spencer, (on the right) loves my hero book I made for him. Spencer is very smart, athletic and is in his junior-year at a Christian school. He is 17 years old and he can drive his car and our family’s boat with no sweat. He is nice, funny, and loves playing basketball. His dream is to be in the NBA.

Talk To Your Teen By: Sam G.

In the book our class is reading, Liam, the main character of our book Cosmic has to learn about teens. He picks up a book called Talk To Your Teen. This is what I think you should talk to your teen about. Have your teen talk to you about school and keep asking is there something you’re not telling me. Talk to your kid constantly. Limit him to social media, screen time, and let him do his own homework. Check his social media posts and make sure he is not online or texting too much. Play games outside with your teen and talk about what your teen likes to do.

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