Soccer Tournament by Bella

Last weekend, I had a soccer tournament. My team is the Wildcats, playing for Rainbow Soccer. Yeah,we’re beginners, but that’s how you get better,right? After all, we won every game against other Rainbow teams. Until the soccer tournament. It was NOT fair.

We were assigned to play with Triangle United. We weren’t scared, but THEY WERE GOOD. We signed up to rainbow soccer for a purpose! To be easy! There were three games, and we lost two,and won one. The first team was the best.  We were totally crushed. But hey,we still got two more chances! The second was not as amazing as the first, but they still beat us. It seemed like there was always one player that was better than the rest. That girl kicked our goalie in the face and scored. She started crying, and I felt so bad for her. The third game, for the first time,WE crushed them. They were tiny! And so we scored,scored,scored,scored,scored, and scored! 6 to 0!

But guess what… They were a year younger than us… I guess we just got lucky enough!






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Soccer Champs By Sylvia

Screenshot of standings from:

Last weekend my soccer team played our last soccer game. We won 3-1. Since we won that game we won our fall league. Me and all my teammates are very excited; my coach is too. I think we are a very good team and I can’t wait for spring when we start the spring league. But I am not excited to play the KSA Lady Comets again. We beat them by a lot but I almost got crushed (literally) by this six foot girl. She was really six feet tall, it’s not an exaggeration. I went up to about her waist.

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I Am Proud Of by Sylvia

Photo by Sylvia

This is our trophy from our first tournament.

I am proud of my soccer team because we won two tournaments in a row, and last year we walked away with only silvers. The last tournament we played in we crushed every team we played (9-0, 6-0) except for the one we played in the finals. We should have won, but the ref didn’t like our coach, so we went to PKs. We made our first one, they missed, then we both made it, then we both missed, then we both made it. If we made this one, we would win. GOAL!!! We won!

I Am Proud Of……. by Lana K.

I am proud of my soccer skills because I have the ability to play many different positions and be good at them. Also, I am proud of my soccer skills because I love to play at practices and games. I enjoy getting better each time I play. Another reason is because when I make mistakes I know that no one will remember it and that I can learn from them. I started playing soccer when I was seven years old and am glad that I did! I hope to play soccer throughout middle school and hopefully high school. Even if I do not keep playing soccer when I’m older it will always be a hobby of mine. I love soccer! 💚⚽💚⚽