Community Service Will P

Ms. Johnson’s advisory went to the Spring Arbor nursing home on Wednesday for community service. Spring Arbor nursing home is an old peoples home. I enjoyed the visit because of the satisfaction at the end of the day that I had brought some sunshine into a lonely old person’s day. Also, it was neat talking to them because now they just look like frail old people but it is amazing what they did back in the day. For example, one of the two people I was talking with played basketball at Syracuse. She then became an art teacher and she saw the integration of whites and blacks happening. The other person I talked to was funny. She was talking about painting my nose green! I had fun helping her paint a flower pot. Overall, I had a good experience at the Spring Arbor nursing home.


Community Service by Jenny D









For our last community service of the year my class went to the Spring Arbor Community Home. We got to talk to elders and help them make a flower pot. We painted the pots together and then inserted soil and a beautiful flower that would grow if it was taken care of. This activity was actually very fun. It was fun getting to talk to old people, and talk about their younger life and what they liked to do, and if they still have any hobbies. One elder told me her story about how she had a cat that she found on the side of the road when she was younger and still has that cat today. Its name is Boy. Towards the end, a therapy dog came and did some tricks for us , the dog was named Riley. He jumped through a hola-hoop, spins in the air, and did a cool trick where he would find the treat out of three cups. I reall enjoyed going here, and I hope I go again soon!