Talk to Your Teen by Lana K.

In the book Cosmic, the main character, Liam, is reading his dad’s book called Talk to Your Teen. I have a few suggestions I would add…

  • Limited screen time
  • Be firm, but not strict
  • Allow dessert, but not a glut of sweets
  • Have homework done by 6:00, so don’t procrastinate

These are a few examples of some rules I would add to Talk to Your Teen.

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Talk To Your Teen by David

In “Cosmic”, Liam, the main character, reads a book called Talk To Your Teen, which is about getting to appreciate your teen, setting limits, and being a good parent. I think that it should have included something about bedtime. Bedtime is a big issue, because sometimes the bedtime is a limit on reading time, or it is letting teens stay up too late, and therefore not get enough sleep. Parents usually overestimate the time that children need to sleep, and children underestimate it. This is good, because usually somewhere in between is the most reasonable bedtime, unless the parent or teen is very irrational. During this time, teens need about 9-10.5 hours of sleep to function properly. A nine-o’clock bedtime is reasonable if you need to get up early if you live far from school, and a nine-thirty bedtime if you can get up later. Any later than that is unreasonable and unhealthy, and any earlier is a limit on your teen’s time. This is what I would add to “Talk To Your Teen”.

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Talk To Your Teen by Anna W.

In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen. The book talks about how to get your teens to talk to you and have a relationship with them. If I were to add some advice this is what it would be.

If I really could add something to this book it would be to give your teen some alone time and not always be on their back about stuff. For example, don’t make your teen go to bed very early and let them hang out with friends when they are in the mood.

I would really like it if I didn’t have a bedtime and I could stay up and hang out with friends. Sometimes my parents won’t let me invite a friend over until I clean my room. The problem with that is I might finish cleaning my room like an hour before I wanted my friend to come and then it’s too late to invite them. So maybe if my parents would believe that I will clean my room before my friend gets there it would be much easier to invite them ahead of time.

Also, I’ll go on my phone when I get home from school but then my mom will make me get off it and do homework. Sometimes I like having a break in between school and homework. That is my advice about teens.

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Talk to Your Teen by: Ellie

In LA, we are reading cosmic. Liam is the main character and he is reading Talk to Your Teen. Here is some advice I would add.

When your child has a test or a quiz, NEVER put pressure on them to get a certain score or higher. This makes it harder to do well. Instead, make sure you support them before they take a test or a quiz. When your child gets that test or quiz back make sure that you are enthusiastic if they get a good score. If your child gets a 98, you should congratulate them, not say something like “You can do better.”

Talk To Your Teen by Jack.H


In the book we are reading, Cosmic, Liam gets a book from his dad’s room called Talk To Your Teen. It’s all about how to get closer with your teen. He needs this book because he is tall and they think he is an adult. He got invited to go to China and go on a thrill ride but there needs to be a dad and he and Florida are children.

If I were a parent I would make a rule about the food children can eat. At my house I eat A LOT of vegetables. So I would say that my children have to eat heathy food three times a week. That does not mean that for the rest of the week they can eat junk food. I would not make them eat anything, just their vegetables if they wanted dessert.

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Talk Your Teen By Alex P.

In class, we are reading a book called Cosmic. The protagonist, Liam, was reading a book called Talk to Your Teen. If I had written the book, I would have included homework.

Most students are responsible about completing assignments. One issue is that students procrastinate or don’t do the assignment at all. Another problem some students have is that they work slowly or have time management problems. To improve the former, I would prohibit any non-academic activities until all the assignments are finished. If there were any tests or due project coming up, I would have the child study or work on the project. It might also help to make sure all homework is written down.

If your teen has time management problems or work slowly, I would have them use a timer. Hopefully, your teen would choose a reasonable time to complete assignments. In addition, it would be helpful to have your child to do homework in a certain sequence, such as hardest to easiest, easiest to hardest, study first, etc. Another tip would be to do something that will help your child focus before doing homework. For example, some children do exercise to clear their mind. Others read or listen to music.

Thank you for reading and I hope your teen homework problems improve!

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Talk To Your Teen By: Sam G.

In the book our class is reading, Liam, the main character of our book Cosmic has to learn about teens. He picks up a book called Talk To Your Teen. This is what I think you should talk to your teen about. Have your teen talk to you about school and keep asking is there something you’re not telling me. Talk to your kid constantly. Limit him to social media, screen time, and let him do his own homework. Check his social media posts and make sure he is not online or texting too much. Play games outside with your teen and talk about what your teen likes to do.

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Talk To Your Teen by Franny C

In the book, Cosmic, the main character, Liam, is pretending to be a grown up because he is very tall, and he really wanted to go on a special trip for a dad and kid.

Just a tip, but I know my parents do this- sweets. You need to limit sweets. From my own experience, I know that not just teens but younger kids as well get pretty crazy and scary if they get a hold of too many sweets (not naming names but I know my parents will know who I’m talking about). Don’t force them to avoid the sweets but start talking about the negative effects and it’ll get them to stop pretty soon after. Don’t watch them eating afterwards because they won’t want you to know that they actually heard you.

Teens don’t like admitting things so try to get them to stop in a way that they may not know you’re doing it. If they find out what you’re doing, they aren’t going to stop because, like I said, they will try to be stubborn and act like they can do whatever they want. But if you don’t want to read this big, long paragraph, than just remember this: limit the sweets and do it in secret!

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Talk To Your Teen Frederick C

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In class, we are reading a book called Cosmic. It is about a boy named Liam, who is very tall for his age. So he fakes his age, and his fake daughter, Florida, goes on a trip because they won a prize to go to China. Liam has a magazine he brought along called Talk To Your Teen, to make him seem more like a dad.

If I were to add something to that, I would add to make sure your kid doesn’t get a bunch of junk food. Because if you do, they might get health problems later in their life. They also won’t have good nutrition. I think that it’s important to not eat lots of junk food.

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Talk To Your Teen by Michiko


In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen. Here are some things I think should be in the book.

Do you want your teen to be happier? Here is some advice. Give them a time when they have to be in bed. They don’t have to go to sleep yet. Let them read and then later go in and make sure they are asleep.

Don’t let them have too much junk food. Make sure that they have something healthy too.

Don’t constantly check your teen’s texts or emails. If you think that there is a reason that you need to cheek then check.

Having a TV in your teen’s room is ok, just limit the time they can watch in their room. Phones and computers are also ok for your teen to have but they hate it if there are parental controls so don’t get them one if you are just going to put parental controls on everything. Phones give your teen a way to communicate with their friends easier and if they missed school that is a helpful way for them to get their missed work so getting a phone for your teen is not a bad idea. Phones should be limited, no texting at meals, don’t be afraid to take your phone away.

Sometimes talking to your teen can be helpful but your teen needs some freedom, so let them leave the house, but give them a time to be home if there is something the next day like school. If you follow this advice your teen will listen to you more and give you more respect.

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