Jack Taylor by Michael J







On Tuesday, November 20, Jack Taylor dropped a new record amount of points; with 138! Taylor is a player for Grinnell, a division III team in Iowa. Bevo Francis of Rio Grande had the NCAA scoring record with 113 points 1954. In 1953, he also had 116 in a different game. Frank Selvy was the first to reach triple figures with 100 in 1954. The thing is Taylor is only 5 foot 10 and weighs 170 pounds. In the game he was 52-108 for field goals, 27-71 for 3-pointers, and 7-10 for free throws, an undersized basketball player. He broke the previous Grinnell record of  89. He had three rebounds, three steals and no assists. Grinnell went on to win 179 to 104 over Faith Baptist, but the surprising the thing was David Larson of Faith Baptist scored 70 points. In the NBA, the most points scored in a game was 100 by Wilt Chamberlan. Taylor got a little bit of a bad rap because Hepplewhite were saying he was a ball hog, but he said that his teammates were trying to get him the ball because they knew he had a chance at the record.