Tennis Tournament by Dylan J.

Last summer I competed in a tournament in Charlotte and the people I played there were really good. I did very well but at the end I just got a lucky shot. In the final match, I just needed to score one more point. The other person came up to the net and slammed it. I barely got my racket on the ball but I lobbed the ball over his head as the last point. I then got a medal for 1st place. Next summer I am going to do this again.


If I Were An adult… By: Davis C

If I were an adult I would be playing on the pro circuit for tennis. I would be playing in Miami winning money and matches. I would have a house in the mountains of North Carolina and have a beach house to go to in California. I would have my drivers license and be driving to my matches and everywhere. I would have enough money to donate one million dollars a year to charity. I would host charity events and go to events. That’s what I would do if I were an adult for one day.

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Tennis by Davis C.

If there is one thing about me that people don’t know, it is that I play tennis at a high standard. has ranked me as the 466th best in the nation for sixth graders. I’ll tell you about how you can get there. First, one thing you need to know is that there are tournaments every weekend at almost every city in every state. There are in-state rankings, sectional-rankings, and national-rankings. In North Carolina there are 5 different levels: L5, L4, L3, L2, and L1 the people get harder in the lower levels. The farther you go in the tournaments, the more points you get= the better rank you earn. Thanks for reading!

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