The Westing Game By: Ellie







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Ellen Raskin writes so perfectly, each word where she wants them to be. How she placed the words in the story so thoughtfully is so hard to believe. For example, two of the themes of the book are patriotism and games. These two themes come up so much in the book in subtle ways. Although there isn’t a variety of games in this book the one big game is chess. For example, there are sixteen heirs and sixteen chess pieces on one side of the board. Also, there is a move that applies to the game that Sam Westing always does in chess called The Queen’s Sacrifice. Patriotism comes up a lot especially about 4th of July like when the tenants to-be recieved their note about Sunset Towers.

The last thing I would say is don’t fall for everything each character says and thinks and how they act, and don’t rule out ANY possibilities.


Open Note Test by David

My Wisdom Tales Notes!

Today, we took a test with iPads for open notes. As a result, I do not know for a fact but my guess is that most people did not study as much as they would for a normal one. It was much easier and I finished rather quickly. I think that the iPads are good but sometimes they can be a distraction during a test. There are lots of bright icons and notifications that are distracting and might tempt one to click them.

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Open Note Tests by Davi

I like open note tests because I don’t need to memorize as much. Open note tests in a way take much more responsibility than tests with no notes. Since you make your own notes, if you don’t pay attention in class then you will do badly on the test. Open note tests make me feel more sure that I will do well on the test. To end this blog post I will say that open note tests rock, so don’t worry about them as much as you do other tests.


Wisdom Tales Test by Michael S.






Today in Language Arts we took a wisdom tales test. It was an open note test. We took all of our notes on our iPads. It was a little hard to find the stories but eventually I would find them. It was so much easier than memorizing all of those stories, instead we got to use our iPads which was great. I really enjoy taking open note tests because it gives you a chance to show how much you have worked on your notes. There were many advantages to be using your iPad. For example, if you made a Mindmeister map of the similar morals it was a lot easier when you had to use it for the test. Using the iPads was a great idea.

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Tests by Rod P

There are so many tests!
I can’t take it any more! Ok, we have science, Spanish, grammar,ERBs, vocab and so many more!

Back to the point. The tests are a little bit too much. They are annoying, lame, and just unnecessary. Isn’t homework enough? I guess not. Well, we just came back from spring break and BOOM! A bunch of tests to study for. If anybody agrees with me please comment and say so.

Aside from that, look at the good news. I got 100% on my Spanish pop quiz! Best in class! 🙂

Back to agreeing with me: If you disagree, please say so. And of course, please mention your name.

P.S. You are awesome if you agree!