I Am Thankful For… By: Ryan

Picture By Me

I am thankful for my pets because they give me something to play with when I’m bored. My snake and hedgehog can swim so I play with them in the pool. My cat always keeps me company when my parents are away. He sits on my lap and I play video games. My cat uses toilet to go to the bathroom, no litter box. I like them very much! What are you grateful for and why?

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I Am Thankful For… By Charlie






I am thankful for my siblings. They taught me how to be annoying, how to cook, how to whittle, how to tie knots, how to play British bulldogs, How not to die during steal the bacon in scouts, how to make cookies, how to make brownies, and most of all, how to stay out of my parents way when they are angry. My brother and sister are one of the most important things of all in my life, but if one of them saw my post, they would most likely mock me in some way.

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Thankful For by Alex P.


I am thankful for my family. They support, help, guide, teach, and comfort me. I can always count on them. They make me laugh and cheer me on. We tease each other and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. My brother and I get along easily and I know that I will always be there for him and I know my family will be there for me. Things come and go, but my family will always be the same. I love them all very much.

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I Am Thankful For… By Noah


Photo taken by: Meredith Cox

I am thankful for a lot of things, but one thing that I am thankful for is my dog Fillmore. Fillmore is a Doberman Pinscher that is very nice, friendly, and playful. Fillmore is very loyal and occasionally he sits by the piano while I play it and hits a few keys with his snout. Fillmore is also very smart, he can get his leash down from the rack all by himself. Many people think dobermans are mean because they see them helping police and sometimes bad people make them fight each other. But not all dobermans are like that, they might look a little menacing sometimes, but really, after you get to know them they are really nice. Fillmore is a very nice doberman, and I am really thankful for him.

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