The Giver Assignments by Alex P.

In our class we are reading “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. If I were given an Assignment I think that the Elders would select the job of Doctor (not surgeon!) for me. I believe they would because I enjoy taking care of people, learning remedies on my own, and making my own concoctions (although I don’t make medical ones, I don’t have the equipment. They also have to be certified to give a concoction to a person). I can also study for long periods of time already, which is important because doctors have to go through a lot of medical training, and have a pretty good memory. However, I get sick easily but would hopefully grow out of it.


The Giver Assignment By Davi

I think that my assignment would be author. I would be an author because I love to read and write. I read whenever possible. Even though I am a very picky reader, I always find something to read that interests me. Writing is something that interests me greatly. I write with my friends Ryan and David, during LA class, recess, tutorial, and even French class. Writing is my passion, and I think that I would be a great author. That is why I think that the Elders would assign me the job of author.


The Giver by Bella Kim

Drawing/picture by Anna West

In our Language Arts class, we have started reading the book “The Giver”. Each person who turns twelve in the community is assigned to a job by one of the Elders in the city. If I was assigned to a job, I would most want to be a owner of an ice cream company like Tutti Frutti or TCBY. It is one of the things I enjoy a lot, so it’s reasonable to own the company. Either that, or a famous designer like the ones who work for Lilly Pullitzer (who have the most amazing patterns). It would be great to see someone that passes by wearing a clothing that I designed and created.


The Giver Personal Assignment Choice By: Ashwin S.

In the book we are currently reading, The Giver, the main character lives in a utopia (a perfect society) where everybody is the same, where there are no animals and where there are very strict rules. In this society when you turn twelve you get an assignment, which will be your job for the rest of your life. If I were to pick assignment, I would be an engineer so I could design what the place would look like to my liking.

The Giver by Cheyse

If I had an assignment in The Giver I would be a Nurturer, Doctor, or a Entertainer. I would want to be a Nurturer because I love playing with babies. They make me laugh when they laugh and I have so much fun. I would want to be a Doctor because I’m into that kind of stuff. I have always been into that stuff even when I was a kid. I would want to be a Entertainer because I love to dance and sing. I have been dancing since I was 2 so I would be good at that. If I had to choose I wouldn’t because it would be too hard.


The Giver Assignment by: Audrey M!

If I were in the an utopia, I would like to be a Nurturer because I would love to see the shining faces of new born babies every day! They are just so adorable! I would be cut out for this job because I am very good at comforting kids and playing with them! I think this would be oodles of fun because it’s like having tons and tons of children! I think that the worst part would be watching them go, but I would be cool to see how they turned out when older and what name they get! I would love to be a nurturer because I love BABIES!!!

The Giver Assignment: Davis C

In our class in L.A. we are reading The Giver, it is a really good book. Our job today was to make a post on the blog about if we were in the book, what would you job be? I would want my job to be a soldier, because I want to go to the Marine Corps when I grow up, but if they haven’t got a soldier job I would probably want to be a doctor.

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