A Memory I Would Give Away By Nathan G.

In “The Giver”, Jonas receives a bunch of memories that have been passed down from generation to generation. The first memory he received was of going down a snowy hill on a sled. If I had to give away memories I would first give away a memory of surfing. It would start with paddling to catch a good sized wave on a really pretty day in Atlantic beach. Then they would catch the wave and feel the rush of accelerating fast towards the sun baked beach. Next would come getting up by griping the rails and using strength to pull their feet under them. Then the most exhilarating part would come! Actually surfing! There is no feeling like it. The wax under your feet, the sun on your back, the water racing under you. I might even give them a trick or two! Maybe a snap of the lip. Finally, jumping of would come. I hope I don’t accidentally give them the memory of when I sprained my ankle jumping of in Florida!! Then they really might apply for release!

What Memory Would I Give Away? By Davi



In Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver. In The Giver, the Giver gives memories to the main character Jonas, as part of his training. The memory then disappears, or fades to almost nothing.

I would give away the memory of the beach in Peru. I would give this memory away because it is one of the best I have. The community in The Giver probably doesn’t know what a beach is, so I want to give them that memory. The beach is fun, beautiful, and not always crowded. The residents of the town in The Giver would, most certainly enjoy a memory of the beach.

The First Memory I Would Give by: Kay Y.





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In language arts class we are reading The Giver by: Louis Lowry. The first memory I would give is when I got my dog! I would give this memory first because it shows love, family, pets and caring all in one memory! She bounded up to me and jumped into my arms, she liked me and my sister and was so lively, and happy my family knew we had to have her! She played with us, climbed on top of us and stayed with us. She was welcomed into my family instantly and well loved from the second we saw her. It is truly one of the best memories that I have!


Memory by Julia






As you know, we are still reading The Giver by Lois Lowry in Language Arts class. This book is about a perfect society where they are no choices, war, or feelings. The only exception is The Receiver, who receives memories of the past from the previous Receiver. Jonas has been selected as the new Receiver and the first memory that The Giver gives to Jonas is of snow.

The first memory is would give to the new Receiver would probably be of going down a water slide. I know that this seems like a weird memory to give, but the people in this community are already accustomed to water and swimming, but they are not accustomed to hills, weather, or even color. I think that the water slide would be a good memory because it incorporates something that is familiar but also something new, fun and exciting.

Drawing by Julia


The Memory of Breaking A Bone in The Giver By Marta B.C.

A very painful memory the The Giver gave Jonas was of sledding down a much steeper hill, in which he breaks his leg, and severely cuts his face. For Jonas, the pain starts with the, “first wave”, of pain, and then he feels like he is on fire, and the pain stops. This is the first memory that Jonas receives that is TRULY painful for him.

The Giver Memories by Alex G

The Giver is able to give people feelings and memories of the past. If I were able to give someone in the utopian society a memory I have, it would be the feeling of playing and cuddling with animals. In the said to be utopian world, they do no know what an animal is. That is why I would give them the feeling of playing with animals, specifically, a cat. Playing with animals relieves my stress and makes me happy. The people in the utopian world need that stress reliever and have a little small time to relax and play.




What should be Jonas’s first memory? by: Ashwin Singh

In the book The Giver , the giver gives memories of the past to Jonas. The first memory Jonas received was sledding down a snowy hill. If I was the Giver I would have given the memory of the ocean. That would have shown Jonas the beauty of the outdoors and show him that the world is much bigger than just the community. It would also ease him into receiving memory because there would be no pain involved and it would be relaxing.

Pacific Morning

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The Giver Memory By: Leah G.

We are reading The Giver by Lois Lowry and the Giver is giving the boy, Jonas, his first memory. If I were the Giver I would give Jonas the memory of a bright, hot, beautiful day on the beach. I would give him that because he deserves to see color and heat. Also the beach is something that everybody needs to experience. It will help him get away from all of the stress. If I were the Giver, I would give Jonas the memory of a beautiful day on the beach.