My Ideal Teacher by Katie C.

In LA class we are reading the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. The Giver is about an ideal society. My ideal teacher would be a teacher that’s nice but strict. Also, they would be a good teacher, but in class we would have fun while learning. They would teach us very well so we would learn a lot. Every so often the teacher would give us some candy if we do very well on something. Also, the teacher would have us write on paper with pens and pencils, because you learn it better if you write it. They would be nice and helpful. The teacher would not give you a lot of homework, but some homework so we can get better at what we are learning. That would be my ideal teacher.


The Ideal Teacher by Sheridan


For me, an ideal teacher would be a very humorous and caring person. I would like him/her to treat everybody the same and equally. I would also like the teacher to play educational games occasionally so everybody would enjoy his/her class. I would expect to see a firm but not strict teacher so that even though we do have lots of fun, we will still learn many things that will benefit us in the long run. I would like for the teacher to understand everybody’s personalities as well as feelings. For me, this is what an ideal teacher would be.

The Perfect Teacher by Dylan J.


Photo taken by Dylan J.

In my Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver in which it is called a perfect society. In this post the point is to describe what a perfect teacher is. In my opinion the perfect teacher is nice, patient, strict, never is very mean, and likes to be involved in what her students are involved in. One of my teachers in first grade had all of these qualities and was always smiling and talking with us about what was going on in our life. I also think a teacher an be nice but they still have to be a little strict so that if the kids get riled up the teacher can calm us down.


The Ideal Teacher by Kira S






In Language Arts, we are reading The Giver.  The Giver is based on a society that is perfect and all the same. If I were to describe an ideal teacher, I would say that and ideal teacher is respectful to their students, meaning that they listen to their students when they want to share a thought. Another thing that I look for in a teacher is that they are nice. Along with being respectful and nice, I like a teacher who challenges their students with new things. I definitely like my teachers challenging me with things that I don’t think I can accomplish. Sometimes a student just needs support and motivation from their teacher! Lastly I think that an ideal teacher should have a good teaching strategy, one that works for them and for their students!


The Ideal Teacher by Michael J

In class we are reading The Giver. In this book their is an ideal society. I am going to describe an ideal teacher. The ideal teacher to me is a teacher who is nice but still teaches well. Also they should be funny, and give assignments but not overwhelm the students with work. They should be able to teach you the work and you should be able to learn the subject but also should be nice and have a sense of humor. In The Giver, the ideal teacher would probably be strict and would make people follow the rules all the time, because their community is all about being the same and following rules.


The Giver Assignment by Shaylen

In 6th grade language arts class we are reading a book called the “The Giver.” We’ve only read a little bit but a little summary is, it’s a community where there is no pain, no fear, no war, and no choices. Everyone in the community has a job because everything is shared. If I had to live in that community and had to be assigned a job I would be a teacher because I would want everyone to have a good education and get somewhere in life. Also they would all know be because in the book families meet at houses very often for get togetherness, dinners, and many more.

The Giver By: Ellie

In Language Arts we are reading The Giver. One of the main characters is Jonas. He is an Eleven and is about to become a Twelve. He is waiting to find out what his assignment will be. I would think that the Elders would pick me as lawyer because I would spend all of my volunteer hours at the Law and Justice building. It probably wouldn’t be smart of them to pick nurturer, doctor, or caretaker of the old for me just because it isn’t me, you know? Although judge would be kinda fun, lawyer sounds much more fun.


The Giver by Jinger






If I had been assigned a job I think I would be a nurturer. I think I would be a nurturer because I like to help people and I also think I would be a fun job to play. In The Giver there are only so many jobs you could do in a “perfect community.” Jonas’s dad was assigned that job by the elders. The elders assign jobs that they think would fit you. I think a nurturer would be very helpful for the community and could use more.


My Assignment by Miriam D.

Picture taken by me, Miriam D.

In Language Arts class, we are reading a book called “The Giver.” It is about a society with no choices. When you are twelve, you be assigned to a permanent work position, where you will train until you are good enough to work in that position. People from the government observe you to see where your natural gift is, and they place you in the job that they think will be best for you. Even though there are no animals in this society, I think my job would be “Animal caregiver” or “nurturer,” like Jonas’s dad. I love all animals and am good at working with them. I also love little kids and they all seem to like me. I have already started looking after them, so I think this would be a good place for me.