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I am currently reading The Hunger Games again. I have read this trilogy of books by Suzanne Collins many times. I really like her style of writing, so after I finished The Hunger Games trilogy I read her other series, Gregor The Overlander. The Hunger Games are classified as science fiction, the first book is very action packed, with a little bit of romance making this a best seller novel.

The Hunger Games takes place in the future of North America that has turned into one country called Panem. Panem is divided into 12 districts plus the Capitol. The Hunger Games as an annual event held to show the Capitol’s power over the districts in honor of the 13 districts rebellion. The districts have to offer a boy and a girl between the ages of 12 and 18 to fight to the death, only one out of the 24 children survive. The story is told from the perspective of a 16 year old girl Katniss Everdeen who volunteered for her 12 year old sister. She doesn’t want to, but she knows when the time comes she will kill if she has to. This is a great book, and my favorite series!

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Hunger Games Book Review By: Norman

Katniss Everdeen lives in district twelve, one of the twelve districts in futuristic America called Panem. Each district is known for a different item. District twelve is known for coal. Her father was killed in a mining accident, but before he died he showed Katniss how to hunt with a bow and arrow. The hunger games takes place because the districts must pay for the total destruction of district thirteen. Every year two people from each district from  the ages of twelve through sixteen are put in an arena to fight to the death. Every year the arena changes; one year in was extremely snowy, and one year it was a barren wasteland with barely anywhere to hide. This year there was a forest, a drop off, a lake, a pond, and other places. But each year one thing stays the same, the cornucopia. The cornucopia holds all the supplies in the arena, so if you don’t get the cornocopia then the only way to get  supplies is to kill other people. The weapons are the same, they change every year. One year there were only maces to bludgeon each other to death with. This year there was a bow and twelve arrows, a spear, a sword, knives, and many other weapons.

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The Hunger Games Is a book in where every year a boy and a girl are chosen from each district, are trained, and then thrown into an arena to fight other district members to the death. The view of the battles are from Katniss Everdeen who volunteered to replace her sister as a tribute. In the arena there are traps and places where you can get food and weapons. The essentials are water, food, and shelter (some are rocks, some are trees). The traps range everywhere from poison bee nests to fire ball launchers. Every night the results are posted on a giant TV screen being held by a hovercraft in the arena.

Book Review: The Hunger Games by Miriam D.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Colllins is about a young girl named Katniss Everdeen living in District 12 in what used to be North America but is now Panem. Katniss lives in the poor part of district 12 with her mother and her little sister, Primrose. Her father was a miner, but was killed in an explosion when Katniss was 10. The story starts with her and her best friend Gale hunting in the woods. Katniss’s father taught her how to hunt with a bow and arrow when she was little. Ever since her father died, Katniss has gone out to hunt for food to keep her family alive. She and Gale made a pact that neither of them would ever let each other’s family starve. On most days, She and Gale talked all throughout their hunting. But today they were silent.

Today was the day of the reaping. The reaping was when everyone in district 12 would gather to hear Effie Trinket choose this year’s tributes for the annual Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is an annual competition in which one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 16 are picked to be trained in the art of combat and be prepared to fight to the death. All of this was payback for the rebellion that had happend 26 years earlier, when all of district 13 was demolished. When you are 12, your name is only entered once. When you are 13, twice. When you are 14, four times. when your are fifteen, eight times. and when you are 16, sixteen times. But here is the catch.If you want to supply your family with enough grain and oil for the next year, then you can take tesserae, which puts your name in twice for everyone in your family. Since Katniss wouldn’t let Primrose take any tesserae, her name was entered 48 times. So when Prim’s name was picked, Katniss takes her sisters place. Along with Peeta Mellark, the baker’s son. How will she survive when all the other contestants want to kill her? Through fake love, lost friendship, and everything in between, The Hunger Games had me hooked from the first page, and did not let go until the last.

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