The Perfect Teacher by Jack H

If I had ” the perfect ” teacher we would learn stuff that we wanted to learn in a fun and active way. A good teacher does not mean no test or no quiz it means that the teacher would be nice and there would not be as many restrictions like in other classes. There would also be no homework on Mondays, Tuesdays and on the weekend. The teacher would help you if you did not know something. They would know how you learn the best. I think a good teacher should mix things like sometimes using technology and sometimes using pen and paper. That’s what I think the perfect teacher should be like.


The Perfect Teacher By Charlie E

I believe the perfect teacher would be a younger teacher, a smart teacher. The perfect teacher would see problems from a child’s view, a student’s view. They would be able to take care of academic problems and personal problems. The perfect teacher would need to give candy, because they would be very nice. The perfect teacher would have a great sense of humor, and would not be afraid to use sarcasm against annoying students. They would stand strong against outside criticism and would be belligerent, in a good sort of way. The perfect teacher would be quite the teacher, if they existed. But, alas, they do not, for the human personality is too flawed for this to be possible. But still, they would be awesome. Just Saying.