How To Talk To Your Teen by Michael J

Photo by Michael J.

In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading How To Talk To Your Teen for advice on parenting. Here is something I would add.

You need to limit screen time with kids and teens. Watching too much TV and playing video games for too long can affect their health and put strain on their eyes. Also, make sure they have done important things before screen time, like homework. You should give them a certain amount of time for watching TV and playing video games.

If your child says there isn’t anything to do besides watching TV and playing video games, suggest they go outside to play basketball, or if you have a dog they could go on a walk. Another thing is you could get them something to do with a friend like a ping pong table or foosball table. It may cost some money but everyone will be happy. Your child will enjoy it and you will be happy they aren’t watching TV all day. Offer to take your child  somewhere fun like going bowling. And ask your child if they would like to hang out with friends more often so they interact more instead of doing nothing all day.

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