The Giver By Nathan G.

U.S. Army photo by Al Zdarsky

In Language Arts we have started the book “The Giver” after finishing “The Westing Game” recently. The Giver is about a utopian society where everything is organized and nobody has a choice. In the beginning of the book the main character Jonas is an eleven. In that December he would become a twelve in a ceremony. Becoming a Twelve is a big deal in the community because that is when you are assigned a job that you will carry out doing until you become an elder.

If I were assigned a job in my country I think I know what I would probably be chosen to do! Definitely be put in the military! It’s just in my character to fight for what I believe in and that would be the USA! Everybody else asks me why I want to be shipped off to maybe be killed and I just say “To fight for my country!” One thing that I have always wanted to know what it feels like is to be shot. I have no clue why but its just one of those things, although it’s a relatively bad one. So really nothing scares me about war and half the time it’s interacting with other people from around to world such as Afghanistan. Another thing is that I want to be a Navy SEAL because of the missions they carry out! They were the ones who killed Osama Bin Laden and other major things!

Well that’s what I would want to be chosen to do!