Week 11 Vocabulary Story By Olivia

The Dance Contest

            Last week in LA we had a cool list of vocabulary words so I wrote a paragraph with them. Here it is.

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                      Julia and Lizzie are votaries of dance. When Julia’s mother tried to get her to stop dancing and try gymnastics she was recalcitrant. Dance is quite salutary and that’s part of why Julia and Lizzie like it. Before they started dancing Lizzie was pretty much a pariah and so was Julia. Lizzie and Julia had entered in a dance competition. As they walked to the dance competion on monday afternoon they decided to transpose the dance moves done in the chorus with the moves done at the beginning. To get to the dance gym you have to cross a tributary and they were so engrossed in the discussion of the dance routine that they almost tripped on the bridge. There was a polyglot sign in front of the gym with the text in english, french and spanish advertising the competition. The dance routine was scintillating. Everyone elso was so good that Lizzie and Julia had a difficult time keeping their sangfroid. In the end they won. Julia and Lizzie gave their remuneration to a charity that protects endangered animals.

Vocabulary Story by: Ashwin S.

In class Mrs.Donnelly told us to write a paragraph with at least ten word from the one hundred words we learned and instead of writing a paragraph I wrote a story. All the words in italics are the vocabulary words. Note: Man is a character that’s why Man is capitalized, there also uses of the word man uncapitalized which is just a regular noun not a character.
He woke up to in the hospital. “Who am I?” was the first thing he thought. The hospital looked like the average hospital. People dressed in white, the bed sheets white, almost everything white, except the blue curtains. It would have seemed like a decent place but the smell of death lingered in the hospital unnerving all those who entered it. The nurse came up to the Man. The nurse had red hair and a cheery face with a clipboard held in her hand.
She said “ Good morning! I hope you’re feeling better. You came very close to dying.”
“ Where am I?”
“ Your in the Delaware Hospital. You’ve been in a comatose state for the last three months.”
“ What am I doing here?”
“ You were found in the Delaware River floating down, luckily we found you! There’s just one problem…”
“ For some reason there is no record of you ever being born, there is not a single piece of identification for you. Do you remember anything?”
“No I don’t.”
“ Well let’s dwell over that later, you must be ravenous would you like something to eat?”
The Nurse went out and brought a sandwich in for the man. The Man scarfed down the sandwich in seconds. The Man didn’t talk very much. He couldn’t, because for some reason he had a deep feeling of remorse. A man suddenly walked in. He was dressed in a black coat and wore a hat. He was smoking a cigar, even though few still smoked cigars because it had huge amounts of carcinogen. The Man found him very formidable. The man also held in his hand a staff which was embellished with jewels. The nurse jumped up in fear, but before she could react the man shot her in  the head. The man turned on the radio lying on the desk next to the Man which gave a mellifluous tune.
The man said “ Nice to see you again, I see you’ve been dormant for a while.”
The Man replied “ Who the heck, are you?”
“You’ll find out, but first I’ll have to introduce you to my flamboyant friends, they would love to see you again.”
The man then gave a ludicrous laughter then took out a cloth and covered the Man’s nose with it. The Man slowly went back to sleep, to the beautiful music coming from the radio.

My Adventures in Vocab World Chapter 3

Here I have the third chapter of my adventures in vocab world. I hope you like it!

Chapter 3

Hark the Crazy Man

Last summer we adopted an obdurate, mellifluous, and loquacious person named Hark. He has jumped off a cliff so precarious, he nearly cracked his head open on a crag! He once broke out of a manacle in a magic show! Of course they were vintage and cracked. As he performed for Celtic Ocean, he had to reverberate the word cold! He also didn’t replicate the DVD for The Winter Snow Show enough times! He made that mistake 7 times, or maybe we got 7 times more than we expected. The Good part of Hark is that he is almost always ludicrous and very good at making labyrinthine puzzles. That is basically what Hark is! Oh yeah, I have three more brothers to tell you about!

My Vocabulary Story by Olivia

In LA we had to write a paragraph using some of our vocabulary words. Here is mine. The words in bold are the vocabulary words. If I seem to have misused a word please let me know by commenting.
As I sat down to dinner that night I was ravenous. Because I had had basketball practice today all the excercise had whet my appetite.My mother loves music and while we ate our meatloaf the dining room was filled with the mellifluous sounds of the singers voice.  A pogrom of the meatloaf ensued. When I was on my third helping of meatloaf my mother gave me and under cooked and sinewy slice.  I grabbed a glass of water and as I peered throught the lambent light I could see that there was some sediment in my water. But I then realized that what looked like sediment was actually bubbles because my water was effervescent. Of course it was potable. I felt something wet on my hand and saw that there was an aperture in my glass and it was leaking. After dinner when my mother handed me a sponge and told me to do the dishes I tried to circumvent her but she was too fast.
Thank you for reading!

The Meatloaf


My Adventures in Vocabulary World by Matthew

Hello guys! Lately I just have not found time to write, but I came up with an idea. I decided, since we have to do sentences with vocabulary words every Wednesday, I would make a story and make 1 chapter be the sentences for that week. I will try to post them every Thursday so I feel like it is time for a new story, that I hope you will enjoy.

My Adventures in Vocabulary World

Chapter 1 – Mark the sports fanatic

Hello! My Name is Matthew. I have wanderlust so I like to travel a lot.I like climbing trees but all of the good ones have tendrils. My brother Mark’s reverie about the time he had at a verve football game was distracting. I ostracize everyone that comes in my seat so that I get to sit near the coach. Every now and then we go to the beach. There we watch the lambent flame tongues of the fire. I also love walking through the sediment of the ocean. Wait! MARK IS A SOMNAMBULIST! AHHHH! I screamed so loud Mark jumped up and hit his head on the wall. My Mom came downstairs to see what happened in complete pulchritude mode. Mark grabbed a chip and started to masticate it down. What a sports fanatic, I thought.

Please comment so that I know what to do to make my stories a lot better. I hope you liked it!

Chapter 2 in Vocab World by Matthew

Hello! I’m out with chapter 2 in my new story. WARNING: Very funny. I hope you like it. Please give me feedback so that I know how to make it better.

Chapter 2 – Matthias the Crazy Dude

By the way, I forgot to tell you I have another brother. His name is Matthias, which is basically Matthew, which is my name so I am NOT that happy about it… still, he is awesome. We might go on a journey but we don’t have an itinerary because Matthias isn’t very fecund. I found that out maybe 10 years ago, when I was 2!!! Wow, how impossible… I can’t forget about my neighbor drawing on my chalk… I HATED that considering I was 2. Also, a few weeks ago, we filmed Celtic Ocean and Matthias played the triangle, and it was CACOPHONOUS!!! It was so bad, it was formidable! It almost caused inclement weather! It was the complete opposite of dexterous!!! Anyways, when Matthias decided to come in and be the king in The Voyage, he was dressed in an outfit so gossamer when he walked onstage, you could see his ribs he is so emaciated! When he made an amalgam, it nearly blew up the house! How facinating! Also, when he made an archetype of a tall building, it fell on the paper in 2-D! How did that happen? I don’t know. All I know is that Matthias is a COMPLETE dude.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you it was funny.

Dictionary.com By Cam

For my vocabulary homework, I use dictionary.com. As you might have expected it is a website where you type in your word of choice and at the speed of light you get an answer instead of having to pick up the big, heavy book and flopping yourself down on the couch to look up the word in the hundreds of pages of text of the paper dictionary. To do the homework we have to get the part of speech and definitions. These are the first things you’ll see if you scroll down a little. It is a matter of efficiency because every student loves to get their homework done so they can do other things.

From flickrcc.


My Stop-Motion Project for LA and How I Made it by Gus

Stop-motion is one of my favorite hobbies. Stop motion is where you take a picture of something, move it very, very, slightly and take another picture. After several hundred, it looks like a movie.I volunteered to do one for LA to both amuse my classmates and to get me to do something. The camera I used is very old, but it has a remote. Since it is from the early eighties, it is very hard to upload the pictures onto a computer, and I have to plug in three different wires to get it to work. One of these is a USB cord going into the other, the other is the charger because the camera is so old that it needs that to turn on. The third wire is for sending more power through the second to be able to turn it on.

Now I’m going to talk about what was in the movie. I did it on the Week Three Vocabulary. The words that I used in it were: sinewy, pinnacle, caucus, opulent, potable, carcinogen, conveyance, circumvent, plummet, and seraph. It was about 500 pictures, and took me about 25 hours (three for finding the remote, four for shooting, eleven for editing, and four getting it on the disc. Another few hours spent planning it as well) just to make a four minute movie. Almost half of it was created through editing. When I brought it to school, I had put it on a memory chip because the disk wasn’t working.

Finally, the moment came. As I brought it to the teacher at lunch, I was wondering if this was a good idea.  When I reached the class, I opened the door. She plugged it in to the computer, and it played. To my relief, she loved it. An hour  later, I played it and they also liked it (or at least I think).

Four Weeks Later….

Almost a month later, my fellow advisees seemed depressed, until one of them asked to see my movie again.

I played it, and they wanted to see it again.

I really think that everyone should try stop-motion, because not only is it fun, but it is entertaining when you finish.