Memory by Julia






As you know, we are still reading The Giver by Lois Lowry in Language Arts class. This book is about a perfect society where they are no choices, war, or feelings. The only exception is The Receiver, who receives memories of the past from the previous Receiver. Jonas has been selected as the new Receiver and the first memory that The Giver gives to Jonas is of snow.

The first memory is would give to the new Receiver would probably be of going down a water slide. I know that this seems like a weird memory to give, but the people in this community are already accustomed to water and swimming, but they are not accustomed to hills, weather, or even color. I think that the water slide would be a good memory because it incorporates something that is familiar but also something new, fun and exciting.

Drawing by Julia


Freezing Water Slide by Bella K.

We went on the water slide the day we got to Camp Cheerio. Yay! We had lunch first (it was soooo good!), and quickly changed into our bathing suits. I was so excited. Everyone got their lifejackets and rushed over to the top of the slide. I was ready to go! But then, I heard someone at the front of the line. It was because one the counselors was spraying us with ice cold water before we went down the slide. As the line got shorter and shorter, I started to get a little scared, not because of going down the slide but the feeling of COLD water. It was finally my turn. The counselor seemed like she didn’t care how cold we were. She sprayed me thoroughly and said GO! It all happened so quickly. I mean, it’s just a water slide. It is not a big deal! So I thought the lake water would be at  least a little warmer but it was the EXACT same as the hose water. I felt like my body froze, but I had to hurry and get out, pushing through the green water. I only went two more times, and then I took a WARM shower.