The Westing Game By Kay Y.






Photograph taken by; Kay Y. Of The Westing Game by; Ellen Raskin

In Language Arts class we read The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin as a class. The novel is very complex! It has so many layers to it and each character having their own story and connection. I think it’s amazing how Ellen Raskin was able to put clues in the middle of the novel and not have you think a thing of it until the end when it becomes much bigger and more important than you ever thought it would be. There’s an amazing amount of red herrings that you think are very important, I found myself often thinking about the red herrings more than the actual clues as to what helped me figure out the ending to the book.


The Westing Game by Grace






In our blue Language Arts class we read The Westing Game. I thought that it was a really good book! I enjoyed figuring out who was the bomber, and who murdered Sam Westing. I enjoyed the ending part of the book especially, but I’m not allowed to tell you what it is because that would be a huge spoiler. I liked how certain characters were really funny, especially Otis Amber “Boom!” I liked Sydelle Pulaski and how crazy she was. Overall, this was a really good book.


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Westing Game by Jenny


For the last part of the third quarter and through most of the fourth quarter we read the “The Westing Game” which was a cozy mystery. I really liked this book, it’s especially way better that the book “Cosmic” that we read. My favorite part of this book was when everything was revealed, and it was really cool and interesting about how everyone changed from the beginning of the boom to the end, there were some major changes! To find out what all of the changes and cool facts were, read this book. It is very good!

Westing Game by Kira S








In Language Arts class we read the book The Westing Game. We recently finished the book and had a test on it. For one extra credit opportunity, we could dress up as one of the characters in The Westing Game. We had to have at least some resemblance to the character or something that is visibly important about them.

I dressed up as Sydelle Pulaski. I wore green glasses and limped on one crutch that had purple stripes on it. It was really fun to see all the different people dressed up as the characters in the book. It was a fun and easy way to earn extra credit! Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I usually would have to really like a book to recommend it, but I would definitely recommend this book! It has an amazing plot and many twist and turns to the novel. I really enjoyed The Westing Games and dressing up!


“The Westing Game” By Charlie






“The Westing Game” By Ellen Raskin, is a book about a game.  But this is no ordinary game. This game has so many twists and turns, and concealed by blindingly obvious hints, that even a great mind would take a while to process everything. The book starts with a salesman, giving a sales pitch for 10 wonderful apartments, for sixteen carefully selected heirs. These are the heirs to Sam Westing’s Great Fortune, of $200,000,000. But in order to win, these children and adults must partake in “The Westing Game.”  Read this devious and twisting book, to find out how the mystery unravels!


The Westing Game By Anna W.

This year in language arts we read the book, The Westing Game. Ellen Raskin is the author of this story. This is a mystery novel. It was a confusing book but incredibly fun to read. I always felt comfortable reading this because it was not a scary or frightening mystery. It was a cozy mystery! A cozy mystery is set in a small village, has aristocratic family, and has a murder without gory details. I seemed to always be into it because each chapter would leave you with a feeling of suspense.

After we read The Westing Game, we had a test. The test was open note. To prepare for the test I worked very hard on my trading cards. Trading cards is and app on our iPads where you make a card and chose what it is about. For example, all my cards were about fictional characters. In the card you can insert a picture or drawing and there are boxes for all the different information. The reason I spent such a long time on my trading cards was because they were the only notes we could use on the test. Other than that, I studied about the author and some types of mysteries.

For extra credit, you could dress up as one of the characters from the book. I dressed up as Sydelle Pulaski. It was fun seeing all my friends dressed up and how creative they were! The second extra credit was to memorize part of the song America the Beautiful. There is a reason why it was this song and not just any random song. If you read the book you will find out why!

I learned a lot from this experience. The book was challenging to understand at some points and there were so many details that you needed to pay attention to. I also learned that it is a good idea to work on your notes as you go through the book and not wait until the night before the test. I worked on my notes throughout the whole time and it was super helpful at the end. Although, it was still very challenging to find the stuff I had forgotten to take note of. This was a challenging but educational experience!

The Westing Game by Franny C

The Westing Game was a great book. It was so clever and well written. I loved it so much and I will definitely read it again. It was interesting to read and listen to. The author, Ellen Raskin, must be very smart and clever to write a book like that. I loved all the characters, and it had that special characteristic that you don’t want to stop reading and you dread when that end of class bell will ring. I love that in a book.

The book was great. The things we got to do with the book were really cool. I had never used Trading Cards before, and it was a whole new experience. It was really fun, and I enjoyed making the drawings. I only saw a few of other people’s, but I loved how each drawing clearly show the important aspects of the character as in the book, yet they were all so different. I never could have seen that with printed pictures. I liked how we, ourselves, got to draw the characters instead of all having the same. Like I said before, it is really cool to see how other people were able to show the same character, but how they pictured them. I loved the experience, and I would really like to do something else like it again.

Westing Game by Batu P.


Warning: This section will NOT contain spoilers

The Westing Game is a simple yet complex book. The book has a lot of red herrings and when you finish the book you think that the real clues are so obvious. If you see the right clues then the mystery can be solved before the book ends. My comprehention of this book was okay and I saw some of the clues towards the end of the book yet missed the same clues at the start. If you want to know what the clues are then read The Westing Game and I hope you will enjoy the book!

The Westing Game by: Lucy W.

                                     Photo made by Lucy W.

In Language Arts class we read the mystery book, The Westing Game, which was written by Ellen Raskin and won a Newbery Award in 1979. I really liked this book. At first it was confusing but then everything made sense. The book is about a man named Sam Westing who has come back to the town WestingTown in Wisconsin to seek his heir. Sam Westing suddenly dies, and brings together all of his “heirs” to his mansion for the reading of his will. In his will he describes how he was murdered by one of the heirs in the room. Sam Westing creates a nasty game for each heir to find out which one is not who they say they are and when the murderer will strike again. Read the Westing Game by Ellen Raskin to find out who the guilty one is.

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