What Would I Do If I Was An Adult by Jack. H

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If I was an adult this is what I would do. If I had to be an adult then it would be for the rest of my life. It would be helpful in some places but not in others. It would be fun to be able to drive myself places but it would not be fun to not get recess. First, I would drive around in a my car. I would go around the world in my car. After that I would get on a first class flight to Fiji and that’s where I would spend the rest of my days.

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What I Would Do If I Woke Up A Grown Up by Marta

If I was a grown up, I would immediately go apply for a driving license. After I get my driving license, I would go to a movers department and search for a house in Pontevedra, Spain. I would then open up a restaurant, right on the balcony of the cathedral, right in the main plaza, and name it, ” La Estrella de Espana” (English Translation: The Star of Spain). It would become so famous, that the high society of the modern world would visit. I would be head chef and be world famous. I would leave it to my daughter (or son), and train them when they are teenagers giving them the restaurant. My grandma, who lives next door, would visit every week because we will have a HUGE menu. Even if I don’t wake up like this, this will be my goal when I grow up. New inspiration: Bar and Restaurant Design Concepts by New Inspiration Home Design