If I Were A Grown Up by Will P






“VROOM, VROOM!” My Lambourghini accelerates down the road.

If I were a grown up I would drive all throughout the country for the pure enjoyment of driving. I drive over different types of terrain with my new car. I drive through deserts, mountains, and even on the beach. I speed down deserted roads at 100mph. I drive through famous cities in the US and maybe stop at some famous landmarks. I drive on bridges and in tunnels underneath mountains.

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My Lady or Tiger Ending by Will P

“Well, we haven’t got all day here!” The kings voice boomed. Knowing that the princess had told him to go to the right, the young man decided to trust her. Heart thumping, stomach churning, he slowly walked toward the doors.

“Wait, what if the princess is trying to trick me? She is partly barbaric on that matter.” The young man thought. He turned toward the princess for one last look at her, sweat now pouring down his face. He turned back toward the doors, the king’s nasty remarks now only background noise. The young man confidently walked towards the door on the left, knowing that the tiger was inside of it. The young man could not bear the thought of the princess having to see him marry another lady. He decided to sacrifice himself. He reached out his arm and felt the ice cold door knob. He heard the princess yelling to tell him to open the other door but he refused. He paused for one last moment of life. He wanted to take it all in. The young man saw a huge room with marble pillars and fancy mosaics on the walls, smelled food being cooked in the kitchen for the kings supper, heard the princess trying to tell him to open the other door, and the king yelling at him to hurry up. With that, the young man opened the door on the left, bracing himself for the tiger.

Behind the door stood the most beautiful lady he had ever seen. The formidable young man’s jaw dropped. He stood looking at her for a long while. They were about to get married when the princess ran downstairs next to him. The princess yelled at the young man, opened the door on the right and was immediately devoured by an immense tiger. There was a flash of orange light and some shrieks. When the misery cleared the princess was gone.

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My Current Book by Will P

Photo by Will P

I am currently reading The Compound, by S.A. Bodeen. In a book talk, Mrs. Longee talked about The Compound and I thought it sounded interesting. I like The Compound because of its interesting plot. I like how the plot is very different than any other book that I have read.

The Compound is about an opulent family during a nuclear war. They go into an underground mansion that the billionare dad designed but they accidentally leave behind one of the kids and the grandma! The book is all about what goes on in the compound. It also has flashbacks of the days when they lived above the ground. The book is told from the perspective of Eli, one of the kids. I am only on the 69th page, so the book may change its course.

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The Misunderstood Bear by Will P

The Misunderstood Bear

There was a young salmon who enjoyed merrily swimming throughout the stream. He would play from morning until night every day. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Salmon, were worried about their son because of Bruce. Bruce was the immense bear who terrorized all of the fish in the stream. He lived pretty close to the stream and legend has it that he lived in a dark, spooky, cave.

One especially gloomy evening, Bruce lumbered over to the stream where the young fish was playing with his friends. Hearts thumping, tails swishing, eyes wide, all of the other fish swam away as fast as their little fins and tails could go. The young salmon stayed where he was, frozen from fright. He couldn’t help but notice Bruce’s gigantic, sharp, front teeth. Just as the salmon got out of his trance, he heard Bruce.

“Why does everyone always run away from me? Bruce questioned. “I have never done anything to them.” The young salmon thought about this and he himself wondered why everyone is afraid of Bruce. Bruce and the young fish started discussing this and they soon became good friends. They played with each other until it was very late at night.

When the young salmon went home his mom scolded him for being out past curfew. When the young fish told his parents about his new friendship with the bear both of his parents became very furious. The young salmon tried to tell his parents that Bruce is nice but they did not listen to him. In fact, they told him that he is never allowed to go near Bruce again! Every day, the young salmon secretly visited the bear and played with him.

One day, the salmon thought that everyone in the fish community ought to know the bear. He tried to explain to the town of fish that Bruce is sweet and funny. Mr. Trout, the president of the stream, agreed with him and soon enough, all of the fish in the stream were friends with Bruce.

Moral: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

My Own Wisdom Tale by Will P

I wrote my own wisdom tale called, “The Misunderstood Bear.” It is about a bear who all of the fish think is vicious but it turns out that the bear, Bruce, is friendly. He is sad the nobody is friends with him. A young salmon becomes good friends with him but his parents get angry at him for befriending the bear. The salmon tells all of the fish that Bruce is nice. The fish president agrees and soon, all of the fish were friends with Bruce. The moral of the story is, don’t judge a book by its cover. I chose to make this the moral because it is very important.

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The Lion Makers Comic by Will P.

In LA we each chose a wisdom tale and made a comic about it. I chose to make my comic on The Lion Makers. I chose this tale because I think that the moral is important. I used Comic Life 2 to make my comic and I used Sketchbook to draw the pictures. I enjoyed using Comic Life and Sketchbook because they are fun and pretty easy to use. I learned many things from using these programs including how to use the paint bucket on Sketchbook.

The Lion Makers is about four Brahman. One of them had common sense while the others were book-smart. The intelligent Brahman found Lion bones and tried to bring it back to life while the Brahman with common sense hid in a tree. The Lion ate the three smart Brahman. The moral of the story is, common sense is as important as intelligence.

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Wisdom Tales Test by Will P

Today I took the wisdom tales test. Although it was open note I had to think a lot. The test was very long and it took me more than two periods to finish. I thought that having notes on the iPad and taking the test on paper worked well.

To prepare for the test I did a variety of things. I organized my notes, read my notes (top to bottom), made a Quizlet on the types of stories, had my mom quiz me on morals, and had my mom quiz me on types of stories. I think that throughly reading my notes helped me most of all because on the test I knew where the different stories were in my notes and I could easily match a moral with a title. Overall, I liked taking an open-note test although it was not as short as a regular test and it required a lot of thinking.

I am Thankful for…by Will P

I am thankful for my family. They are very supportive of me and help me with everything. They are very funny and we like to do many different things together. A few examples are as follows: My dad, my brother, and I like to play FIFA 13 together on the Xbox. My brother and sister like to play sports with me. Lastly, My family has a fantasy football league and we watch all of the football games on Sundays. I am thankful to each of my family members in different ways. I am thankful for my dad for taking care of me and making money so that we can afford things. I am thankful for my mom for taking care of me, cooking, driving me places, and doing laundry. I am thankful for my brother and sister for playing with me and looking out for me. Most of all, I am thankful my family for loving and caring for me. My family is very important to me.


Me vs. I Grammar Project by Will P

For my grammar project I chose to study when you are supposed to use “I” and when you are supposed to use “me”. I wanted to do this because I know that many people including myself use these words in the wrong way.

The most important thing you need to know is an easy trick that I put at the end of my presentation (see to left). The trick is to take out the extra person. For example, Jim told Max and — to help him. By taking out the extra person, I mean thinking about it like this, Jim told — to help him. You would use “me” because you would not say, Jim told I to help him.Posted with BlogsyPosted with Blogsy

Camp Cheerio by Will P

I had a lot of fun at Camp Cheerio! I especially enjoyed the mudslide, zip-line, lake slide, and playing basketball. Although it rained during my trip to the mudslide and zip-line, I had a good time. Also, I loved playing Ollie Ollie Octopus and doing the energizers. I had no idea that I would end up loving them! My favorite dance was definitely Ice Cream and Cake. I did the hike on the first day and it was very exhausting. I ran out of water before I got to the top of the mountain. I think that the food at Camp Cheerio was a lot better than the food at Camp Thunderbird! During the trip, I renewed old friendships and made new ones too.

Mud Slide

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly