My Own Wisdom Tale by Batu


Trapping a Spirit in a Kennel

by Batu

In a desert city, a few months ago, one day a pack of five coyotes were enjoying a great night in their den. That night, a giant downpour flooded their den and forced them out. The next day, the pack wandered into the city. The dog catchers caught them and put them in kennels at the dog shelter. The dog shelter was very close to their den. All of the pack except the wisest one were very depressed. The leader asked the wisest coyote why he was so cheerful and not depressed and mourning like the other three. The wise coyote answered, “The dog catcher may have captured our bodies but he has not captured my spirit and don’t let him capture your spirit too.” Then the pack of coyotes cheered each other up, escaped the dog shelter, and went directly to their den where they lived there happily for the rest of their lives and never let their spirits get trapped in a kennel ever again.


The Ridiculed Girl Alex P.

There once was a young girl who was not very popular. She was very shy, was constantly brushed off, and everyone thought and said she was strange. One day, she decided to try and become more “normal”. She started by dressing like the others. Everyone was shocked at how she looked but soon forgot, returning to their daily lives.


Crestfallen, the girl asked her sister why she was not accepted even though she looked like everyone else.


Her sister replied, “Try to act in the same way as the others.”

The next day the girl dressed, spoke, and acted in a similar way to her peers. Again, they snubbed her.


They snorted, “What a fake! She looked hideous and acted ridiculously!”

Dejectedly, she trudged home and cried.


She asked her sister again, “What else must I do to win everyone?”


“Uhh…. Maybe attempt to be nicer and more open.”


Slowly, she began to transform, winning others. They gave her their opinion on how she should be. She listened and became the ideal picture of everyone. She took all of the opinions and turned them into the person she wanted to be.


After working on her peers for a long time, she felt so proud yet felt very hollow. Out of her determination to win everyone over, she forgot to be true to herself.


The moral of the story is to be yourself.


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My Wisdom Tale Story Neil M


The Slacker

Two students went to a great high school. One was a born scholar, John. School work was very easy for him. In all his subjects he succeeded. In the fall of his senior year he applied early decision to Harvard and was accepted. The other student, Fred, didn’t find school work easy in any way. Only doing his best in everything was he able to slip by. He also applied early decision to Harvard and he too was accepted.

John wondered how his friend Fred had gotten accepted, so he asked Fred.

“How did you get accepted to Harvard?”

“I don’t know, maybe they saw my great personality and noticed my work ethic,” responded Fred.

“Maybe, but I bet that by the end of the year you will be rejected when they realize that you are not a good student,” boasted John, knowing how easy school was for him, and that he wouldn’t be rejected.

Fred still tried his best for the rest of the school year and kept his grades high. He was not rejected from Harvard. On the other hand John stopped trying at the end of the year. Not caring about school anymore he started to “party” and relax. He let his grades drop in the last month of school.

Harvard did not want someone to come to their school that wouldn’t finish a year off right. So, Harvard didn’t allow him to come. Even though he was very smart.

Moral: Finish Strong

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