The Ridiculed Girl Alex P.

There once was a young girl who was not very popular. She was very shy, was constantly brushed off, and everyone thought and said she was strange. One day, she decided to try and become more “normal”. She started by dressing like the others. Everyone was shocked at how she looked but soon forgot, returning to their daily lives.


Crestfallen, the girl asked her sister why she was not accepted even though she looked like everyone else.


Her sister replied, “Try to act in the same way as the others.”

The next day the girl dressed, spoke, and acted in a similar way to her peers. Again, they snubbed her.


They snorted, “What a fake! She looked hideous and acted ridiculously!”

Dejectedly, she trudged home and cried.


She asked her sister again, “What else must I do to win everyone?”


“Uhh…. Maybe attempt to be nicer and more open.”


Slowly, she began to transform, winning others. They gave her their opinion on how she should be. She listened and became the ideal picture of everyone. She took all of the opinions and turned them into the person she wanted to be.


After working on her peers for a long time, she felt so proud yet felt very hollow. Out of her determination to win everyone over, she forgot to be true to herself.


The moral of the story is to be yourself.


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My Wisdom Tale by Kira S.




In LA we have been doing a variety of projects. One project was to make our own wisdom tale! My wisdom tale called Running Away from Home, was about a puppy who ran away from home. Here is my wisdom tale story!

There once was a small , white Maltese puppy named Cooper who ran away from his home. One day he was walking down the street on a rainy day, and ran into a three brown, mean poodles named Cody, Paul, Peter who thought they were better than the small Maltese.

When the Maltese approached the poodles, the poodles said, “What are you doing at the side town you don’t belong here!”

The maltese said, “I ran away from home.”

Meanwhile, there is an old yellow Labrador across the street watching, but no one even pays her any attention. The poodles started making fun of the small Maltese. The Maltese kept walking and tried to ignore the mean poodles. Cooper started feeling homesick. Cooper started to find his way back home. Along the way an old but wise yellow Labrador retriever named Sandy, came up close to Cooper.

“I have been watching you run away from your house and get into trouble with those mean poodles,” said Sandy.

“You have?” said Cooper.

The old dog said, “I have and I also saw you not stick up for yourself when those poodles were teasing you.”

Cooper hung his head low and said, “I couldn’t do anything, the poodles were much bigger than me!”

“We are all equal Cooper. Just because they might be bigger on the outside doesn’t mean that they are better in any way,” said Sandy.

After Cooper thought about what Sandy said, he was thinking about how she was right. Cooper had an idea. He was going to walk back through that part of town where the poodles lived and tell them what he had learned from Sandy. Cooper started on his way back to that part of town. When he finally reached there, the poodles were eating out of their fancy bowls. When Cooper got closer to the poodles, the poodles stopped eating and trotted over to the Maltese. Cooper asked for just two minutes of their time. The poodles agreed to listen to what Cooper had to say.

“I ran into a very old but wise dog named Sandy, while I was trying to continue in my journey and she told me something that was very true,” said Cooper.

The poodles were becoming very restless with Cooper. At this point the poodles didn’t care about what Cooper had to say.

“We are all equal and you shouldn’t treat people the way you treated me earlier today!” exclaimed Cooper. “Just because you are bigger than me doesn’t mean you can treat me any kind of way,” said Cooper.

The poodles all thought about what Cooper had just recited to them. After thinking about what Cooper had said, the poodles simply agreed with Cooper and the poodles apologized. When the poodles apologized, they all quickly became friends.

Moral: Everyone is equal, don’t be mean 

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Outcast Dragon by Charlie E.

Once there was a Dragon egg. This egg seemed normal, except for its strange color. It was a brilliant shade of a color that no one could exactly describe. He was born to a pair of normal dragon parents. When he hatched, he was that same brilliant shade. The next day when the mother went to check on him, he had turned another shade.

This kept happening until the baby boy dragon was eight. He would be a different shade every day. He learned flying almost instantly. The other dragons would make fun of him, over and over. But, the day he turned eight, he suddenly realized if he focused enough, he could become whatever color he wanted. His favorite color was the that brilliant shade, that no one knew. He started using this to his advantage by blending in with his surroundings.

But as he got older, watching everybody else grew the ability to breath fire and ice, gas and plasma, and the assortment of other abilities, he realized he didn’t have any of those abilities. All that came out was air. But as another trade off, he was so exceedingly fast, no one could ever win a race against him.

Now some of his old enemies were badgering him even more, calling him names and asking him to change colors. He simply ignored them and kept going. One day in school, he could handle it anymore and roared as loud as he could, and them something happened, he started spinning his tail, spinning faster, faster, faster, faster, until he was a spinning tornado of spikes. He hurt many of his enemies, but he got sent home early. His parents were so shamed that they disowned him and banished him. He left wandering the skies.

While he was wandering, he came across a wizened old dragon, sleeping in his cave. Using his skills, the young dragon hides himself and starts creeping towards the old dragon. The old dragon awakes and looks around. The young dragon freezes as the old one looks exactly where he is standing blended. The old dragon moves so quickly the young dragon has barely any time to move. He has the younger in his hold! The younger dragon lashes his tail, knocking the other dragon back, and gets ready for a devastating blow! But as the tail is moving towards the older dragon, his tale is grabbed and he is flung against the wall! The older dragon pounces and hisses, “Give in and your life will be spared.” The younger dragon nods in terror and relaxes.

The old dragon drops him and starts walking away when the younger dragon asks, “What’s your name?”

“Florn,” the old dragon says.

“Wait, you’re not the Florn, the one from the ramavger wars?!?!” says the young dragon questionably.

Florn, mildly surprised says, “Yes, I am.”

“That is so awesome!!!” Says the young dragon enthusiastically.

Florn raises his brow ridges and starts walking again, stops, turns, and says, “Just for the sake of keeping things simple, what is your name?”

“Ummm…” The young dragon replies.

Florn sighs and says,”Please tell me you have a name.”

“Ummm…” Florn sighs again and says “Well, we will just have to name you now won’t we.”

“Ok!” says the young dragon excitedly. “Now why don’t we get some sleep and we’ll name you in the morning,” said Florn exasperatedly.

They both slept soundly that night. When they awoke,

Comic Life Wisdom Tale by Keenan

I made a Comic Life about the wisdom tale The Boatman. Comic Life was really easy to use. I could drag pictures in, and all of the buttons were obvious. But Skitch wasn’t as easy. The thing I liked using about it was that there are different shape buttons that you can use instead of just drawing the shape. It was a little difficult to draw things because if I tried to draw over something, it would just drag the thing I was trying to draw over. It was also easy to just draw one picture, save it, and then draw things over it in later pictures instead of just drawing the background all over again. That was probably the most helpful thing that I did because it saved a lot of time. I would suggest using Skitch and comic life.

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My Wisdom Tale Story Neil M


The Slacker

Two students went to a great high school. One was a born scholar, John. School work was very easy for him. In all his subjects he succeeded. In the fall of his senior year he applied early decision to Harvard and was accepted. The other student, Fred, didn’t find school work easy in any way. Only doing his best in everything was he able to slip by. He also applied early decision to Harvard and he too was accepted.

John wondered how his friend Fred had gotten accepted, so he asked Fred.

“How did you get accepted to Harvard?”

“I don’t know, maybe they saw my great personality and noticed my work ethic,” responded Fred.

“Maybe, but I bet that by the end of the year you will be rejected when they realize that you are not a good student,” boasted John, knowing how easy school was for him, and that he wouldn’t be rejected.

Fred still tried his best for the rest of the school year and kept his grades high. He was not rejected from Harvard. On the other hand John stopped trying at the end of the year. Not caring about school anymore he started to “party” and relax. He let his grades drop in the last month of school.

Harvard did not want someone to come to their school that wouldn’t finish a year off right. So, Harvard didn’t allow him to come. Even though he was very smart.

Moral: Finish Strong

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Wisdom Tale by Dylan J.








The beginning of my story starts with a wolf, named Clover, who is thrown out of his pack and goes to a wise owl. The wise owl says that his pack needs him because he has the ability to think before he acts. When Clover goes back to his packs ground he sees them fighting another clan and in the and gets the two packs to have peace. The moral of this story is to think before you act. The reason I did this moral was because I think that to think before you act is extremely important.

Wisdom Tale The Pitiful Mouse by Shaylen

The Pitiful Mouse

There was once a 13-year-old mouse who enjoyed playing with all of his friends. The mouse’s parents had to find a better home away from the cats. They wanted a better home because they were worried about their son. Every time he would go out to play with his friends the cat would chase him and his friends. The parents did not know if the cat was trying to eat their son or play with him.

One night the 13-year-old mouse went to meet his friends. He saw the cat. The mouse panicked and had no idea what to do. His friend saw the cat and tried to ask the cat, “Why do you always try to hurt us?”

“The cat responded, “I don’t. I just don’t have many friends and I thought we could be friends.”

 The next day the mouse talked to his mom about the cat. She thought about it and said, “Try to talk to the cat a little more so me and your dad can see what’s up.”

So the mouse listened and went to the cat and tried to talk. The cat said the same thing about him not having many friends. So the mouse went home and said, “We don’t need to move, the cat just wants some friends.”

From then on the mouse and cat became best friends. They now play everyday together.

The moral of the story is: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

My Wisdom The Slacker Neil M








Creating this Wisdom Tale was easier than expected. After reading so many in LA Class there were already ideas circling in my head. Also things going on in my life led from one thing to another and all of a sudden my idea was created. I’m glad that my story had a different moral than most because that’s what makes mine different from others.

This moral isn’t only different, it’s also in my opinion very important and applies to many things. For example in most sports, it’s hard to do well without finishing strong, but it can apply to school too. Or when writing, finish paragraphs and ending a story or essay.

There are many morals that could be used and many that haven’t been put into words. Some are very abstract and some are more literal. After reading the Wisdom Tales in LA the possible choices for a Wisdom Tale is extremely long. Please enjoy my Wisdom Tale and learn!

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The Misunderstood Bear by Will P

The Misunderstood Bear

There was a young salmon who enjoyed merrily swimming throughout the stream. He would play from morning until night every day. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Salmon, were worried about their son because of Bruce. Bruce was the immense bear who terrorized all of the fish in the stream. He lived pretty close to the stream and legend has it that he lived in a dark, spooky, cave.

One especially gloomy evening, Bruce lumbered over to the stream where the young fish was playing with his friends. Hearts thumping, tails swishing, eyes wide, all of the other fish swam away as fast as their little fins and tails could go. The young salmon stayed where he was, frozen from fright. He couldn’t help but notice Bruce’s gigantic, sharp, front teeth. Just as the salmon got out of his trance, he heard Bruce.

“Why does everyone always run away from me? Bruce questioned. “I have never done anything to them.” The young salmon thought about this and he himself wondered why everyone is afraid of Bruce. Bruce and the young fish started discussing this and they soon became good friends. They played with each other until it was very late at night.

When the young salmon went home his mom scolded him for being out past curfew. When the young fish told his parents about his new friendship with the bear both of his parents became very furious. The young salmon tried to tell his parents that Bruce is nice but they did not listen to him. In fact, they told him that he is never allowed to go near Bruce again! Every day, the young salmon secretly visited the bear and played with him.

One day, the salmon thought that everyone in the fish community ought to know the bear. He tried to explain to the town of fish that Bruce is sweet and funny. Mr. Trout, the president of the stream, agreed with him and soon enough, all of the fish in the stream were friends with Bruce.

Moral: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

The Helpful Vine by: Ellie

The Helpful Vine

There once were two squirrels that were the monarchs of the forest. They were both queens and sisters. The Queen, named Queen Acorn, and her sister, Queen Nut, were terribly distraught that their wise rabbit had left them. “How will we live without our dear rabbit?” Acorn whined.

“My Queen, I will assemble five squirrels and five rabbits to find him and I swear on my tail that they will find him,” one squirrel said.

“Yeah, but who trusts you with something so important?” Another piped in, “I certainly don’t.”

“Sister, do you think that they will find him?” Acorn asked lightly through choked tears.

“Of course they will, but I think I should be the one to choose the animals.”

“Yes, sister I believe you should.”

So they chose the five healthiest squirrels and the four healthiest rabbits. Then they picked their smartest rabbit and off they went.

From that day on, the beloved Queen Acorn got weaker and weaker with sadness. After a month she wouldn’t leave her room. It scared Queen Nut to see her sister in so much sadness, so as a gift she gave her a vine and placed it by her bed while Queen Acorn was asleep. When Queen Acorn awoke she noticed the vine and went to touch it. The moment her claw touched it, the vine started to talk.

“Finally, someone touched me!” the vine said.

“Excuse me, but why are you talking?”

“Me? Oh please, I’ve been able to talk for ages. You aren’t the only things that can talk”

“Ok, then… I sort of don’t want to talk, so don’t bother me”

“And why is that?”

“I am grieving so leave me alone”

“And why is that?”

“My, wisest rabbit has left me,” the vine laughed.

“Are you serious? That’s the problem?”

“Yes, and stop laughing at me before I throw you out of my woods and off a cliff.”

“I’m sorry, I just know that rabbit that left you, he was a smart one too.” Instead of making Acorn feel better, he made her start crying more than she was already.

“I’m sorry, again, but I want you to know that he left because you were relying on him too much and you didn’t make your choices by yourself.” The vine continued, “I think he didn’t understand what he meant to you but his leaving will help you in the long run.”

“Yes, I guess so, but a man swore on his tail that he would find him,” the Queen replied.

“Well that stinks for his tail then.”

“Yes, I guess so.” The Queen put a small smile on her face, something that hadn’t been seen in a month. She got up and went outside of her tree and went into her woods.

Moral: Don’t rely on somebody else.

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