My Own Wisdom Tale by Batu


Trapping a Spirit in a Kennel

by Batu

In a desert city, a few months ago, one day a pack of five coyotes were enjoying a great night in their den. That night, a giant downpour flooded their den and forced them out. The next day, the pack wandered into the city. The dog catchers caught them and put them in kennels at the dog shelter. The dog shelter was very close to their den. All of the pack except the wisest one were very depressed. The leader asked the wisest coyote why he was so cheerful and not depressed and mourning like the other three. The wise coyote answered, “The dog catcher may have captured our bodies but he has not captured my spirit and don’t let him capture your spirit too.” Then the pack of coyotes cheered each other up, escaped the dog shelter, and went directly to their den where they lived there happily for the rest of their lives and never let their spirits get trapped in a kennel ever again.


Wisdom Tale by Sylvia


Photo by Sylvia

The Dream

Arnold and his friend Clive worked at the same place in New York City. Arnold had just gotten back from Miami where he attended a funeral. A couple days later, he got into trouble for not following an important rule and was suspended for two weeks. Clive however, got accused of something bigger and was fired. Since Arnold was the one who was supposed to be fired and did not stand up for Clive, Clive said, “Maybe you should have never come back to New York City!”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have,” Arnold argued and soon was packed and had a ticket to Phoenix, Arizona. On the plane, since it was late, Arnold went to sleep. “Where am I?” He asked himself in the dream.

“You’re on the plane, like you are supposed to be,” said a small person.

“But no one else is on the plane!” Arnold exclaimed.

“That’s because you are in a dream.” Arnold was confused, but recognized the person’s scratchy voice, and was curious about what was happening.

“What am I doing in a dream?” Arnold asked.

“How am I supposed to know, it’s your dream,” said the strange person.

“Actually, I do, but I’m mad at you for making me part of your dream!” Arnold realized it was a character from a show he liked to watch.

“Why are you here?” Arnold was a little freaked out.

“I am here to show you what would’ve happened if you had never come back to New York City, let’s start with Clive.” All of a sudden Arnold thought he was in a different dimension. One second later, he was in Clive’s house now junky and gross. Then the character came out the shelf. “Well, take a look.” Clive, now fat and stinky, was eating candy and watching TV. He was yelling something that Arnold couldn’t understand. “C’mon, let’s go to your dad’s.” Arnold found himself in a jail cell. “See, your friend and dad aren’t to happy are they?”

“What about my mom?”

“She died in a car accident coming to see you.”

“What about Summer?”

“Your wife? She got married to Justin Bieber and moved to Mexico.”

“Can I get on my plane now.”

“Have you learned your lesson?”


“What did you learn?”


“I’ll let you go but if you don’t do the right thing you’re coming back.”


“Goodbye.” Arnold woke up on the plane and when it landed he headed back to New York. Clive was really happy to see him and when Arnold looked up he saw the character giving him a thumbs up. Arnold gave him a smile and waved. He never saw the character again but knew he was still watching.

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The Helpful Vine by: Ellie

The Helpful Vine

There once were two squirrels that were the monarchs of the forest. They were both queens and sisters. The Queen, named Queen Acorn, and her sister, Queen Nut, were terribly distraught that their wise rabbit had left them. “How will we live without our dear rabbit?” Acorn whined.

“My Queen, I will assemble five squirrels and five rabbits to find him and I swear on my tail that they will find him,” one squirrel said.

“Yeah, but who trusts you with something so important?” Another piped in, “I certainly don’t.”

“Sister, do you think that they will find him?” Acorn asked lightly through choked tears.

“Of course they will, but I think I should be the one to choose the animals.”

“Yes, sister I believe you should.”

So they chose the five healthiest squirrels and the four healthiest rabbits. Then they picked their smartest rabbit and off they went.

From that day on, the beloved Queen Acorn got weaker and weaker with sadness. After a month she wouldn’t leave her room. It scared Queen Nut to see her sister in so much sadness, so as a gift she gave her a vine and placed it by her bed while Queen Acorn was asleep. When Queen Acorn awoke she noticed the vine and went to touch it. The moment her claw touched it, the vine started to talk.

“Finally, someone touched me!” the vine said.

“Excuse me, but why are you talking?”

“Me? Oh please, I’ve been able to talk for ages. You aren’t the only things that can talk”

“Ok, then… I sort of don’t want to talk, so don’t bother me”

“And why is that?”

“I am grieving so leave me alone”

“And why is that?”

“My, wisest rabbit has left me,” the vine laughed.

“Are you serious? That’s the problem?”

“Yes, and stop laughing at me before I throw you out of my woods and off a cliff.”

“I’m sorry, I just know that rabbit that left you, he was a smart one too.” Instead of making Acorn feel better, he made her start crying more than she was already.

“I’m sorry, again, but I want you to know that he left because you were relying on him too much and you didn’t make your choices by yourself.” The vine continued, “I think he didn’t understand what he meant to you but his leaving will help you in the long run.”

“Yes, I guess so, but a man swore on his tail that he would find him,” the Queen replied.

“Well that stinks for his tail then.”

“Yes, I guess so.” The Queen put a small smile on her face, something that hadn’t been seen in a month. She got up and went outside of her tree and went into her woods.

Moral: Don’t rely on somebody else.

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