My Wisdom Tale: The Stupid Question by David

Once, there was a very well-known school in the middle of a city. On the last day of school before the summer holiday, the students took a test. All of them passed but one. The teacher talked to the little boy afterword. “How did you get such a bad score? ” he asked.

The boy responded, “I did not understand the material.”

The teacher told him, “You could have asked a question. There were many opportunities.”

“I was afraid that I would ask a stupid question.” The boy answered.

The only stupid question is the one not asked.

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A Flock of Birds by Jenny






photo by Jenny

I did my wisdom tale in Comic Life 2 about the story of A Flock of Birds. I haven’t used Comic Life in a very long time so it was very fun working with it. I remembered all the keys, how to get different themes, and how to create my own boxes and design my own thing. I thought it was very cool working with Comic Life and getting to see the different ways to tell a story but in a comic version. I really did enjoy using Comic Life and I hope we get to use it again!

The moral of my story was talking about how teamwork is key because there was a flock of birds who were getting captured by a hunter and once they got captured in a huge net, they used teamwork to escape. Teamwork is key, United we stand, Divided we fall.

The Smuggler Comic By Katie C.






The Picture was made By Katie

In my class we picked at Wisdom Tale and made a comic telling the story. I chose The Smuggler as my comic. I chose The Smuggler because it was a funny story and it was one of my favorites. When we started the project we first chose a theme for the comic and then we drew pictures for the comic we chose. I chose to draw my pictures in Skitch. I chose to use Skitch because I can draw on an iPad and then pull up the picture on the computer without emailing them. Next we added dialogue and checked it to make sure it was correct . The project was really fun and I liked it lot.

The Smuggler On Comic Life by Davi

For my project on Comic Life, I chose The Smuggler. The Smuggler is about a smuggler who when trying to cross a border, is stopped by a border control officer. The border control officer then demanded to search the smuggler’s donkey. He does so, but finds nothing. This happens for ten years, and even thought the border control officer know that the juggler is smuggling something, he can’t prove it. In ten years, when the border control officer is retired, he sees the smuggler in the market, and asks him what he was smuggling. The smuggler says that he was smuggling donkeys. The moral of the story is to not overlook the obvious, and to not judge a book by it’s cover.


Open Note Test by Jack

Open note tests are not really easy. Just because they’re open note does not mean that you don’t have to study. When you take an open note test you’re not just copying from your notes you have to think, study, and use your notes to help you. I liked that we got to use our iPads to take notes but I think we should have each country in different notes so it is easier to find the story. I like open note test because all of your information is right in front of you. It took a long time but I think I did good on it.

Comic Life By Michael S







In LA for the past two days we have been working on a comic about our wisdom tales. You got to pick any wisdom tale story you wanted to. I picked Antlers. It was a very fun story to write about. I used SketchBook Express to draw all of my pictures. Skitch was a little hard to use on the computer, so I used SketchBook Express on the iPad. Also, for my comic I used Comic Life. Using Comic Life was very fun.

Wisdom Tales Comic by Julia

After we finished taking our wisdom tales test, we made a Comic Life project for a wisdom tale of our choice. I chose the story Everyone Agrees to Peace. At first I tried using Skitch to draw pictures for my comic, but it wasn’t really working out too well so I just drew what I wanted on a piece of paper. Then, I took a picture of my drawings and inserted it into Comic Life. I then added all of my speech bubbles and titles. I liked doing this project because we got to be creative and it wasn’t very hard.

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Open Note Test by David

My Wisdom Tales Notes!

Today, we took a test with iPads for open notes. As a result, I do not know for a fact but my guess is that most people did not study as much as they would for a normal one. It was much easier and I finished rather quickly. I think that the iPads are good but sometimes they can be a distraction during a test. There are lots of bright icons and notifications that are distracting and might tempt one to click them.

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