Patti’s Pics: What Is Your Tipping Point?

dog eating book

Photo By Patti Donnelly

I love my dog. I really do. Bailey, a bloodhound/lab mix,  uses her strengths to seek something that smells interesting to her and then “play” with it. I come home after a long day and I am almost always presented with an item of importance to me that she leaves on the living room floor. Luckily, I usually have ideas for how to turn ordinary things into something else. Instead of tossing this book away, I brought it to class to make word poems. Once you create one, it is hard to stop! See what some of us created and give it a try.

word poem

Poem and Photo by Patti Donnelly


Newspaper Poems by Josh K



Poems by Josh K

In class the other day we were taught how to make really cool poems out of newspaper. I chose a holiday article, but it doesn’t matter what you choose. On the article you decide the words you like and lightly put a box around them. Not coloring over your words make a grid by using a crayon and drawing horizontal lines across the words you don’t want. Be careful not to color over your words. After doing the same vertically, erase the pencil boxes so that you can see your words as blank spots. My poems read, “Heartwarming home, tradition extravaganza, families sip cider, share wonder.” The second one says” Atmosphere electric,when action night at a large level, packed home. Emerged strength, impressive.” Both of these are on a card for my grandma. They are easy to make and are fun. If you haven’t made a poem like this. You should try them, because they end up really cool.