The Noob Story Part One by Sam D

The N00b

Once upon a time there was a sad little n00b who had no friends. His name was Stanley Goodman. He liked to play World of Warcraft every day after school until it was time to do his homework (3:00-5:00). After doing his homework he would play his game until 7:30 and then go to bed. When he woke up in the morning he would check to see if he had forgotten to do any of his homework for school, pack his backpack up, get in the backseat of his mom’s car, and go off to school.

Rooftops of Rome Part 4 by James

quiet, natural forest

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Augustus 4, 496 A.D., Night


The Roman night air was cool. Victoria and Rizio sat around a hay fire. They had walked about a mile into the forest. Rizio sat on a log, breaking and throwing twigs in the fire. “How old are you?” Rizio asked. Victoria sighed. “I turn twelve today. And you? How old are you?” Rizio was surprised. “Twelve a couple months ago. How long ago did the soldiers-” he gulped as she looked up. “They came to my house five years ago today.

“My family was having a birthday party for me. My brother had come home from Greece just for my party.” She sniffed. “He was going to the university in Athens. He was going to be a rebel like my parents. He was going to fight against the tithe. My family wasn’t trapped by the request for wheat.” She raised her chin. “They came, about ten of them. Our family had no idea why, seeing as we were already excommunicated. Their armor made horrible clanging and grinding noises. The ones in front had torches.” She was lost in the story. There was a knock at the door. Mother went to open it and was pushed down. They slit her throat without a hesitation. They trampled over her blood-soaked body. “Mama! MAMA!” I was terrified. Father and my brother pushed behind them. They told me to run. I burst out of the back door and climbed over a wall. I ran and heard a deep, blood-curdling scream. “Papa!” I heard my brother’s scream seconds later. All night long I hid in alleyways, crying.  Victoria looked at Rizio. Her face was sad, and a single tear was trickling down her cheek. She looked down again. “I will never forget the sight of my mother, bleeding.” She sniffed and wiped her cheek. “You look tired,” Rizio said. Victoria nodded. “Thank you.” She lay down on the ground. “Good night, Rizio.”
“Good night, Victoria.” She sat up. “You know, you remind me a lot of my brother.” Rizio was dumbfounded. “Oh. I’m sorry.” He winced and tried to apologize even more with his face. “It’s fine.” Victoria smiled. “My brother was a good man.”

Rooftops of Rome Part 3 by James

Sunset over a rocky coastline

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“Hey!” Victoria swiveled around to have the second guard push her down and pull his knife out. “Do you know the punishment for attacking a guard?” His breath smelled of alcohol.
“Mister, mister, I am so sorry!” The boy behind the guard had an Italian accent. “My sister, she is muy estupido! She thinks that the helmets you wear are the heads of a mystical creature. She knows no better!” The boy walked toward Victoria. “Come now Maria, Papa will take you to the doctor.”
The guard wiped the blood from his nose. “Nice try, boy.” The guard grunted. “But I’m not a fool.” Victoria’s savior whispered in her ear. “Now is when we run.” They shot forward in to the labyrinth of the slums.


Victoria trusted the boy and quickly followed him. She could tell he was from that area from his knowledge of the alleys. “Come back here you filthy slumdog!” The guard hurried after them, yelling vulgarities. Finally, they came upon a dead end. Walls extended up far to high for them to scale. “D#&%! There’s no way out!”
Victoria grinned. “There’s one way.”


Victoria and her savior turned around and waited for the guard to come. They were ready for a fight. The guard laughed. “I’ve got you now you mangy curs.” Before the guard could take another step forward the Italian boy attacked. His face was determined as he sent a knee to the guard’s gut. A sharp oof sounded as the guard bent over to have another knee hit him straight between the eyes. The Italian boy quickly kicked the guard down and ran. “Come on!” He yelled back to Victoria. She grinned and followed the boy.
He turned a corner, scaled a wall, and helped Victoria up. They clasped wrists and once on the rooftops Victoria grunted a thanks. Once they were on the rooftop the Italian boy leaned against the hay. “So, you went through all that just for a piece of bread.” Victoria looked up in surprise. “I never told you that I stole some bread.” The boy grinned. “You just did.” Victoria admired his cleverness.
“My name is Fabrizio.” His voice was accented on the z. “Most just call me Rizio.” Victoria nodded. “I’m Victoria.” Rizio smiled. “Now that we are introduced, I’d like to know where your parents live.” Victoria sat and fiddled with a piece of hay. Pulling the bread from her shirt she responded. “Heaven.”
“I’m sorry.” Rizio’s voice sounded sincere. “The guards torched our house.” Victoria looked up. “Mine too.” Rizio groaned as he sat up. “If I have learned one thing from-” Rizio’s eyes widened. He grabbed Victoria’s mouth and pulled her into the hay. There was a clang of metal as the guard passed beneath them, mumbling.
When the guard passed and the clanging faded Rizio let go of Victoria and let her up. She cleared her throat. “Thanks. I guess I owe you one.” Rizio nodded and looked back. You could just see the ends of the beautiful orange sun around the cathedral. “Right now we need a place to sleep tonight.”
“I’m sorry,” Victoria responded. “Did you say we?” Rizio realized the gravity of his mistake. “Well, I thought,” he stuttered, “since we met and all. I thought we could help each other out with, well, life. Being an orphan isn’t exactly easy.” Victoria huffed. You can say that again. “All right, I think that’s fair. We do need a place to sleep tonight. Perhaps we could ask one of these homeowners.”

“That won’t work,” said Rizio. “These people think that anyone who asks a place to stay is a thief, and they don’t have much stuff to say is their own anyway.” He gathered hay in his arms and in his ratty, torn shirt. “Come now,” he said. “We have to be away from the guards when they see the ones we took out.” Rizio grinned and helped her down. “Don’t forget,” Victoria huffed, “I took care of one myself.” She smiled as they walked away into the forest.

Holiday Poem by James

Carolers walk the streets,
singing to jingling beats

Snow makes everything white,
and Santa is in flight

Hanukkah candles are lit,
and people eat more than just a bit

Presents are under the tree,
as you can already see

Snowmen walk the yards,
on the day a baby was born in a barn

Christmas Eve is almost here
and what else is coming up but the New Year!

Three snowmen in red hats and scarves

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The Rushing Rapids by Matthew

This is a story that I wrote earlier this year about my experience at a camp that we went to for a field trip

The Rushing Rapids


Photo taken by Mrs. Hoercher

    On August 25, the whole sixth grade left to a five star rated Camp Cheerio, a YMCA camp. At Camp there were four activities. On Wednesday we did the three star hike. On Thursday we went canoeing and we went on the zipline/geocache expedition. On Friday we went on the challenge, even though it wasn’t really a challenge for me.

Thursday began with us getting breakfast first. Right after breakfast we went canoeing. That is where I officially got scared of buses. The canoe car stalked us the whole way there. I got out of the bus quickly because of my busophobia. I got an awesome red canoe and then everything went wrong. I had to get a new canoe because our councilor stole our canoe. We got a blue canoe and set sail.

 Sean was good at canoeing. We kept riding through the rapids and having fun. For some reason we couldn’t aim the boat and we crashed into about a million rocks. Finally, the blue canoe got to a good stopping place and got out of the boat.
I decided to go for a swim. I got out of the boat and stepped into the ice cold water. Great, I thought. Wonder when my shoes will get dry? I wandered out to a good place to start riding the current. I sat down and rode the waves. Benson, Drew, and a million other people were doing it, so I figured it would be fun.

I started with the short run. My time was about thirty seconds. Then I went back to the starting line to do the long route. I got soaked and got stuck on a rock. That didn’t stop me. I just kept going and going and going. I had a lot of fun and I didn’t want to stop. Then I had to get in a canoe with Mrs. Hoercher. I was done canoeing with Sean.

Mrs. Hoercher was a good canoer. If I could go with any canoer except Mr. Keeney, it would be Mrs. Hoercher (which I decided later). I rode a lot more rapids and got stuck on a lot more rocks. Finally, I found something awesome. A WATERFALL! I wanted to go top speed to get an amazing speed coming out of it. Apparently, That didn’t happen. We went in with a medium speed and we went sliding down the six inch waterfall. It was okay, but I was disappointed. I wanted to go down a three foot waterfall using a motor on the highest setting. Maybe I’ll go to Spirit Falls and go top speed off that. THAT would be fun.

We got to a good stopping point so that the other boats could catch up. Emma and Catherine capsized on the waterfall. Mrs. Hoercher and James went back to help do the T rescue. The T rescue is where you lift the canoe over another canoe and let the water drain out. The group decided to leave without them and we left. I hopped in James’s last spot, the boat with Mr. Lantzy. We set out to go on the next solid run, under the bridge and to the end.

Riding the current and dodging rocks, Mr. Lantzy  and I kept going and going. We finally got to the bridge and went under the place where almost everybody got stuck. We made it through and caught up to the cursed red boat. Mr. Lantzy decided that we should finish first and not the red boat, so we just kept going. Mr. Lantzy and I paddled a lot until we finally got to the finish line. We finished first so we had to just sit around and do nothing. The whole group had lunch, collected pop tabs on the pop tab stick, and got on the bus. Brady, Benson, and I lead the sing-a-long as rode back to camp singing songs (Lot’s of Tic Toc) and having fun. My canoeing group finally made it to camp where the Keeney advisory quickly went off to the zipline.

Rooftops of Rome Part 2 by James

sunset over a beach

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Because of all the comments I got I decided to put some more of the story. Again, please comment with your thoughts.

“Guards! Guards! Come quickly!” The words stopped Victoria’s quick climb. When she looked down, the ground was beginning to fill with swordsmen. The memory of her parents’ death came back to her. Fire burned in her eyes. She knew the archers would come soon, and she would need to be gone then.
Once on the roof she leaned against the dome, welcoming the rest. Just to rub it in, Victoria kicked some pebbles down at the guards. She pulled out her bread and took a bite. She would rest here until the archers came, which she knew wouldn’t be long. The rooftops of Rome were beautiful in the sunset glow.
“Archers!” Victoria’s moment of serenity was short. By the whizzing of the air she decided she had waited to long. There were clangs and thunks of arrow against wood and stone. The owner came out of the building and confronted the soldiers. Thank you Victoria thought. She would need to pay that Rabbi a piece of bread.
When she got to the end of the building she had rested on she leaped to the next. She started her roll with her right shoulder and continued. Flow like water, she thought. She leaped to the next building, then the next. People on the street looked up in surprise. “What are you doing!” They would yell, telling her to come down.
She knew that the guards would be attracted to noise so she turned and took an unused route. She turned left and jumped into unknown territory.


Victoria leaped to a building with a low roof. She slid through the hay covered roof and dropped to the ground. When she was on the ground she didn’t have time to roll. She turned down dark alleys, listening for guards. Distant voices sounded in the air. Frantically, Victoria looked for an escape route. It seemed the only safe place was up. She climbed up another wall, splitting her fingers on the rough stone. She was in the slums now, and they didn’t have fancy, smooth stones.
Two guards came around the corner just as Victoria scrambled to the hay-covered roof. “These d&#! taxes!” The first guard said. “I can barely put food on the table.” The second guard nodded in agreement. These guards did not have as much armor or weapons on them as the other guards. It’s my turn to fight, thought Victoria. She dropped down behind them and clanged their heads together. Dazed, they turned around to a foot in the face.
She punched the second and pushed the first against the wall. That was a sharp clang as his neck snapped back to the wall. One down, she thought. “Hey!” Victoria swiveled around to have the second guard push her down and pull his knife.

Dragonland By Matthew

This is a story that is in progress. I have a lot more in my journal but this is the first chapter.


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Part one: The New Creature

Chapter 1: Polar Earth

    Wham! The giant Polar Bear’s foot hit the ground. “Whoa!” yelled David. “Our house!” screamed Michael. The house gets completely demolished. “John’s missing,” Cathy whispered. “He was inside!” Yelled Nick. The Polar Bear charged at Nick. “David!!!” he yelled. David picked up a rock and chucked it. The rock ended up hitting the bear in the eye. “He’s dead!” yelled Jenny. Everyone was thrilled until they saw a different polar bear charging at them. They all ran away but a log tripped them and they fell into the ground. Nothing was heard of them again.
“Awesome!” yelled Lucy as she went out for metal from the mine. She heard loud footsteps charging from the town. Luckily, Lucy could run faster than the speed of light. She ran away from the beast at top speed. In five seconds, Lucy heard no footsteps. She stopped and looked at her pedometer. She had ran 100 miles in five seconds. Lucy suddenly saw somebody in the distance, and she could tell it was not a polar bear. “I thought I was the only human left in the world, but I guess I am not! What’s your name?” asked Lucy. “My name is John. What’s your name?” he asked. “My name is Lucy.” she responded.
Five years later, 100 twin babies were born. 50 were boys and 50 were girls. All of them had kids and the population started to grow.

One hundred ninety nine years later, Troy comes up on an egg. Cool! It’s a egg that’s hatching! “Whoa! That’s one of those thing ma bobs that we learned about in history!” said Josh. “A Polar Bear.” “Let’s take it to scientist James!” said Troy. “Good Idea!” said Josh. So they took the tiny egg-hatched polar bear to their grandfather James.

“Ho Ho Ho. Look what we have here. Two evil nephews who are trying to take over the world. We must executive them,” said James. So later that month They had Troy and Josh executed. The polar bear was quickly killed.

Josh’s and Troy’s parents got really mad at James. They gathered up a huge army of people and attacked James office. James Survived and gathered up another army. He had a few people try to make him a potion that will make him immortal. The war took a lot of people out of the population and made the earth less full. And that was more bad news. Big reptilian creatures called dinosaurs had not actually gone extinct. Dinosaurs were now pairing up with the immortal James.

Series Poems by Matthew

This is a series of poems like the Red Wheelbarrow.


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The Blue Bucket

So much depends
A blue
with clear and muddy
water inside
and with
green cows behind the water

A Green Cow

So much depends
a green cow
with red and blue
lungs inside
and with
a black spear to the left of it

The Black Spear On the Ground

So much depends
a black
with extremely hard
metal inside,
and with
a tall, gold, and fat statue in front of the weapon

The Tall, Gold, and Fat Statue

So much depends
a tall, gold, and fat
with extremely heavy
gold inside
and with
the same blue bucket to the right of the king

Vampire King Prologue, by Ryan H

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“Wait kids, I’m not going to kill you-yet! I have seventeen wives and thirty-two children, and they have to eat too! You idiots don’t understand! I am the Vampire king, Caltrule, and conqueror of fifty-seven realms. You can’t stop me.”

“You will DIE. I’ll kill you with my own hands you monster!”

“ I, the Vampire King, can read you by your eyes. Leon, you are hurt, desperado, lonely. You won’t be able to be lonely anymore, you’ll be dead. Kill the ogre first. Rapheal, you get to eat first!”


“It’s over for you, all of you.

Suddenly everything turned dark. Pain to my neck, like something was biting it. I was getting weaker. Was it really over this quickly? No! I won’t give up. Then I hear a blood curdling scream, I blackout.