Christmas by Kayla B. LA Blue

Christmas Tree

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Cold, white, snowy, nights

Having a loving, laughing, family around you

Rough and tough wrapping paper to rip through

Interesting surprises with joyful faces come along

Safe and warm homes to stay

Time to eat!” They always say

Making little snowman-shaped cookies with icing and sprinkles

All the long nights full of sleep

Saying goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring



If I were a shark by Matthew

This is a poem that I wrote last year.


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If I Were a Shark

If I were a shark…
I would swim in the Red Sea
I would hunt for fish
and I would hit divers with my tails
It would blow them away
Into an underwater cavern
Where there are more sharks
and huge white whales
that will try to trap them in
but they will escape
and the diver would be happy
but I would be the quite sad.

My Science Project: Chinchilla by Cheyse L.

For my science project I chose the chinchilla. I named my chinchilla Jessie, a long-tailed, and her friend Nina. Jessie talks all about her habitat, her physical appearance, her diet, her current status, and her reproduction cycle. Here are some cool facts about chinchillas:

  • Chinchillas are nocturnal animals.
  • Chinchillas fur is the most valuable fur in the world.
  • Chinchillas weigh up to about 1.8 pounds.
  • Chinchillas can live up to twenty year and some live longer.
  • Chinchilas release fur when caught by a predator.
If you want to know more you can read my article later. I’m excited about the finished product and I glad I chose the chinchilla. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Thank you for reading.

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My Science Project: The Tiger by Haley C

For my project in science, I am studying the tiger. I did the tiger because I love how pretty and graceful they are, and I have always wanted to know facts about them. It’s easy to find facts about them because they are so interesting. And in the encyclopedias, there is always a big section on them. At first, all I knew about the tiger was that they are the largest in the cat family, that they were usually reddish-orange, and that they had black stripes. But now I know how they live, how old they can live to be, what they like to eat, and if they’re friendly to one another or if they’re not. I am very happy I chose the tiger for my animal report.


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Which Species Are The Best? By Ryan H

Komodo Dragon

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For science class, we had to talk about why either fish, reptiles, or amphibians are better made for adapting and surviving. I said that reptiles were because they can survive on land and in water. Plus reptiles have strong powerful legs (except for snakes) for climbing, swimming, or walking. In many places reptiles are at the top of the food chain and eat both fish and amphibians.

What do you think? Comment on your opinion please!

My First Blog Post By Matthew

Hi. I’m Matthew. I will share some of my writing over time. I have a few short stories here. This is a play about my dream one night.

Scene 1


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The Party On Sugar Creek

Matthew: Let’s play Frisbee!

Rest: Sure!

Simon: I’ll get mine!

(Simon runs to the garage, gets the frisbee, and charges out like a player running out from the locker room.)

Simon: Go long!

Lucas: I AM LONG!

Simon: Ian long?

Lucas: No silly! I am long.

Simon: Oh.

(Simon throws the frisbee and Tommy blocks it.)

Tommy: Pick!

Matthew: I didn’t know you were that good!


Rest: I do!

Lucas: I want Matthew.

Simon: NO WAY!!!!!

Tommy: All vs. Lucas

Lucas: IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew: Tick tock, Tick tock.

(Rain starts pouring down)

All: Aw man!

Matthew: Well, we have to go to the bank.

Simon: Yeah.

Tommy: I have to go in.

Lucas: Time for Kinect Sports!

Rest: No fair!

Tommy: Bye!

Rest: Bye!

Pinewood Derby Speed by Matthew

This is a story about my pinewood derby experience in 2009.

Pinewood derby speed part 1

“And in first placed twice in a row Matthew!” said the Pack leader. I knew it was coming, and now I had to face the cars in district. The last time I went to district I busted my wheel on the aluminum track. I of course did not win. The track was not only terrible to me, but to almost everyone. This year, I would have to face destroying my wheel again.On the day of district I was looking for the track all around. “Finally the track I use!” I thought. Wood was the type of track we used. This time, the track was wood. We had a delicious lunch and then we heard the announcers of the pinewood derby. We ran to try to watch every race. I was very mad because the first graders got to go first. Cars zipping, wheels revolving, I watched the first graders race their cars over 200 miles per hour! Then I got mad again. It was time for the siblings to race. I sat down watching my brother lose a race. Then he crushed the people in the next the next two races. Then I got really excited. It was finally the second through fifth grades turn.


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A Little More About the Book by Dylan

The book I am presently writing is called Resistance. It is about Luc DuPrev, a French teenager who lives in Paris with his mom and two sisters. His father was suspected of working with the Resistance and was taken away. Luc’s brother, Jaques, is part of the Paris Resistance. Jaques helps the Resistance tear down enemy propaganda and put up signs that help boost the morale of the people of  Paris. Something awful happens and Luc has to take arms with the Resistance and try to set everything right.

Pinewood Derby Speed Part 2 by Matthew


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This is part two of my pinewood derby story.

Pinewood Derby Speed

I had to wait a long time for it to be my turn. Meanwhile, I realized I was racing the other person in the pack.The person that almost beat me at the pack races! It was finally my turn. I was very nervous. My car luckily won the heat and set the new record for my group. I raced twice more and won them both. I barely beat the guy from pack twice. I was very interested to see who would beat my record. Fortunately, no one beat my record. When the places were given, I was very nervous.

Simon did not come in third place. They said that Simon came in second place. I was questioning that. I thought that he would come in first. I was a little disappointed. Someone else came in first and then I got really mad. I thought Simon’s car was faster. I was a very disappointed. Simon had only won a patch! I thought he would win a trophy! A big one! Just a little bit smaller than mine because he won second place! I was really mad at this. I was also mad because Simon’s car was two miles per hour ahead of me. There was six cars ahead of me in speed. Now it was time to announce Original and Beauty. They had to pick tiger that raced for Beauty because there was only one tiger for Beauty!

Kyle (not in my pack) was in third place which was somewhat awesome and somewhat terrible. The awesome thing was I might be in second or first. The terrible thing was that I might not be in second or first. Another awesome thing is that he goes to my school (at that time). Cole (not in my pack), Kyle’s older brother, won second place which was somewhat terrific and somewhat horrible. The terrific thing was that I might be in first place. The horrible thing was that I might not be in first. Another terrific thing is that he goes to my school (at that time). A horrible thing was that I did not win second. But as I said, I might win first. Now it was time for them to announce first place. I held my breath. They said that the person who came in first wanted to be a dad, a doctor, and an engineer. I was the only person that wanted to be a dad, a doctor, and an engineer! It might be me in first place! They also said that the person was from Pack 461. That is the Pack I am in! They said that the persons name is Matthew

! THAT’S ME!!!!!

I went up to hold my trophy and receive it. I was not nervous at all. I had a big smile on my face and got my trophy. Then it was time for the siblings awards ceremony.
On the ride home we were all happy an ready to tell the pack. We had to wait until the next Pack meeting to get our Pack trophy but I could wait. I knew exactly where I would put it. In between the first year Pack trophy and this year Pack trophy would be the district trophy. The trophy from Pack this year would be to the right of the district trophy. “Now, it’s time to win again,” I thought. Two years later, when I was in 5th grade, I made a limo and got 6th place. That was the year Simon got it.