Taking Care of Laptops and iPads by Ian

Our group for the laptops has been doing very well with taking care of the laptops. As far as we have been informed, there have been no problems in our class. There have been reports of some problems with the iPad classes, but this understandable, because it is much easier to set down an iPad thinking it is a text book. Still, there have only been a few incidents. I think this is evidence that sixth graders are mature and responsible enough to use these laptops for school and more. It is also evident that we can take care of them. This is at least the feeling that I have gotten so far. As I predicted, there have been misuses of both the iPads and the MacBooks, but this is a small percentage of the “population” and as far as I know has not been repeated by the people in question. If this is repeated I think that is good that the teachers are taking action.

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  1. Total agreement. I think that the ipad is a better choice. Just because the ipads are less of a pain.

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