Talk To Your Teen by Ellie

In Language Arts, we are reading Cosmic. Liam is the main character, and he is reading Talk to Your Teen. Here is some advice I would add.

When your child has a test or a quiz, NEVER put pressure on them to get a certain score or higher. This makes it harder to do well. Instead, make sure you support them before they take a test or a quiz. When your child gets that test or quiz back make sure that you are enthusiastic if they get a good score. If your child gets a 98%, you should congratulate them, not say something like, “You can do better.”


How To Talk To Your Teen by: Ryan

In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen. Here is what I would add to the book.

Don’t allow your child to have caffeine after seven, because of experience, I found out that you can’t sleep well. Sleep is very important, especially for school. Without sleep it is hard to concentrate and your child won’t have the energy they need. Also, caffeine filled drinks usually have sugar in them. Too much sugar can be very bad for your child. Don’t restrict your child from having caffeine every once in a while though. If your child disobeys, then you should probably reconsider how much you let them have caffeine.

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Talk To Your Teen by Sylvia

In the book Cosmic, Liam is pretending to be Florida’s dad. He sneaks his dad’s book called Talk To Your Teen so he can become more dad-like. A piece of advice I would add to this book would be to not argue with your teen. For example, if your teen shares something with you that you don’t find interesting, and you say it is dumb or something, your teen will not want to talk to you because they will feel offended. When your teen walks away and makes a comeback, do not pay any attention. They’re just trying to make you feel bad.

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Talk To Your Teen by Davi

In Language Arts class, we are reading a book called Cosmic. In Cosmic, the main character, Liam, is so tall that he pretends to be a dad to be able to go on an amusement park ride called “The Rocket.” Liam has a copy of the book Talk to Your Teen, and there are a few things I would like to add.

If you want your teen to accept you, then treat them as equals. Don’t ignore them like they’re little kids. Some adults treat their teens as if they are significantly inferior. This makes the teens aggravated, and less likely to listen to their parents. Some will shout and will say things that they will later regret. If parents treat their teens as equals, then their teens will feel respected, and will be more docile. They will answer questions respectfully, and treat their parents well.

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Talk To Your Teen By: Shaylen

In the book Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce, there is a character named Liam. He’s the main character. People thinks he’s so much older then he is because he’s tall. So, he acts like a dad and started readying a book called Talk to Your Teen. Some advice if I were a dad would be teach your kids to have limits, like a certain amount of screen time. I think this is important because a kid should do his or her priorities first before any screen time. Also, I think it’s important because it can damage your eyes.

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Talk To Your Teen by Batu

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We are reading Cosmic and Liam is referring to a book called Talk To Your Teen. Here is something that I would add to the book. If your teen or pre-teen (10-12) wants a computer then think about what you do first. If you are always on the computer and reading the newspaper or waiting for pointless emails all the time then definitely get your teen or pre-teen a computer. The computer doesn’t have to be a very expensive computer, but should have a good graphics card and a good Random Access Memory or RAM. If your teen or pre-teen asks for a computer and you rarely use the computer then you should not get them a computer.

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Talk To Your Teen by Dylan J.

One way to get your teen to talk is do things that will make them want to do it again with you. For example, card games.

If your teen seems upset, then ask them if they want to talk about it.

Give allowance to your teen if he does all of his chores.

Go to movies sometimes with your whole family.

Do things that include family time.

Talk To Your Teen by Jinger

In the wonderful book, Cosmic, that we started reading in Language Arts class, a twelve year old boy named Liam is reading a book called Talk to your Teen. A piece of advice I would give to manage your teenager is to limit their screen time. Some teens, when a parent isn’t home, probably watch things they are not supposed to watch. By limiting their TV and computer time they can’t.

A huge problem people have now a days are their teens arguing back. Teenagers usually complain about not being allowed to go to parties or sleepovers with their friends or even dating. When your teen fights back, argues, and yells back at you, try not to make them take advantage of you. If they rebel, show them who is boss.

Talk To Your Teen by Norman


In the book Cosmic, Liam finds a book that his dad uses to talk to him. Here are some suggestions of what I think should be added.

One:  If your teen does not want to talk, do not trap them, ask them and make it feel natural.

Two: If your teen does not want to eat something, put a little bit in their next meal secretly.

Three: A way to bond with them is to play their games. Ask them about the games and try them.

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Talk To Your Teen by Bella K.

In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading Talk To Your Teen, and here’s my advice.

Clothes. This is the major thing for many girls. A t-shirt and a hoodie, basketball shorts, and a pair of sneakers are probably the everyday thing for guys (I’m sorry if your boys wear something else, I’m in a family of 3 girls). Girls, you have every kind of jeans- colored or not, skirts- short or long, dresses- formal or informal, shirts- printed or plain, shoes- boots or sneakers, accessories- necklaces or earrings, etc.

If you have one or more girls always thinking about what they should wear as well as what they want to wear, here’s a solution. Let your teen wear what she wants to, but limit her boundary. Don’t spend your money buying her clothes unless you know she’ll like them, because you might have very different tastes (I know this from my own experiences).

Ask and listen about her style and taste. I prefer not suggesting super short skirts or shorts and strapless shirts or dresses until she is at an age when she absolutely wants to. In other words, don’t give her clothing that reveals too much skin when worn.

Also, check that your teen dresses appropriate to the weather. Remember, none of this will be easy if your teen is obdurate about what they wear unless you talk about it, and listen to them.

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