My Own Wisdom Tale by Bella K.

The P’s and the U’s

There was once a worm village called Bieberville. In that village was a great school called Bieber Academy. Everything in that school was magnificent except for two problems. Popularity and the fever.

The P’s stood for pretty and popular. The U’s stood for ugly and unpopular. Tara, Lindsey, and Chelsea were the P’s. Gelato and her friend, Pudd, were the U’s. Tara was the queen of all, and her target was always Gelato, with Lindsey and Chelsea following everything she did. One day, Gelato brought Italian gelatos as dessert for her hot lunch. Tara, of course, had to do something. She “accidently” tripped over Gelato’s chair leg and dumped her whole ice cream over her head. So, Chelsea and Lindsey followed and did the same to Pudd. These acts continued on the next couple days. Gelato couldn’t stand Tara. She stood up for herself even though she was quite scared. Tara thought Gelato couldn’t stand up against her. Surprised by her braveness, she realized how cruel she was being to Gelato and stopped.

One problem solved, but that wasn’t all. Remember? The fever. This sickness went on the whole school year. The really weird thing was that only girls had it, and it was only at Bieberville. Boys got nowhere near as sick. The average fever degree kept adding on for girls that they couldn’t stay still. They went crazy. The girls weren’t in pain though. That was the weirdest of all. Every girl at Bieberville was extremely happy. VERY HAPPY. From then on the Fever is still carried around everywhere today. Known as the BIEBERFEVER. I’ve got one, what about you?

Moral: Never judge someone by popularity. Don’t underestimate ANYONE. Be nice.


**Note:The bieberfever was just a little fun short story added on to my wisdom tale about popularity. Hope you liked it!

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The Boastful Bird by Kay

The Boastful Bird
By Kay Y.
There was a bird named Madeline who always got an A+ on everything, and she would always brag about it. All of the other birds disliked her because she would rub it in their face every time a score came back.

One day they were given a test that was designed to be hard for the students. It was said that the people who do best on the test aren’t always the ones who get the highest scores on everything. All of the birds study very hard for the test, except for Madeline, who didn’t study at all, because she thought there was no way she wouldn’t do well on the test. All of the questions were very hard, but because the other birds had studied they all knew how to solve the questions.

Madeline had no clue how to do any of the problems, and knew that she did poorly. When the scores came back all of the birds got 100% except for Madeline. They noticed that she wasn’t bragging like usual, and asked her what she got. She got a very low grade, and was very sad about it. Because she always bragged and none of the other birds liked her, nobody tried to comfort her. She realized that she needs to study, and not to brag about he grades because she won’t always get an 100.

The moral is: Don’t be self centered, it never ends well.

The Clever Squirrel Wisdom Tale By Keenan

There once was rabbit who boasted to all of the animals that he was the fastest one in theforest. No one argued, but nobody liked the rabbit either. The rabbit asked a crowd of animalsif anybody wanted to challenge him in a race, and nobody did. The rabbit was still the fastest inthe forest.

One day a squirrel came along. Some animals thought the he could beat the rabbit becausethey saw him running really fast. When the rabbit heard about the squirrel, he challenged himto a race. The squirrel excepted, but said that he would get to make the course. He made ahalf mile course that had a lot of branches fallen trees, and other obstacles, and started therace. The squirrel quickly climbed a tree and started jumping from tree to tree so he didn’t haveto avoid the obstacles on the ground. The rabbit could not get by the obstacles quickly. Thesquirrel beat the rabbit easily because the rabbit had to avoid everything on the ground. Therabbit had not thought about that before the race, so he had lost. The rabbit was mad, but thesquirrel said that he had beaten him fairly.

Morals: Don't boast, Always think things over 


My Own Wisdom Tale by Batu


Trapping a Spirit in a Kennel

by Batu

In a desert city, a few months ago, one day a pack of five coyotes were enjoying a great night in their den. That night, a giant downpour flooded their den and forced them out. The next day, the pack wandered into the city. The dog catchers caught them and put them in kennels at the dog shelter. The dog shelter was very close to their den. All of the pack except the wisest one were very depressed. The leader asked the wisest coyote why he was so cheerful and not depressed and mourning like the other three. The wise coyote answered, “The dog catcher may have captured our bodies but he has not captured my spirit and don’t let him capture your spirit too.” Then the pack of coyotes cheered each other up, escaped the dog shelter, and went directly to their den where they lived there happily for the rest of their lives and never let their spirits get trapped in a kennel ever again.


My Wisdom Tale By: Lucy W.

For my wisdom tale I made the moral Don’t underestimate anyone, it doesn’t matter what size they are or what they look like. My wisdom tale is named “Hide and Seek.” I really like this story because it has a good meaning to it and a good lesson. This story is about a fox who is very hungry and is dreaming about having a rabbit for dinner. The rabbit and fox play a game of hide and seek and the fox underestimates the rabbit and thinks the rabbit is dumb. Here is my story, hope you enjoy!

Hide and Seek

By: Lucy W.

There once was a fox named Dusty, she was very hungry. She thought of what her mother had taught her, rabbits are the dumbest animals. So the fox decided to go for the rabbit. The fox creeped up near the rabbit’s hole waiting for it to come out and she whispered.

“Little rabbit come out, come out wherever you are,” said the fox.

“Don’t be scared, I just want to play a game of tag,” exclaimed the fox.

The rabbit quietly said back, “How about we play tomorrow, I will meet you at the old oak tree,” said the rabbit.

“Ok,” the fox happily said, “I guess I can wait till tomorrow.”

That night the fox dreamed of having a delicious rabbit for her dinner. She thought of making a rabbit stew and not being hungry.

The next morning the fox set out to the old oak tree. She waited and waited for the rabbit to come. Finally, the rabbit came but did not want to play tag.

“I think we should play hide and seek. It is so much more fun and you don’t get as tired.”

The fox thought it was a great idea because he could trap the rabbit in a place where it would be easy to catch the rabbit.

“Of course you should go first because it was your idea, right,” the fox said greedily.

“Yes great idea, just remember count to twenty and I can hide anywhere in the forest,” said the rabbit.

The fox started counting and finally came to twenty. She knew that the rabbit wasn’t smart so she checked all the easiest places in the forest like behind a tree, a bush and many more easy places. The fox couldn’t find the rabbit anywhere. She now started checking everywhere and still didn’t find the rabbit. She went back to her house sad and disappointed.

Then she heard, “Come out, come out wherever you are little fox,” sneakily said the rabbit.

“Where are you? I am hungry and you have cheated!” yelled the fox.

The rabbit came out of the fox’s pantry.

Trembling, the rabbit explained. “I have tricked you and I have won the game,” explained the rabbit.

“What do you mean you tricked me? You are not smart and I can never be tricked,” said the fox.

“How come you didn’t catch me and how come you gave up? I was in the easiest place in the whole forest,” said the rabbit.

“What? I checked everywhere in the forest, you weren’t there,” sadly said the fox.

“Did you check my home? I was in there the whole time. You never checked there and I knew what you were planning to do to me. Why would you try to eat me?” said the rabbit.

“Everyone knows the rabbit is the smartest animal in the forest,” exclaimed the rabbit.

“What my mom said rabbits were the dumbest animals, I thought you were just going to chicken out and let me eat you,” said the fox.

“Why would I do that?” the rabbit chuckled, “You shouldn’t have underestimated me.” The rabbit hopped right out the door and said a friendly goodbye.

The fox sat there that night and thought about what he did. He was starving and made a promise to himself to never ever hunt rabbits again.

Moral: Don’t underestimate anyone; doesn’t matter the size or what they look like; Don’t judge a book by its cover.


Little Fox by Grace

There once was a lion who was a very great king, but when he died a great darkness fell over the forest. Everyone was saddened with grief, but there was a war going on in the land, they had to fight. While this war was going on, one of the last king’s advisors was looking for a new king, at last they had found someone who was believed to be a great ruler. He was not a good king, he brought more darkness to the forest.


Little did they know that there was a little fox of in a cave with his parents, he was a kind fox and he was generous. As he grew his parents knew he was special, there was a light in him. He brought happiness to everyone in the forest that he knew. His parents thought that he should be the ruler, they got the advisor to come and see.


The advisor tested little fox, and he thought that little fox was the one that would bring happiness to the whole forest. When the advisor told everyone else, they laughed.”He is so small, how can he rule the forest.”


The advisor said, “Size doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that he will be a great king, if you just give him a chance.”


“Okay he has one month to try and bring happiness back to the forest. If he succeeds then he stays king.” The advisor told this great news to little fox.


After just one week, little fox had brought happiness back to the forest. He was the best king they had ever had. Little fox stayed and brought the happiness to the kingdom.

The moral of this story is “don’t judge someone by how they look.”

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Wisdom Tale by Sylvia


Photo by Sylvia

The Dream

Arnold and his friend Clive worked at the same place in New York City. Arnold had just gotten back from Miami where he attended a funeral. A couple days later, he got into trouble for not following an important rule and was suspended for two weeks. Clive however, got accused of something bigger and was fired. Since Arnold was the one who was supposed to be fired and did not stand up for Clive, Clive said, “Maybe you should have never come back to New York City!”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have,” Arnold argued and soon was packed and had a ticket to Phoenix, Arizona. On the plane, since it was late, Arnold went to sleep. “Where am I?” He asked himself in the dream.

“You’re on the plane, like you are supposed to be,” said a small person.

“But no one else is on the plane!” Arnold exclaimed.

“That’s because you are in a dream.” Arnold was confused, but recognized the person’s scratchy voice, and was curious about what was happening.

“What am I doing in a dream?” Arnold asked.

“How am I supposed to know, it’s your dream,” said the strange person.

“Actually, I do, but I’m mad at you for making me part of your dream!” Arnold realized it was a character from a show he liked to watch.

“Why are you here?” Arnold was a little freaked out.

“I am here to show you what would’ve happened if you had never come back to New York City, let’s start with Clive.” All of a sudden Arnold thought he was in a different dimension. One second later, he was in Clive’s house now junky and gross. Then the character came out the shelf. “Well, take a look.” Clive, now fat and stinky, was eating candy and watching TV. He was yelling something that Arnold couldn’t understand. “C’mon, let’s go to your dad’s.” Arnold found himself in a jail cell. “See, your friend and dad aren’t to happy are they?”

“What about my mom?”

“She died in a car accident coming to see you.”

“What about Summer?”

“Your wife? She got married to Justin Bieber and moved to Mexico.”

“Can I get on my plane now.”

“Have you learned your lesson?”


“What did you learn?”


“I’ll let you go but if you don’t do the right thing you’re coming back.”


“Goodbye.” Arnold woke up on the plane and when it landed he headed back to New York. Clive was really happy to see him and when Arnold looked up he saw the character giving him a thumbs up. Arnold gave him a smile and waved. He never saw the character again but knew he was still watching.

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The Wooden Tools By Nathan G.


The Wooden Tools

One day a poor farmer had set out early to start the growing season. When he came to his shed he was shocked to find all his tools had been stolen. He was outraged because he didn’t have enough money to buy new tools. Making some iron tools would be nice but time consuming and hard work. He would have to go buy a tiny bit of iron and make a pickaxe. He would then find and iron vein, smelt the iron, form the tools and then fasten the tools to wooden handles. He thought, “I’ll never make the harvest in time!”

He then got an idea that was easy and fast. He would carve to tools out of wood. The farmer set out right away for wood. As soon as he got into the forest he came upon a problem. He couldn’t get all the good branches and wood because he had no axe so he had to do with rotten dry branches. Then came making the tools. The wood was brittle so he had many splinters as he made just one shovel and even worse the shovel broke on the first load of dirt.

It took many days to make tools that would last at least a day or two. He finally made an axe and went to chop some good wood down. He was horrified to find he couldn’t move the axe an inch for his hands were chewed up with thousands of splinters in them, some as big as two inches. He needed the wood so badly he decided to use his teeth to chew the wood down. Of course he got the branch down but with major consequences. His teeth were worn down to the gums so when he tried to eat he couldn’t. He thought, “Oh well who needs to eat when work is to be done!” The farmer skipped meals for a few days putting the time into making the nicer wood tools instead of putting it into making the food mash.

After a week of solid working he hadn’t eaten anything, but finally finished the tools. He was so ravenous he ate half his food and after got very sick. By this time the growing season was halfway over and most farms were just taking care of the crops the poor farmer was sick in his bed. When he got better he worked as hard as he could to get a harvest in time. Working in overdrive, the farmer broke all his tools just as the season ended and the first frost came. He checked what he got in his harvest. All that was in the harvest stockpile was a handful of grain.
The farmer wept for days for he knew he was going to starve in the coming winter. Very depressed the farmer went into the market and found a young beggar. The boy wasn’t more than seven and looked like he was starving with tattered clothes. The farmer gave the boy all he had including his land. The boy hugged the farmer and ran to his mother in glee. He had saved a few cents to buy a rope which he later used in a way no other person should.

The moral is: Procrastination pays off today, hard pays off eventually.

The Troublesome Acorn by Franny

The Troublesome Acorn

One day, a squirrel was jumping about through the red and yellow and orange leaves of the fall trees when he paused in mid scamper and lifted his nose. And then he saw it: heaven. That was the only explanation. A nut as big as his paw was barely hanging on to a thin little branch just above his head. It was beautiful. Golden brown and gleaming in the sunlight. And the best part… It was his favorite type of nut- acorn.

Ignoring the risks of going up so high on that thin of a branch, he scampered up the trunk of the great oak and shimmied as far as he could along the branch. He even heard it groan under his weight. He stretched his claws as far as they would reach but it wasn’t enough. He finally shimmied so far that the acorn was straining for a grasp on the thin branch. Right as he was about to snag the acorn from its perch, the branch snapped and he was plummeting to the ground. Luckily, being a squirrel, he was able to twist around in mid air and avoided hitting the ground head or back first. He finally found the acorn in the red and orange leaves and triumphantly ripped of the cap and broke the shell.

The insides were black. It was a rotten nut. The squirrel angrily threw the nut to the ground he headed back up the tree. Suddenly, he sniffed. Startled, he looked around with a surprised look. All around him, with their golden shells gleaming in the sun, hung acorns.

Big and small. Wow, he thought to himself, I must have been pretty greedy for that one acorn if I couldn’t see all of these wonderful ones! He took a not-too-golden, not-too-big one from a branch beside him and nibbled at the insides. Mmmmmmm, he sighed a long, contented sigh as the lovely flavor entered his mouth and he wondered, how can a squirrel like me have to see one, giant, rotten acorn when, in reality, the good ones are right next to me?

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One Chance by Anna W.


There was a young man named Jerry. He had a beautiful cat and a not so beautiful dog. Quite often they would get in fights. Most of the time, no one would get hurt but just one time the dog got bit very bad in the ear by the cat. Sooner or later Jerry was very annoyed with the ruckus they would make in the middle of the night so he decided he really needed to get rid of one of his pets. He loved them both very much and he took a long time to decide who would have to leave. He finally decided to get rid of the dog because he was not as cute as the beautiful cat. He didn’t know who to give the dog to. Unfortunately, he ended up kicking him out of the house with no food or water.


It was coming into winter and the dog was starving and cold. He wandered every day until he came upon a padded down area of soft hay. He cuddled up all warm in there and went to bed. He was surprised to find out it was a pack of wolves’ home that he was in. Shockingly, he was warmly welcomed by the big wolves and soon he had a new place to live.


All that time a small rat was watching Jerry and his pets fighting and how the dog was kicked out. He didn’t say anything at first but eventually he could not hold in the secret much longer. He went to Jerry and started a conversation. He finally got the point through to him that even though the cat was so cute he was really starting all the fights and hogging all the food. Before Jerry actually processed all this he thought he made the right decision of getting rid of the dog. He began to feel a great pain of sadness like he had lost something big. He realized that he missed the dog sooooooo much. His life wasn’t the same.


He set out in the forest hoping he could retrieve his beloved dog. He came upon the dog with all the wolves and begged for him to come home.


“Please come home. I made a big mistake by getting rid of you,” said Jerry.


“I feel like I am in a better place here and I am treated better here!” exclaimed the dog.


Jerry was very sad to hear that and wished he could start over. He heard a quiet voice in the distance that was saying that you only get one chance in life.


“Please just let me start over!” he thought to himself. He suddenly fell into a deep sleep and dreamed of the things he could have done differently and better in his life. When he woke up he had not clue where he was. Standing right next to him was his dog and cat together and not fighting for there first time.


“I should never pick things for their looks ever again!” mentioned Jerry.


They both made a deal that they would get together and visit at least once a week. From now on they live their separate lives but meet up each week to bond.


Moral: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Looks don’t matter.


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