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In The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin, there are some characters that I like and some that I do not like. One character that I like and feel sympathy for is Theo Theodorakis. I feel sympathy for him because he takes care for his brother, Chris, a lot. You have got to feel bad for a senior who has to spend a lot of his time caring for his sick younger brother. Other than that, I also like Theo because he seems to be a pretty like able person.

Sydelle Pulaski is an example of a character that I do not like. I do not like Sydelle because she is always going out of her way to get attention. I think she really took it to the extreme when she faked an injury and got crutches. I think that is too much because people will worry about you if you are hurt and people will waist there time caring for you. Those are a few examples of my opinions on the characters in The Westing Game.


Dressing Up as a Westing Game Character By Michael S

On April 29, 2013 we had a chance to dress up as a Westing Game  Character for extra credit. We didn’t know that we could dress up as a character until that Saturday morning. Mrs. Donnelly sent us a email about dressing up and it was on Evernote. I was at a basketball tournament at the time but my mom got the email and she said you better start working on the project. I started working on it that night like wearing a track jacket, two medals, and a track number. And the best part about it was that I got to wear a medal that I just won the day before!

Westing Game by Michael J


The Westing Game, is a cozy mystery that takes place in Wisconsin. Salesman Barney Northrup rents out six apartments to different people and family. However, he has made a mistake. Then one night, Chris Theodarakis sees a man limping into the Westing mansion, which is near Sunset Towers. Later that night, Turtle Wexler ran out of the mansion after hearing whispering in the mansion. The next day, Sam Westing was announced dead and 16 heirs were called to hear his will. Each heir was given a partner, $10,000, and clues. The object of the game was to win. The partners worked to find out the Westing mystery. Which partners would find it out first?

The Westing Game by Dylan J.

The Westing Game is about a group of people who buy apartments from Sunset Towers and live their lives normally. Then they are all called to witness the reading of the will of Sam Westing, a millionaire who owns a paper company who died. In the will, Westing calls all of the people heirs and say he was murdered and they most solve his game, The Westing Game. The people are partnered up and then each pair is given ten thousand dollars and clues to find the murderer. Read the book to find out the ending!

The Westing Game by Jinger







I loved reading The Westing Game! It was an interesting and confusing book at the same time. I liked how it wasn’t a murder mystery to make you have nightmares! It was a cozy mystery. This means that it included, amateur detectives, likeable characters and elaborate puzzles. Once you got the idea of what was going in the Westing Game, it becomes much easier to follow. You could tell that Ellen Raskin really chose her words very carefully.

One thing I loved doing was dressing up as a westing character in the book. You had to dress up as a character to get 5 extra points on your test. It was both fun and creative. I dresse duo as judge J.J. Ford. We did a lot of things with the Westing Game like trading cards and drawings!


Westing Game by Bella K

In our Language Arts class, we had to read the book The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. The book was not an extremely long book, but it was CONFUSING. A first Mrs.Donnelly said that the author was really smart with this book, and I thought “Well, it’s just a book. How hard can a book be to understand?” As we read on the first and second chapters, automatically and right away, I realized that this book was not just any other. Every sentence, every word, was so carefully chosen that there was some kind of arcane meaning in it. When we were finally done, it took a lot of thinking to fully understand what happened.

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I finished reading The Westing Game. It was not my favorite book but it was fine. In the book you really have to pay attention to the small details. Some parts didn’t makes sense to me, but in the end all parts of the puzzle fit together. The author is really smart and after you read the book more then once you will start to see that she puts the answer in the text. It was a very detailed book.

The Westing Game By Joanna B.

In Language Arts, we read The Westing Game. While we read the book, we made trading cards for each character. We had a list of 25 characters to draw pictures of and write short bits of information about. A trading card has 10 boxes to put information in. Each box has some other bit of information.







In the trading card, you can add a picture and change the style of the card


The Westing Game by Sheridan K.


The Westing Game is a mystery book written by the Newbery award winning Ellen Raskin. It is a very special kind of cozy mystery, which usually involves murder but not many gory details. I really liked this book because of the great suspense and the many puzzling twists and turns. There are many tiny details that you have to pay attention to that are very important. The main character is Sam Westing who got murdered and his sixteen heirs are all trying to find out the murderer and to win the game and fortune of 200 million dollars! As you go further into the book, you will find out what truly happened to Sam Westing.

The Westing Game by Michiko






In the 6th grade Language Arts classes we read The Westing Game. It is about a man who was very rich named Sam Westing. One day his heirs found out that he was dead. They all gathered in a room for the reading of his will. In his will he says that he was murdered and the murderer was one of his heirs. He pairs up the heirs and gives each pair $10,000 and some clues to find the murderer. Throughout the book many surprising twists and turns come up. It is funny and interesting at the same time. I highly recommend this cozy mystery.