Logitech Keyboard for iPad

I am using a Logitech keyboard with my iPad to type this post. It feels like a real keyboard and certainly has other advantages. For instance, it is easy to plug in, and it works right away. There is no Bluetooth involved. I also like that I can see the entire screen when typing a longer document. For someone my age who is used to a keyboard, I can type faster and more accurately.

The keyboard has some disadvantages as well. As I am typing, I can hear the plastic sound of the keys. Conversely, when typing on the glass on the iPad, it is silent. In addition, the keyboard is not connected to the iPad in a carrying case so it would be hard to carry it around from class to class. I wish the keyboard were thinner and the keys were more like the ones on the MacBook Pro laptop. It would be interesting if it could just clip to the iPad in some way to carry together. As a 6th grade language arts teacher, I can see how the keyboard would be helpful for younger students who are transitioning to typing on the iPad. However, in my experience, students adapt very quickly to typing on the glass. Another observation is that the cord is short. If I wanted to type with my iPad on my desk and the keyboard in my lap, the cord would not be long enough. As an aside, I do realize that proper posture would mean both the iPad and the keyboard would ideally be on a desk or table.

I think the Logitech keyboard is a resource and a tool that is worth having access to in a classroom where writing happens a majority of the time. I have to admit, I did reach down to use the keypad that wasn’t there on my desk when I wanted to highlight something. I had to laugh as it is like me trying to use my fob to open the front door to my house or trying to zoom in on an Instagram photo on my phone. My brain will adjust and catch up eventually!


iPads by Franny

Photo by Franny

All of this year, we have been using iPads for school work and organization. For me, this experience has been really cool. I liked having iPads to help me with things like homework and classwork. Usually, I use Evernote, Pages, and Google docs. Technology is always cool to experience and is changing all the time. I’m glad w got the chance to do this and use the iPads.


iPads by Michiko

At the beginning of the school year, Durham Academy gave each student an iPad. The iPads were for school work only and at the end of the year the iPads were all turned in. Throughout this year I have used my iPad so much. I write all of my homework down on it and use it to email my teachers if I am absent, but the most helpful thing on the iPad is an app called Evernote.

Evernote is an app that you can take notes in but in addition to that your teachers can share a notebook of theirs with you so that you can get things like vocabulary lists that they put in their notebook. In just about every class Evernote is used. If you forget to write down your homework you can find it in Evernote.

In every class I use my iPad at least a little bit. In science, instead of my teacher collecting our homework and grading it he makes a short multiple choice quiz that you can use your homework on. It only has things that are on your homework. It is in an app called Nearpod.

We do projects on our iPads too! For projects we use more than one app. For example, if I was doing a Keynote presentation I would use Keynote, Reminders to remind me to do it, Safari, Camera, Sketchbook Express, and Easybib. My iPad has been very helpful during the year.


iPads by Nathan G.

This year, as you probably know, was the first year of our middle school issuing everyone an iPad! First off, I would like to say that it was an awesome experience! It was so cool to have iPads in my everyday life at school!!

In previous years, I didn’t really like using pen and paper because it was a lot harder to keep up with 300 sheets of paper than one lightweight iPad! The class we use it the most is by far Language Arts. You can kind of tell because all these posts have been from the iPads! It saves a ton of time by not having to go down to the computer lab. It also enables us to use websites and apps in the classroom which makes learning a lot more fun than just sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher talk!! So it has definitely been the best learning tool I have ever used!


iPad Experience by Lana K.







As we have progressed through the iPad experience, I have a new mindset about the iPads. I have realized that they are a privilege and we are lucky to have them. Although sometimes they have glitches, they have allowed us to discover new ways of learning. For example, the iPads have allowed us to access new apps and websites in a jiffy. Especially in Language Arts class. We have used so many apps and websites that have helped us through this experience a bunch. I think that the iPads have benefitted my sixth grade year way more than it didn’t and I’m so lucky to have had the chance to participate in this program.

iPad by Sylvia

This year we have used iPads more than any other school. I think it was very nice to have an iPad. In Spanish, we use them for homework and projects. In science we use them for Nearpod quizzes. In health we use them for notes and iMuscle. In Pre-Algebra we use them for accessing homework and practice quizzes. In history we use them for looking up information. In Language Arts, we use them for just about everything. I fact, I’m using my iPad right now, making this post.

There’s barely any apps that I don’t use. I use Notes for notes and homework, Sketchbook for drawings, Skitch for Spanish homework, Blogsy for blog posts, and a whole lot more. iPads have been a big use this year and next year it will also be very helpful so I don’t have to carry so many books!


iPads by Alex P.

This year at Durham Academy, the middle school students all got an iPad each. They were lent by the school to us. We can take them home and to every class. iPads are great because they’re small and portable and we don’t have to go to the computer lab for everything with technology.

Some of our textbooks are on there and there are several great apps to help us study, such as Quizlet, Voicecards, and Trading Cards. However, they are a big responsibility and they also can malfunction. Another problem is that I really don’t like typing on glass. Also, next they are getting a lot of the textbooks only on the iPad. I do not like that because I prefer regular textbooks. It’s easier to flip the pages and highlight. iPads are also helpful because you can always access your emails and the Internet.


iPads by Anna W.





Now that the year is over, I feel different about the iPads. I have enjoyed them and it was fun experimenting with them. Although, I didn’t expect it to be just like it was. I thought we were going to not have textbooks and have less to carry. We still had the same amount of stuff to carry plus the iPad. We mainly used our iPads in Language Arts, science, and Spanish. We have used them for projects, homework, and quizzes.

Recently we have been using our iPads in science to take Nearpod quizzes. I think this is a good way to see if we did our homework or not. In other subjects we have also been doing a lot of projects on our iPads lately.

I think they have been a great experience. Although, I hope to have more binders and textbooks on our iPad!


Experiencing an iPad by Sam G.

This is totally awesome that students at Durham Academy get iPads this year! We are the first Durham Academy middle school students to have iPads for this year. For Spanish we use the mobile version of Google Translate and for browsers we have Safari, Google, and Google Chrome. We also have: Reminders, Evernote, Calendar, Mail, Keynote, Blogsy, Kindle App, Nook App, Pages, Google Drive, Comic Life, Google Drive MindMeister. These are the apps I use the most every day.


iPads by Will P

Photo taken by me of Fred’s iPad

This year my school began using iPads. Personally, I thought that the iPads were pretty good although I think that having MacBook Airs would be so much better! Using the iPads has been fun but it would be a lot faster typing on the laptop or even writing for that matter. When you are taking notes you need to be able to do it quickly so iPads can be a negative in that sense.

I have used my iPad mostly in spanish and Language Arts. In spanish I did homework and took notes with my iPad. In Language Arts I have used it in many different ways, from writing stories to blogging. I feel like the iPads expand the things that we can do, for example, blogging. We could never blog on paper. The iPads have been pretty good and fun to use although it has its positives and negatives.