iPads by Franny

Photo by Franny

All of this year, we have been using iPads for school work and organization. For me, this experience has been really cool. I liked having iPads to help me with things like homework and classwork. Usually, I use Evernote, Pages, and Google docs. Technology is always cool to experience and is changing all the time. I’m glad w got the chance to do this and use the iPads.


iPads by Jinger

This year been so different with the iPads. It is definitely more responsibility. Having to take care of a $500 dollar device is a lot of pressure! If you left it at school or forgot it at home was always scary for me because I like to know where it is and if it’s safe 24/7. Although sometimes they have caused me a lot of stress they have helped me immensely with my school work.

We have done a lot new things with the iPads this year. It has helped me learn and study. There are lots of websites for learning like Quizlet and different online websites that help me study. We utilize our iPads in a majority of our classes like Language Arts, Spanish, science and much more. We don’t use our iPads as much in math as we do in Language Arts or any other class because we mostly used the smart board. The iPads have been a great addition to our learning program and I look forward to using it next year.


iPads 6th Grade Experience by Frederick

iPads were an interesting experience. It was productive because I used it in every class but math, and of course PE. I don’t think we used it in math because we had many class notes to do, and we were very busy. I used the iPads in many ways. I used my iPad the most for homework. I also used it to keep track of my homework. I liked the iPad because it kept me a lot more organized than I really am. iPads were a great experience, and am looking forward to using it next year!