iPads 6th Grade Experience by Frederick

iPads were an interesting experience. It was productive because I used it in every class but math, and of course PE. I don’t think we used it in math because we had many class notes to do, and we were very busy. I used the iPads in many ways. I used my iPad the most for homework. I also used it to keep track of my homework. I liked the iPad because it kept me a lot more organized than I really am. iPads were a great experience, and am looking forward to using it next year!


Membean by Frederick

My experience with Membean was good. It is a great program to use and it is easy to learn. Sometimes I got frustrated, but that’s really rare. I like how Membean keeps reviewing to really get it in our heads. Also because of Membean, I can understand some words in books. It was so cool to write a letter to Mr. Satish. He gave us great advice and tips. I’m looking forward to Membean next year because I get more time to do it, and I can learn in a different way.


Memory by Frederick

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If I had to give a memory, it would be me watching a movie. The reason why I would give away this memory because it is relaxing, with popcorn, soda, and candy. It would also be very interesting in that community because they have no such thing. I would probably show a sports movie because they don’t have sports either.


Ideal Teacher by Frederick

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To me, an ideal teacher would need lots of qualities. First, the teacher cannot be strict. It will make the class hard and stressful sometimes. The teacher cannot hand in too much homework, and during class, the teacher needs to let us collaborate every day. I think Durham Academy does a good job of that though. The teacher needs to be fun. Instead of just teaching all day, we could do a fun activity. Like showing videos or playing something like charades. They also have to give prizes/treats for doing something. I would want free time as well. So my ideal teacher would teach and be super fun as well!


Community Service at Hope Valley by Fred

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At our school, ocassionaly during school we go out to help our community and make North Carolina a better place. Our advisory, which is basically a classroom, went to Hope Valley Elementary. We split into groups, and Michael J, Sarah, and I, got to go to a kindergarten class. We first got to wrap there presents for their Mothers Day gift. We finished very early (although I had lots of trouble with the ribbons), so we taught certain kids and helped them subtract. They were all very sweet and cute, especially the boy I helped the most with. He was sweet, cute, and has great manners. In the beginning, I didn’t think this would be a fun trip, but it was actually really fun, and same with almost everyone else. If we had the opportunity to go back, it would be a no brainer YES!


The Westing Game By Frederick

Our class just finished The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. First, to me, I didn’t understand lots of the book until the end. It is a very confusing but interesting. She used words together well and the clues and will were amazingly creative and smart. I like how the author wrote the book, but honestly not a favorite. But the experience was fun!


Hero Blog Post by Frederick

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Our class did a book project on our hero. I did my dad. In the beginning, I thought it would take forever to finish, but it was very short and more fun than I would ever think. Mrs. Gignoux was our artist. In the beginning, we had to divide our books in sections and then color the background. We then cut pictures into the shapes we wanted. I did my book in the streets of South Korea. After a few big days of making our books, we finally finished. I felt really good after I finished putting everything together. I was sad that my hero couldn’t come, but I felt really special, and I will never forget this day.

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Lady Or Tiger Frederick C

My body was shaking vigorously, my hands and feet were sweating from fear. Will I die, or will I live with a stranger? I don’t know if I should trust the queen that signaled right to me. I looked at the audience, hoping for either a really bloody death, or a really funny marriage. Should I trust the queen? Or should I just make my own decision?

Then, I decided to choose the right door. Why would the princess want me to die? She loved me with all her heart, so why would she get rid of me? I saw it in her eyes, glaring at me with obvious fear. I could tell that she cared by looking at my eyes. But on the other side, I saw the king, wanting me to die from pain and torture from a hungry tiger. “Right,” I whispered with fear.

The doors were so colossal that three powerful guards had to pull with all their might. I wanted to look one more time around the castle, just in case I will meet the tiger with my “hilarious” death. The room smelled like fried chicken, with many elaborate decorations. When they opened the door, I saw nothing but a tremendously long, fat, creature. Finally, when it stepped out, out came a fat tiger challenging me to a duel. It ran up to me, but before I fell to my death, I ran up to the princess, gave her a smooch on the forehead, and died.

Even to this day in my reincarnation, I wonder why she killed me.

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