Ipads or Laptops? – By: Audrey M

The difference between Ipads and laptops are like the difference between night and day. Sure they are both cool and expensive, have internet and games, but one is big and heavy (laptop) and one is slick and small (ipad). Personally, I prefer the ipad, but my class did not get the chance to use them. I have one at home so, I know know to work it. My class had the  laptops and I thought they were slightly too large to take to every class and when we had a question, they took SOO long to turn on, go onto safari, and then search it, with and Ipad, you just hit a couple buttons and BAM!! There’s your anwser. Another thing about the MacBooks were that they take up so much space next to our desks, at our school, we have big tables and two chairs in some classes and you have to smush your books in between them, in other classes we have single desks, right next to each other and our books are even smushier.

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Students and Parents – We Would Like Your Input


The exact date has yet to be decided, but we are getting closer to switching students who have the iPads and Laptops. Before this happens, we want to gather feedback on what worked, what did not work, what impacts to learning were observed, what impact having 24/7 access provided, and what uses were most beneficial.

Parents are welcome to complete this survey either with their student or on their own using their students log in credentials but noting whether you are a student or parent. In addition, anyone not connected to Durham Academy will not be able to complete the survey as our Google Apps is a closed system.

This is a link to the Pre -Use Questionnaire.

One thing we have learned is that students need to have the ability to manage the devices provided them so we are not asking any questions related to this need. This was an obstacle that was needed for the project, but would not be a part of an actual device, if we were to do a device.

The Blogging Experience by: Ashwin

Computer Keyboard

Computer Keyboard, From: Wikimedia Commons

In the laptop pilot program our teacher showed us this blog. For some people, they immediately loved it. For others it was a eventual process before they constantly blogged (an example of that is me). And last of all there are some people who just aren’t into blogging. You can see who lands in each category by how many blog posts they’ve posted, but you have to consider the statement ‘quality over quantity’ while doing so. When I started blogging I wasn’t interested in it at all, but slowly I started to blog more and now I have more blog posts. The part I’ve enjoyed the most in the blog is sharing it with others. For example, those two people who looked at the blog from Taiwan were my best friends. It’s so exciting seeing more countries on our Flag Counter and more visitors. That is why I love the blogging experience.

Laptops, Nowadays by: Ashwin S.

After a couple of months of using these computer I have got my official opinion on it. It’s useful. BUT, I don’t use it very much. That’s one of the problems. I don’t use my MacBook because I have a newer Dell at my house so I prefer to use my Dell. My MacBook  has come in handy though, because I sometimes have to get information from the Internet. That is why next year it would be a huge help if we had computers because then you can look up all the information you need in school and around the clock. Surprisingly I have not become dependent on my computer which I thought would happen but that’s only for me, it might me different for other people. Also at the same time there an iPad pilot program going on. Personally since I have used an iPad before I think it will be harder to move documents around and know where your stuff is. Still, iPads have some really nifty applications that are quite useful. In the end though I personally think that for MOST people, it would be better to have a laptop than a iPad. Still if that happens we should still stay with the traditional ways of studying and we should not try to do everything on our laptops or iPads.

How I Am Using the Laptop By Gus

The pilot. The Macbooks. You must have heard of the pilot that is going on for the sixth grade. Before I had this, I just had some computers in the lab. Now I will tell you how and when I use the laptop. For my A and B periods (French and pre-alg), I sometimes use it. I have never used it during pre-algebra, and sometimes for French when we are doing Quizlet and taking notes. For history, I use it probably every three days for taking notes. I’m not sure about science because we have been doing our animal project, but I have used the laptop for homework every time. I don’t use it in P.E, of course, but sometimes I use it in health. There isn’t a reason that I would use it in fine arts, and I don’t have tech this year. Since I got it from Language Arts, the class uses it every day in Wisdom Tales, vocabulary, and blogs. I use it at my house for checking homework, Firstclass, and Moodle. My parents don’t like me using their computers sometimes, so I use the laptop. I use it during break, lunch, and tutorial. The laptops are a big contribution to the school and I hope that the pilot spreads to the rest of the school. They are very helpful, and I hope that you will visit the blogs.


My laptop By: Isha

I have now been using my laptop for about two months now. Everyday I use it more and more. It is becoming part of my everyday life. I use it for homework. Everyday I type all my assignments into an app called Evernote. When I take my laptop home instead of checking my assignment notebook I check Evernote. In some classes I take notes (if I get permission). My binder is now replaced by my laptop. Almost everything I do is on here, even my homework! I love my laptop it helps me so much. It’s easy and efficient.

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How I Use My Laptop by Olivia C.

chipmunk and laptop

Even chipmunks need technology!

Image: ‘Chipmunk Checking Email

So far I have been using my laptop for doing things that I could not do on my home laptop, which, with all due respect, is much nicer then the school pilot program one. The software that I do not have is Skitch, Comic Life 2, Evernote and the First Class Client. For everything else, I use my home laptop. If it is something school related then I generally use the school provided laptop.

Laptops by Christy M

I have now had my laptop for the pilot program for several weeks. I think it is good in ways and bad in others. I think we should keep our laptops for several reasons, first. Some teachers have been using the laptops recently and having us record and learn things from our laptops. Another thing is the laptops are fairly lightweight and easy to use. Unfortunately, some of the teachers are not as welcoming of the laptops, making there be no sense in in having a laptop and a messenger bag. All in all, I think the laptops have been very helpful, especially programs like Evernote. My opinion is that DA should keep the laptops.

So far, I’ve been using the laptops mainly to take notes, but also to write things, including an essay. I also have done homework on these laptops that has been graded, and I have teachers who have kids with laptops recording things on the DA website Moodle for them.

Reflection on Laptops! By: Forbes C

I really like having a laptop. When I first received it I felt very trusted, excited, and scared. I get to bring this home and to every class with me until sometime in February! I have this application called Evernote. Evernote is a note taking system that allows you to work on homework, projects, tests, quizzes, and many more. Another thing you have to do with your laptop is take care of your laptop. It is a very big responsibility. You have to make sure it is charged.


Lego Stormtrooper in front of a Mac sign