Jonas’s First Memory – Giver by Christy

If I were the Giver, a man in the book the Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas, the main character, is beginning to receive memories. He lives in a time with nothing like we have it. There is Climate Control, everyone is assigned jobs, and there are no hills or colors. If I had to pick a memory to give Jonas, I would give him pets. Pets are a part of life that makes you happy, and their fur would be a completely new sensation to Jonas. He would never have seen anything like it, making it an interesting starting point.

Giver Assignment by Christy

In class we are reading The Giver, a book about a utopian society. At age Twelve, every child is given an Assignment. But before that, there are rules – though adults have to follow those too. Bike rules are sometimes broken, however. Also, there is a Receiver. The Receiver decides about the laws. If I had to be assigned an Assignment, I would want to be a Nurturer – someone who takes care of those that are not yet Ones (babies). The reason is I love animals – especially caring for them. Since there are no animals in the Giver, I would settle for babies, which are the next best thing. I love caring for animals, so I would love caring for babies. Also, I would want to help them grow to be good people.


Tech Project – How to Download By Isha and Christy

This is how to download a video off an iTouch from iMovie to a mac computer.

For our LA class we had to download a video from an iTouch for our tech project. We had a little trouble with this.  We didn’t know how! First we tried emailing it. However, the file was too large. Then we tried to sync it with the computer, it didn’t work. Then finally we inserted the iPod cord into the computer. We then went to  iTunes and clicked on Christy’s iPod. Once there we clicked on Apps and then to iMovie. After that we took the file from the iPod iMovie and put it in the Mac iMovie. Next we saved it and downloaded it into VoiceThread, a website for video and picture streams. That’s how you download a movie from iMovie on an iPod to a mac. You don’t have to do the VoiceThread step – we did that because we needed to share it.

This is iTunes. Image: screenshot image of iTunes

Redwall by Christy

“Redwall” is a series I’m reading by Brian Jacques. I read the first book, Redwall, then read the series in chronological order of events, though it’s recommended you read it in order of publication date.The first is about Redwall Abbey, an Abbey in Mossflower Woods. It’s run by peaceful woodland creatures. Then they get attacked by Cluny the Scourge, a ruthless rat and his band of rats, stoats, weasels, and ferrets. The main character, a mouse called Matthias, gets called upon to get rid of Cluny. I would give it 5 stars out of 5! I recommend it for fantasy lovers, especially animal fantasy.

photo from wikia

Family Game by Christy M

A family game my family plays is called “Taboo.” It’s a four-player game where you sit across from a partner. You draw a card and the timer starts. Then you have to describe the word on the card, but certain words will be “taboo.” For example you draw “cat.” Then the card will have the words feline, meow, purr, animal, and mammal beneath it. You would have to start describing a cat without those words, and the partner would have to guess it. It’s a lot of fun.

If I Were An Adult by Christy

If I woke up one day as an adult I would want to start a vet business because I love animals! I would operate or specialize in cats or “exotic pets,” which are animals such as: rats, snakes, fennec foxes, sugar gliders and flying squirrels, Savannah cats, agoutis, hedgehogs, and other exotic animals most people would not adopt. Also, most people cannot provide appropriate homes for these pets. For that reason these pets aren’t allowed in some neighborhoods or areas. I would want to help find people who adopt these kinds of pets and/or big cat cubs and save the animal, because it is not okay to do this. I also want to start a cattery or breed rats for fun, then I could sell the young ones. When I finish my day at the vet, I come home to my farm that has horses, pigs, goats, cats, dogs, rats, crabs, and a couple rodents and/or exotic animals like snakes, plus some farm pets like chickens and pheasants. I hope to be involved with animals. I also want to be an author and write fantasy.

Fennec Fox

A Year in Review by Christy

image by Christy made in Skitch

For me, the event that hit me most in 2011 was the Japan tsunami. My mom showed me a video of a boat circling around and around in the current around the tsunami, and I saw the boat actually get dragged under. I saw people on that boat in that video and that really hit me. I heard a story of a man and his dog. They were on a walk, the dog left his normal path and turned up a hill. The man, curious, followed. A moment later the tsunami hit, and the dog, on the hill, saved the man.

The reason this hit me was the reality. After watching the video, I realized what was possible. I could have been traveling in Japan at that moment. I felt lucky to be safe.

.what by Christy

I know a lot of people who say that .com stands for .company. In order to help some confusion, you should know .com actually stands for .commercial. To help you know what each .___  stands for, I made a list of internet domain suffixes.

.org – organization

.biz – business

.com – commercial

.net – network

.name – name

.mil – military

.gov – government

.pro – professions

.mobi – mobile device

.pro – professions

.aero – air transport industry

.int – international organizations

.tel – internet communication services

Also, every individual country has their own internet suffix, such as for the United Kingdom and .us for the USA. Some others are: .aq – Antarctica, .ca for Canada, .cn for China, .jp for Japan, .es for Spain, and .cc for Cocos Islands. Hope this list helps you!

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