My Brain by Grace


This year in Language Arts class we made a Life List, and put what we wanted to do before we die. Everyone wrote one, mine had mainly things I want to do with my friends and places I wanted to travel. I really enjoyed writing mine. I would like to keep up with it and check it off later. I can’t wait to do some of the things on my Life list. I think it is a fun way to keep track of what you eventually want to do.


iPads by Grace

At the beginning of this year we were given iPads. I found the iPads very helpful, especially in Language Arts class because we use the iPads in that class the most. They really helped because we could stay in class instead of having to sign up for the computer lab. I also found the iPads helpful for homework and projects because it has very helpful apps. The iPad was also useful to me for studying because I can easily reach Quizlet, and the iPads have the Voice Cards app. I think sometimes the iPads can be a distraction for many people whether they email others during class, play games during class, or distract the class when your iPad is making a noise. Overall though I liked the iPads.


Membean by Grace







In our Language arts class, this year we have been using Membean. Membean is an online vocabulary learning site, and it was very helpful to me because I learned a lot of new words and root words. Earlier in the year I didn’t know that much about Membean, so I didn’t like it as much as I like it now. Membean quizzes you on many different words and there are different levels too, I started the year out as a level 1, but now I am on level 2 and it has a lot more words. Membean tells you if you have learned the word or not, and you can also see how many words you have just started to learn, and the words that are on their way.

I like Membean a lot, sometimes when I’m reading a book I see a word that I have learned from Membean, and would otherwise have to look up to understand what the book was talking about. I would recommend Membean to other student and schools. Membean could even take the place of vocabulary quizzes, because the teacher can send out quizzes to students, and the teacher can see what the students got while they were learning on Membean. I think my learning vocabulary has really improved by using Membean because I remember the words rather than studying them for one week and then forgetting them. This is why I like Membean.


The Memory That I Would Give Away First by Grace






In the Donnelly Blue Language Arts class we are reading the book “The Giver”. In it Jonas, the main character, is the new Receiver of Memory, and the current Receiver of Memory is in the process of giving him all the memories in the world.

The memory that I think I would give first is the memory of a birthday party, because everyone is really happy, and you are getting presents, and everyone is feeling love, joy, friendship, closeness, warmth, and happiness. Everyone is having fun. You would also experience, cake and other good foods. That is why I would chose a birthday party as the first memory I would give to someone.

The Ideal Teacher by Grace

In Mrs. Donnelly’s Language Arts class we are reading a book called “The Giver”, and everything in that book is about the ideal community. Mrs. Donnelly gave us the assignment to think about what an ideal teacher would be like. I think an ideal teacher would not be too strict, but they can’t be too easy going either. An ideal teacher would give you some assignments, but not pile you with homework every night. I think an ideal teacher would also know how to approach different ways of teaching so that the students can learn more. An ideal teacher should also give rewards to help encourage students in learning and expanding their knowledge. That is what I think an ideal teacher would be like.


Community Service by Grace





For my advisory’s community service, we went to the TABLE. We donated 260.5 pounds of food and helped them organize it. TABLE is a small house where there is a lot of food that people have donated to, and they send out the food in bags to kids or adults who don’t have food over the weekends, or don’t get three meals a day. The first thing we did when we got there was weigh what we donated, and that is how I know that we donated 260.5 pounds, we also estimated how much we donated the highest estimate was 163 pounds, so we were way off. The next thing we did was write the expiration dates on the food. Then we organized the food, I was in charge of applesauce, and there was a lot of applesauce, we organized the food by kind and expiration date. I had a good time organizing the food at the table!


The Giver Assignment by Grace


In our Language Arts blue class we are reading The Giver and we learned that in their society, the elders choose what job they have when they turn twelve. The elders choose what job you will have by watching you in your free time, what they choose for you determines what you will be studying before you turn into a full adult. I think I would be a writer, because I really like to read and I would enjoy writing a book of my own. This job would be really fun to have!


The Westing Game by Grace






In our blue Language Arts class we read The Westing Game. I thought that it was a really good book! I enjoyed figuring out who was the bomber, and who murdered Sam Westing. I enjoyed the ending part of the book especially, but I’m not allowed to tell you what it is because that would be a huge spoiler. I liked how certain characters were really funny, especially Otis Amber “Boom!” I liked Sydelle Pulaski and how crazy she was. Overall, this was a really good book.


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The Hero Books At The Frank Gallery by Grace

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

I went to the Frank Gallery to see the Hero Books that all of the sixth grade language arts students made. I was excited because I got to see my book and show my hero the story I wrote about them. I also enjoyed looking at everyone else’s books; I think we all did a good job on them. I also loved the experience of being with my friends while looking at our books. I enjoyed looking at the other artwork there. I had a great time at the Frank Gallery!

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Lady Or The Tiger by Grace

The young man walked hesitantly to the right door. He thought, would she kill me or would she let me live a happy life? He realized that she loved him enough to set him free, but he would rather die with her being the last he loved. He stopped and turned to the left. His hands were shaking as he slowly opened the the latch on the door. Then he saw a tiger run out. It was not hurting him. It must be tame. The tiger came up to him, sniffed him, then ran away.

What does this mean? The king took this as a sign. So, he stood up and announced the man’s innocence even though he opened the door with the tiger. They all rejoiced, and the King decided to have his daughter and the young man married at once.

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