My Membean Experience By Shaylen A.




In the 6th grade Language Arts class we have been doing a vocabulary system called Membean. It is based on SAT words. We use this and vocabulary tests that our teacher gives us. I am not personally a fan of Membean because it makes the learning of it more boring. For example, you have to go over and over a word and it will never stop. I feel that you should take it on the Membean quiz and if you get it wrong there then it makes you go over it. So what I’m saying is I like vocabulary lists over Membean.


Membean by Michiko

In our Language Arts class we use a website called Membean. It is a website where you can learn more vocabulary words on what level you are on. When you first get on to Membean it will show you different words and you will check a box that ether says you know it or you don’t know it. After that first test you don’t have to take it any more. Your words just get harder and harder.

In class this year we use it several days a week. The thing I really like about Membean is that the words that it teaches you, you will find in books and on TV and you won’t have to look that word up. My favorite part of Membean is that when you miss a word or restudy a word it gives you a paragraph with that word in it and you guess what it means from three choices. I like that because it is just like the questions you get later without the paragraph so you are ready for when you get the question later.

I have come pretty far in Membean. At the beginning, I would only get a few right and many wrong but now I get more right than wrong.

During the year our class wrote letters to the developer about Membean saying things we liked and things we thought needed improvements. The developer wrote us each back saying how he appreciated the letters and how he would try to fix and improve the things that we suggested. I would definitely recommend this program to people who want to learn new words. I am looking forward to using this program next year!


Membean by Grace







In our Language arts class, this year we have been using Membean. Membean is an online vocabulary learning site, and it was very helpful to me because I learned a lot of new words and root words. Earlier in the year I didn’t know that much about Membean, so I didn’t like it as much as I like it now. Membean quizzes you on many different words and there are different levels too, I started the year out as a level 1, but now I am on level 2 and it has a lot more words. Membean tells you if you have learned the word or not, and you can also see how many words you have just started to learn, and the words that are on their way.

I like Membean a lot, sometimes when I’m reading a book I see a word that I have learned from Membean, and would otherwise have to look up to understand what the book was talking about. I would recommend Membean to other student and schools. Membean could even take the place of vocabulary quizzes, because the teacher can send out quizzes to students, and the teacher can see what the students got while they were learning on Membean. I think my learning vocabulary has really improved by using Membean because I remember the words rather than studying them for one week and then forgetting them. This is why I like Membean.


Membean by Noah








Membean is a useful tool to help learn many words for the SAT or just to learn them. In Membean you have your personal dashboard which can tell you many things like how many words you got right during the last study session and how many words you have already learned well. When you are in a study session, Membean puts up various pages to help you learn the word. For example, when you are learning a word, the program would load up a page with many things like memory hooks or synonym maps.

My experience with Membean this year was excellent. I started learning 335 words out of 401 words and have about 250 of them almost ready for the target day, which is when the program expects you to have learned the words if you do four 15 minute study sessions each day.

I think Membean is a lot better than vocabulary lists because first of all, vocabulary lists don’t let you learn as much. Second of all, Membean continuously tests you on the words that you’ve learned, so if I learned something a few weeks ago, Membean might test me on it today again so that I remember it longer. Also, I think Membean is a little more fun than vocabulary lists. After learning words in Membean, all of a sudden they start popping up in books and I actually know what they mean!

I personally learn best when Membean gives me more synonym maps. I am kind of interested using Membean over the summer and seeing what level I can get to. Membean is a really great program and I would recommend it over vocabulary lists to students next year.


Membean by Jenny





Through this year the sixth grade has gained a better way of learning new vocabulary. We have found a way to learn new words with different ways of studying them. There are circle graphs, a page with all of the information about that word and much more. I really do like this way of learning new words on Membean because a huge difference has been made from the middle of the year, when we started using Membean, to finishing off the year now. I am glad that we started using this and I hope it becomes even more successful.


Membean By Joanna

In Language Arts, we use a website called Membean. Membean gives you vocabulary words and quizzes or gives you new words based on how well you are doing on the little quizzes on individual words. Also, it gives you a level of Membean. Your level is perfect for you and contains words on your level, so you can have words that aren’t too easy, but aren’t too hard. Also, Membean allows you to choose different lengths of practice time so you can do a bit or a lot! Membean also has an ITK button (or I Know This button) so you can skip a word if you know it by heart already. For me Membean is like vocabulary lists of words that I don’t already know from reading and news. Membean is vocabulary, so you kind of are like “Urrrgh, do I have to do this?” But it is really fine once you start! You should definitely try it out some time!


Davi’s Series Reviews: The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

“The Alchemyst” by Michael Scott is a six book series. The series has many main characters but focuses on one pair of twins; Josh and Sophie Newman. Josh and Sophie are supposedly the twins mentioned in a prophecy and referred to as Gold and Silver. They are called this, because every person in the world has an aura of a certain color. Some people with strong auras can use them to do amazing and terrible things. Gold and Silver auras are said to be some of the most powerful and rare. Josh and Sophie are said to be, “the two that are one, the one that is all. One to destroy the world, and one to save it.” The question you’re probably having now is: who is going to destroy the world? The answer is coming up in the next paragraph.

A race of ancient and powerful beings split in two groups. Dark Elders hated the human race and wanted to destroy them. The Elders (not to be confused with Dark Elders, even thought they are both Elders) help the humans grow. Both groups of Elders became known to the humans as gods, the sources of most legends. The Dark Elders make humans immortal, in return for eternal service.

This series is a cliffhanger, much like Fablehaven by Brandon Mull.  No boring beginnings, awesome middles, and boring ends. The series will have you engrossed in the books from beginning to end. The only bad thing about the book is its repetitive language and overuse of the phrase “spoke in ____. A language that had not been heard in centuries”, and other phrases related to that one. Otherwise, this series is great. READ IT!!!!

Valentine’s Poems by Cole

In class a few days ago, we made Valentine’s Day Poems. It is where we take an article from a newspaper or book, then cut it out and choose random words to make a poem. What is cool about this particular kind of “poem”, is you don’t know what it will be like until you are completely finished with the whole thing. Here is what mine looks like:

Week 11 sentences (My Adventures in vocab world) by Matthew

Finally I remembered to put this on the blog! Here I have the fourth awesome chapter about OCEANI!!! Oh wait, that was actually Ocean. Oceani is next. – Direct quote from this chapter.

Chapter Four

Ocean the ocean fanatic

This is Ocean. He really likes the ocean (Duh!) and he is very recalcitrant. He is voted to find the thing all divers seek, The Irish luck treasure. Ocean likes to transpose the books on the bookshelf at the library, so all of the librarians shun him. Ocean is also very salutary considering he plays basketball against me every day. Ocean’s polyglot part of him allows him to go to different countries. Ocean also includes all of the pariah at recess so he is known as Ocean the bomb. Another reason they call him that is because he once wore a scintillated dress for Halloween. He also fell into a tributary and was very sangfroid about it. He got a remuneration for that. anyways, that is OCEANI!!! Oh wait, that was actually Ocean. Oceani is next.

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy my next chapter, the one about Oceani.

Chapter 5 in Vocab World by Matthew

Here is what you have all been waiting for, THE WEEK 12 SENTENCES!!! Here is the intro to Oceani.

Chapter Five


Ocean with an I at the end

Oceani is a twin of Ocean (Duh) and he is very carnivorous. He never escalates in size so he doesn’t know why we have to look down at him. he is also hirsute so he shaves A LOT!!! There is a complete equilibrium between Ocean and him. Once I made a huge contretemps and made him go flying off of his bike. Woops! He ended up breaking an arm. He thought it would do some good to pay me back and expunged me. That gave me a bruised arm. Then a harbinger bird came and gave me a message It said that Oceani was going to die before the age of ten. I did not want to have any more dulcet music, My other brother Salmon had already died. Anyways, Oceani’s bike was irreparable. We had to buy him a new one even though he didn’t use it ever. Okay, back to the NEAR past (That crash happened 4 years ago). Oceani now performs fo Celtic Ocean and he is have a hard time not being doggerel.He finally seems to get the hang of it though. Now, finally, whe will take a look at our last family member, Snowi.