Thinking About A Run

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Running is a time to think and a time to calm my mind. Sometimes great ideas and stories come to me on my 8 mile journey, but I have a hard time recalling them later. In contrast, when I can relate a thought to a spatial segment of my run, my memory improves. On my last run, I thought a lot about studying and homework. I want to share some of those with you now.

When I asked you if you were a writer, some of you wondered what that meant. Does it mean I write effectively? Does it mean that I am published? My first thought while running, was am I a runner? My initial answer was no. I’ve played sports all of my life, but never considered myself a runner. In fact, I never ran for the sake of running until my early 30’s after taking a running class with my oldest daughter, Nicole. Shortly after that, we ran our first 5K at Myrtle Beach. We both felt like we accomplished our goal and we were both very proud of ourselves and each other. My next goal was the Virginia Beach half marathon in 2005. My husband and I followed a training plan and reached our goal.

In both cases, we had a goal that we worked towards. Was the goal to try something new? Enjoy running? Finish the race? This made me think about studying and homework. What is your goal? To learn something new? To enjoy learning? To finish your assignments on time? Do you even have a goal for homework?

I have been running seven to eight miles several times a week since last year. I remember when I couldn’t even run one mile! I have the things that make me happy and motivate me. They are my running shoes and my music. My initial goal was to finish. Now I have a new goal to improve my time and run longer segments. Running is mental. There are many times when the path is flat, I am breathing steadily, and my legs do not hurt, but I want to stop and walk. I have to talk myself through that moment and focus on my goal. My goal, competing against myself and not other runners, keeps me motivated.

I try to make running a priority for me. Running helps me pay attention to other things I need to do later. I am constantly thinking and processing when I run which helps me work out other challenges I face. I feel a sense of satisfaction when I set goals and meet them. I fail sometimes and that is good. Failing makes me try harder the next time. Change helps me stay on task like taking a new path, listening to different songs, or the delight of getting a new pair of running shoes. I feel like I have accomplished something, finished something, when I return from a run.

So, I ask you, what activity gives you time to think? What recharges you? When it comes to studying, what keeps you on task, keeps you motivated, helps you get to the next segment and push through? What helps you finish? And how do you feel when you succeed?

As I lace up my shoes and select my playlist, I look forward to hearing your ideas when I return. Am I a runner? What I do know is that I am running.

Talk Your Teen By Alex P.

In class, we are reading a book called Cosmic. The protagonist, Liam, was reading a book called Talk to Your Teen. If I had written the book, I would have included homework.

Most students are responsible about completing assignments. One issue is that students procrastinate or don’t do the assignment at all. Another problem some students have is that they work slowly or have time management problems. To improve the former, I would prohibit any non-academic activities until all the assignments are finished. If there were any tests or due project coming up, I would have the child study or work on the project. It might also help to make sure all homework is written down.

If your teen has time management problems or work slowly, I would have them use a timer. Hopefully, your teen would choose a reasonable time to complete assignments. In addition, it would be helpful to have your child to do homework in a certain sequence, such as hardest to easiest, easiest to hardest, study first, etc. Another tip would be to do something that will help your child focus before doing homework. For example, some children do exercise to clear their mind. Others read or listen to music.

Thank you for reading and I hope your teen homework problems improve!

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Chapter 5 in Vocab World by Matthew

Here is what you have all been waiting for, THE WEEK 12 SENTENCES!!! Here is the intro to Oceani.

Chapter Five


Ocean with an I at the end

Oceani is a twin of Ocean (Duh) and he is very carnivorous. He never escalates in size so he doesn’t know why we have to look down at him. he is also hirsute so he shaves A LOT!!! There is a complete equilibrium between Ocean and him. Once I made a huge contretemps and made him go flying off of his bike. Woops! He ended up breaking an arm. He thought it would do some good to pay me back and expunged me. That gave me a bruised arm. Then a harbinger bird came and gave me a message It said that Oceani was going to die before the age of ten. I did not want to have any more dulcet music, My other brother Salmon had already died. Anyways, Oceani’s bike was irreparable. We had to buy him a new one even though he didn’t use it ever. Okay, back to the NEAR past (That crash happened 4 years ago). Oceani now performs fo Celtic Ocean and he is have a hard time not being doggerel.He finally seems to get the hang of it though. Now, finally, whe will take a look at our last family member, Snowi. By Cam

For my vocabulary homework, I use As you might have expected it is a website where you type in your word of choice and at the speed of light you get an answer instead of having to pick up the big, heavy book and flopping yourself down on the couch to look up the word in the hundreds of pages of text of the paper dictionary. To do the homework we have to get the part of speech and definitions. These are the first things you’ll see if you scroll down a little. It is a matter of efficiency because every student loves to get their homework done so they can do other things.

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