The Westing Game by: Davi

When I first started reading The Westing Game, I thought it was just going to be another mystery, where you know who committed the crime halfway through the book. As my class progressed through the book, I started to realize that The Westing Game was much more complicated than I thought. Ellen Raskin, the author, writes so many clues; some are hidden, and some are put right under your nose, but you don’t notice them. Simple words such as rose (don’t worry, this is not a spoiler) suddenly become blaring clues. It’s amazing how such a simple book can be so complex. The Westing Game may seem like just another mystery book, but I strongly recommend that you read it.

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Book Review by Jinger C.


The book I  finished not too long ago was called I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You. I really liked this book. I really enjoyed this book because it was girly. There are lots of fun adventures that Cammie goes on in the story. She goes to this really special spy school and learns how to be a top secret agent spy. The school’s reputation is bad but that’s exactly what they want so people don’t figure out they are spies. They have a mission to go on one day and Cammie runs into this boy. Find out what happens at the end!

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Scorpia Book Review by Michael J







At home I just finished reading Scorpia. It is part of the Alex Rider series and is the fifth of nine books. The series is by Anthony Horowitz. I like this book because it is entertaining, it has exciting action and it is very interesting.

The series is about a fourteen year old boy named Alex Rider. His parents are dead and Alex didnt know anything about them. In the beginning of the series Alex’s uncle dies. At his uncles funeral he figures out that his uncle wasn’t actually a banker but a MI6 agent (British secret intelligence). He also realized that his uncle had been training him all his life to be an agent. Alex continues to go on different missions all over the world, sometimes for MI6, sometimes by himself. In Scorpia he is told to go to Venice and find a group called Scorpia and learn what his father did and who he was. He finds out the truth and it is very shocking. This is a very interesting book.

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Davi’s Series Reviews: The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

“The Alchemyst” by Michael Scott is a six book series. The series has many main characters but focuses on one pair of twins; Josh and Sophie Newman. Josh and Sophie are supposedly the twins mentioned in a prophecy and referred to as Gold and Silver. They are called this, because every person in the world has an aura of a certain color. Some people with strong auras can use them to do amazing and terrible things. Gold and Silver auras are said to be some of the most powerful and rare. Josh and Sophie are said to be, “the two that are one, the one that is all. One to destroy the world, and one to save it.” The question you’re probably having now is: who is going to destroy the world? The answer is coming up in the next paragraph.

A race of ancient and powerful beings split in two groups. Dark Elders hated the human race and wanted to destroy them. The Elders (not to be confused with Dark Elders, even thought they are both Elders) help the humans grow. Both groups of Elders became known to the humans as gods, the sources of most legends. The Dark Elders make humans immortal, in return for eternal service.

This series is a cliffhanger, much like Fablehaven by Brandon Mull.  No boring beginnings, awesome middles, and boring ends. The series will have you engrossed in the books from beginning to end. The only bad thing about the book is its repetitive language and overuse of the phrase “spoke in ____. A language that had not been heard in centuries”, and other phrases related to that one. Otherwise, this series is great. READ IT!!!!

Trying For a Good Book: A Book Review for the Inkheart Series by Franny

Photo by Franny

Have you ever had that problem that you just finished a series and now you don’t know what to read? Well, I have. I had just finished a really good series and was looking for a good book to read. Well… I think I’ll give that Inkheart series a try.

In about a month, I had finished the first book. Now I am on the second. They are great books. There are three in the series: Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath. They are about a girl named Meggie and her father Mo. Mo has a gift to read things out of books and it gets them in lots of trouble.

At the end of the first book, they think they have gotten all the trouble out of the way but of course, they haven’t because there are two more books. If you have seen the movie, it in no way compares to the book! Read these great books to find out all the details of the story!

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Book Recommendation Eagle Strike By:Sam

Photo by Sam

Our main character in this story is young teen named Alex Rider, a spy who is the MI6’s secret weapon. Nobody would expect a fifteen year-old boy to work for such a successful company in spy technology and work. Alex was taught Karate when he was 6 years old by his deceased uncle who used to work for MI6. This book is the fourth book of the 9 books in the series.

This book is by an author by the name of Antony Horowitz. Besides the Alex Rider series he has written: The Falcon’s Malteser, Public Enemy Number Two, Three of Diamonds, and South by Southeast. On each of his books he has:”The New York Times best seller” and that saying is well deserved.

In this book Alex is on vacation with his friend Sabina at the beach. It is about three o’clock and the sun beats down on their bare backs. Alex gets out of the water and walks over to Sabina tanning in the sun. They begin to talk about how good the vacation is and what they should do next.

All of the sudden a ship comes into the harbor. Alex recognizes the ship. It is a one enemy and criminal of M16. I leave you here audience. If you read Eagle Strike you will find out if Alex’s vacation is totally ruined and he will have to run away or  if he will stay and capture the brute.

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A Book Recommendation by Anna W.








Photo by Anna W.

I have always been into shark attack stories! I have seen so many movies and television shows about shark attacks but I have never read a book about it. I finally found one! The book is called Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham. The main reason why I liked it is because it wasn’t just like a movie where you could see everything happening. It was so easy to imagine what was going on!

The story is about a teenage girl who was swimming in the ocean and was attacked by a shark. The result was that she had to get her arm amputated. The author describes her long period of time in the hospital very well. There were many ups and downs while she was in the hospital. She had tough and stressful times and on the other end many people came and gave her company. In my opinion, this book was very good. I think this because I’m into shark attacks and I love reading stories that have to do with people around my age going through something I would never expect my self going through.

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Demonata Series by Norman








I am reading the Demonata series. I began reading because it was recommended to me by the librarian. The plot is fast paced but easy to keep track of. Demons exist and there is a disease in the family that turns you into a werewolf. The only way to cure the disease is to confront lord loss at a game of chess. While a person of your choice fights off his minions. If you lose you die. If you win you have to go into the demons realm and fight lord loss. Once again if you lose you die. But if you win you go free and the family member who is infected becomes cured. Only the magical families know about the demons and werewolves.

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Mark of Athena by Alex P.

Rick Riordan, one of my ago favorite authors, wrote a new book in the Heroes of Olympus series called The Mark of Athena. It is about a world of Greek and Roman and mythology that mortals cannot see due to a magical force called the Mist.

In this book, seven Greek and Roman demigods set out to fulfill the Prophecy of Seven or The Great Prophecy and save the world from the earth goddess, Gaea, who has been planning to destroy human civilization. They voyage on the Argo ll to Rome, to save it from being destroyed by the giants, Gaea’s children. While the other demigods go to face the giants, Annabeth, one of the main characters and daughter of Athena, sets out to follow the Mark of Athena and find the Athena Parthenos, one of the most powerful and famous statues of her mother. Before she finds it, she must face dangers that will test her will, bravery, and craftiness. Will she find the statue? Or will she fail, just like the other children of Athena?

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Book Recommendation by Bella K.

I was never a reader. Many parents are so happy because their children read so much and learn so much knowledge from the books but my parents are bugging me constantly to read. Now, I’m not saying I’m stupid because I don’t like to read. Fiction, classic, mystery, etc. Hated all. Until I found this book at a library, The Compound by S.A. Bodeen. This book, unlike other books, kept me from putting it down. As a result, I slept really late and was cranky in the mornings.

So there’s this teen, Eli. His millionaire father brought the family into an underground mansion called the Compound when they were in a nuclear attack, but Eli’s twin Eddy and their grandma had been left behind. The family was in the compound for six years when they started running out of things, and the door out of the Compound would only open after 15 years. The family came in unless they entered a code in. They could just go out, the the father won’t let them. Then he started going sick and crazy. How will they survive? Will Eli figure out the code? Read this book to find out!

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