The Westing Game by: Davi

When I first started reading The Westing Game, I thought it was just going to be another mystery, where you know who committed the crime halfway through the book. As my class progressed through the book, I started to realize that The Westing Game was much more complicated than I thought. Ellen Raskin, the author, writes so many clues; some are hidden, and some are put right under your nose, but you don’t notice them. Simple words such as rose (don’t worry, this is not a spoiler) suddenly become blaring clues. It’s amazing how such a simple book can be so complex. The Westing Game may seem like just another mystery book, but I strongly recommend that you read it.

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Book Review/Recommendation by Sylvia








Photo by Sylvia

The book I am reading right now is called Down The Rabbit Hole. It was one of the books in a book talk a while ago I was interested in it and checked it out. I am really enjoying this book because something happens at the beginning that doesn’t get solved until the end. The main character, Ingrid, is thirteen years old, lives in Echo Falls and plays soccer. One day, she decides to walk to soccer practice because her parents didn’t come in time to pick her up. She gets lost on the way and a woman that is known to be crazy lets her inside her house. The woman lets her call a cab to come pick her up and when she leaves she doesn’t notice she forgot her cleats. Then, the next day, the woman is found dead in her house. Soon Ingrid realizes her cleats could make her a suspect for murder, but she doesn’t know what to do. Unfortunately, her choice was actually a bad idea.

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“Ranger’s Apprentice” By: Ryan

Photo by Ryan

I am reading “Ranger’s Apprentice” by John Flanagan. I started reading this book because my cousin recommended it. I didn’t understand the book at first, but after a while you start to understand the plot. It is about a young boy named Will and he is chosen to be the apprentice of a very mysterious ranger. A ranger is practically a spy. Will is specially trained to be sneaky and agile. He even gets a special ranger horse. Everything is going well until the ranger gathering. That is when all the rangers from different fiefs come and inform each other on what’s going on. One ranger says that Lord Morgarath and his army is back to invade. Will has to use everything he learns to keep everyone alive. I think it is a very good suspenseful book!

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Mark of Athena by Alex P.

Rick Riordan, one of my ago favorite authors, wrote a new book in the Heroes of Olympus series called The Mark of Athena. It is about a world of Greek and Roman and mythology that mortals cannot see due to a magical force called the Mist.

In this book, seven Greek and Roman demigods set out to fulfill the Prophecy of Seven or The Great Prophecy and save the world from the earth goddess, Gaea, who has been planning to destroy human civilization. They voyage on the Argo ll to Rome, to save it from being destroyed by the giants, Gaea’s children. While the other demigods go to face the giants, Annabeth, one of the main characters and daughter of Athena, sets out to follow the Mark of Athena and find the Athena Parthenos, one of the most powerful and famous statues of her mother. Before she finds it, she must face dangers that will test her will, bravery, and craftiness. Will she find the statue? Or will she fail, just like the other children of Athena?

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Maximum Ride Katie





Photo by Katie

I am reading the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. The series is really good and very exciting. Two of my friends were reading the series and loved them. They wanted me to read the series too. I started the series and loved each book. There are about six books in the series, but another one is coming out. I love the books because there is almost always action or something exciting happening. I love the series and cannot wait to read the rest.

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First They Killed My Father: A Book About Cambodia’s Past by James

The book I am reading now is called First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers. It is about Loung ung, a girl who was five years old when the Khmer Rouge occupied Cambodia. The book talks about her experience and how hungry she was. It also mentioned how her and her seven siblings were separated from each other.
It was suggested to me by one of my friends, Dylan, who loves history. It sounded kind of interesting so I decided to read it. I would suggest it for someone who wanted to learn about something new, as it is very informative. It is a very good book but kind of sad. It is 256 pages long with tall pages and small print, and it is kind of slow at first. I wouldn’t suggest reading it if you don’t like it when they describe dead bodies, but I think that the interesting parts make up for the bad parts.

The Limit: A Science Fiction Book by James

In the summer of 2011 I read a book called The Limit and I loved it. It takes place in a slightly futuristic world very similar to our own. The main character is a thirteen year old named Matt. In this world each family has an economical limit. If they go into more than a certain amount of debt they go over the limit. If this happens one of the children in the family is taken to a workhouse. When Matt’s family goes over the limit at a grocery store he is taken away from his family. While at this workhouse Matt and his friends find corruptness in the owners. Matt tries to uncover the truth and escape the workhouse alive. The book is written by Kristen Landon and is about 300 pages long. I would give it 5 stars out of five.

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