A Day As a Grown-up by Sylvia

If I were a grown-up for a day I would sleep until ten and live by my own rules in my own house. Drive around in my convertible with my friends and just see how far it takes us. I’d travel to places the world craves to see, dance around and party at one in the morning without any worry about not getting enough sleep. I could be doing what I want 24/7 with no one to stop me but then work hard and earn a fortune. I would be out living the life. But the only problem with being a grown-up is that you wish you were a kid again.


Grown Ups by Franny







Photo by Franny

If I were a grown up, I would start a fun job like teaching and then I would get a nice cozy house in a nice cozy neighborhood where there are a lot of kids and everyone knows everyone. I wouldn’t have much money but I would get enough to live a comfortable and healthy life. I would have a cute little car and my house would have a nice garden outside. As soon as I got enough money, I would get a dog who would be my constant companion and would go everywhere with me. Maybe later, I would get another dog. We would walk to the park every day and throw the frisbee or tennis ball. The garden would be on eather side of a nice path to the door and in front, I would have a big fenced in yard. I would live somewhere pretty with lots of forests and fields. Maybe it will be near the beach. I would have many friends that were in my neighborhood and we would always go to each others houses. I may have a family later. I think being a grown up for a while would be cool and fun!

If I Were Grown Up By Vasili C.

If I were a grown up for a day I would stay home and sleep late. Next thing I would do is go to work and make lots of money. Then for dinner I would go and eat at a fancy restaurant and eat until I was full. After that I would go to sleep late, wake up, and I would only have memories of the day that I was a grown up.

Book Review/Recommendation by Sylvia








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The book I am reading right now is called Down The Rabbit Hole. It was one of the books in a book talk a while ago I was interested in it and checked it out. I am really enjoying this book because something happens at the beginning that doesn’t get solved until the end. The main character, Ingrid, is thirteen years old, lives in Echo Falls and plays soccer. One day, she decides to walk to soccer practice because her parents didn’t come in time to pick her up. She gets lost on the way and a woman that is known to be crazy lets her inside her house. The woman lets her call a cab to come pick her up and when she leaves she doesn’t notice she forgot her cleats. Then, the next day, the woman is found dead in her house. Soon Ingrid realizes her cleats could make her a suspect for murder, but she doesn’t know what to do. Unfortunately, her choice was actually a bad idea.

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Why I like The Outsiders by Vasili

I like The Outsiders because it is very suspenseful when it comes to the middle of the book. This book is by S.E. Hinton. The most suspenseful part is when the kids are trapped in a fire and the three guys go save them. This book is very realistic because the main characters are in a gang. I don’t like what happened to one of the characters in the end because it was sad and not cool.

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Book Review of Maze Runner by Dylan J.





Photo by Dylan

Maze Runner by James Dashner is suspenseful and you never want to put it down. Maze Runner starts with Thomas who wakes up in a giant metal box with no memory. Then the doors of the box open and he is in a place called the Glade with other boys. The Glade is a place where there are giant walls that shut the Glade off from a maze that has monsters called grievers. Thomas makes friends and then he learns the only way to go home is to solve the maze. Read the book to find out the end.

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Christmas is Coming by Sylvia





Isn’t it so exciting that Christmas is in 20 days!? I can’t wait. I just got my Christmas tree, but it doesn’t have anything on it yet. Actually, I haven’t put up any decorations yet. Josh, my brother, wants a pocket knife, but I don’t think he’s getting one. I have no idea what I want. I hope everyone is excited about Christmas and I hope everyone is ready, too.

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I Am Thankful For My Dogs by Sylvia






On of the things I am very thankful for are my dogs. They are always very lively and excited. Whenever I come inside, they’re there, they are always there for me. I am proud of them for many things like: they just turned three, I successfully taught Madi how to play soccer, and they learned how to fetch and catch a tennis ball. I am very glad we got them.

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I Am Thankful For… By Vasili

I am thankful for my dog and cats. My dog always plays with me when he wants to or when I run around the house with him. My cats don’t play with me but they will sit with me on the couch or jump on my bed to sleep when I am at school. One of the cats will not sleep on my bed because she is afraid of my dog. She sleeps under my mom’s couch because my dog can’t fit under there. My other cat sleeps on my dog’s bed and he gets angry at her and then he barks at her. The only male cat was rescued from the Bojangles parking lot when a car ran over his foot. My mom was a few cars behind the one that hit him. She ran to get him and take him to the vet’s office to get his arm fixed. The cat that sleeps under the couch was found by my cousin in a dumpster. The cat that sleeps in my dog’s bed was my aunt’s cat that she had for a while and then she was going to be locked up in a cage if we didn’t keep her.

What I’m Thankful For By Sylvia






One of the things I am thankful for is being able to eat good food because some people can’t eat good food like most of us. I am very lucky that I am one of those people that can eat. The other thing I am thankful for is the places where people can get food they wouldn’t be able to get if there wasn’t a place like that. Now, those people also get to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving and any other meal they have without worrying about having to make sure everyone got enough to eat. I am very excited for Thanksgiving and I bet everyone else is too.

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