Brain by Dylan J.




In Language Arts Class we have been working on a project where we draw a brain and write down experiences we had in 6th grade. We could also write things that happened outside of school in sixth grade in our brain. The most important thing on my brain is family. My family is what makes me keep on going.

In my 6th grade experience I had lots of fun, I learned lots of things, and I studied. The best thing that I have done in 6th grade is having lunch because I get a break from all of my classes and I get to talk to all of my friends and hang out. I think next year I am going to miss all of my teachers from 6th grade because they all affected part of my life.

End of the Year iPads by Dylan J.

Screenshot taken by Dylan J.

This is the end of our school year and our iPad program. Overall, I think the iPads were a great learning tool letting kids use websites that help them study and going to websites teachers want us to. There are also many apps that helps us learn.

In particular, I think I used and liked Evernote and Flashcards the best. Flashcards helped me study for tests the old fashioned way. Evernote was where my teachers could post homework if someone was sick and they could put documents they want us to read or do on Evernote. I can also take notes on Evernote so that was helpful. Another good thing about the iPads is that we have the mail app which lets us communicate with our teachers if we are sick or we are missing work. The mail app also lets us email our friends to ask them if we did not write down the homework.


Membean by Dylan J.

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In Language Arts we have been working on an online vocabulary learning system called Membean. We use this site to learn new words and study the ones we know. In my experience with Membean I think it was great and fun to challenge myself to see how many new words I could learn and questions I could get correct. I also think that Membean is well organized so that it is easy to learn new words and have fun. I hope that people who read this will try out Membean!


The Perfect Teacher by Dylan J.


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In my Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver in which it is called a perfect society. In this post the point is to describe what a perfect teacher is. In my opinion the perfect teacher is nice, patient, strict, never is very mean, and likes to be involved in what her students are involved in. One of my teachers in first grade had all of these qualities and was always smiling and talking with us about what was going on in our life. I also think a teacher an be nice but they still have to be a little strict so that if the kids get riled up the teacher can calm us down.


Community Service by Dylan J.

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On Wednesday my advisory helped put mulch around our campus and plant flowers. This was an interesting experience for some people in my advisory because they had never mulched. The girls went and planted flowers that my teacher had while the boys went to help the maintenance crew put mulch around trees to help them grow and get water. After putting mulch around all the trees the boys helped sort the lost and found clothing. After everybody in my advisory finished what they were doing we got to have study hall for 25 minutes until the school day ended.


The Giver Assignment by Dylan J.

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Currently my Language Arts group is reading the book The Giver in which it is considered a perfect community. In this perfect community there is no war, no choices, no fear, and no pain. These are the reasons it is considered a perfect community. When you turn twelve years old you have the Ceremony of Twelve in which you are assigned a job that you will do for the rest of your life. If I just turned twelve I would probably given the assignment of orthopedic surgeon. I would get this assignment because I always say I want to be a doctor when I grow up and I know lots of the bones, muscles, and ligaments in the human body.


Talk To Your Teen by Dylan J.






Some ways to talk to your teen are to be interested and listen to things in their life and not let them bring their phone to the dinner table.

A way to get them to open up is to play board games and card games with them.

Let your teen hang out with their friends but always have a set family time.

Long movies are a way to get together with the whole family.

Get little things for them and tell them that the little things are what matter in life.

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An Adult For A Day by Dylan J.






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If I was an adult for a day I would buy a private island in the Bahamas with a giant house with my wife, Clotilda, and my son, Sin Jin. I would also have five Lamborghini’s and an ATV track around the island with ATVs. I would also build a time machine so I could go back to that day and keep it in my house. I have a 100 inch plasma screen TV in every room of my house. I would also have zip lines going everywhere. There would be tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, playgrounds, lacrosse fields, and blacktops. My house would also be electronically controlled and I have $1,000,000,000,000 dollars. Other people would live on the island with us and play on the beach with us. I would only eat candy and Pop tarts. I would stay up all night, go surfing, and boogie boarding. That would be what I would buy and do if I were an adult for a day with no limits.

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Book Review of Maze Runner by Dylan J.





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Maze Runner by James Dashner is suspenseful and you never want to put it down. Maze Runner starts with Thomas who wakes up in a giant metal box with no memory. Then the doors of the box open and he is in a place called the Glade with other boys. The Glade is a place where there are giant walls that shut the Glade off from a maze that has monsters called grievers. Thomas makes friends and then he learns the only way to go home is to solve the maze. Read the book to find out the end.

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Wisdom Tale by Dylan J.








The beginning of my story starts with a wolf, named Clover, who is thrown out of his pack and goes to a wise owl. The wise owl says that his pack needs him because he has the ability to think before he acts. When Clover goes back to his packs ground he sees them fighting another clan and in the and gets the two packs to have peace. The moral of this story is to think before you act. The reason I did this moral was because I think that to think before you act is extremely important.