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Membean is an online vocabulary program, created by Ragav Satish. He used Neuroscience (Brain Science) to create the optimal program for learning words. It will teach you definitions, part of speech, words, and even roots. I have had a great experience with this program! I have yet to come across any code gaps (bugs) that irk me. I find this program very fun and an excellent tool for learning. What is even cooler is that we wrote the developer and he wrote back! It was great seeing that he responded to everyone. Overall, this is a great program that is very useful.

Membean Bella K.

Membean is the program we use for vocabulary. They have several activities such as multiple choice, corresponding vocabulary word for a picture, or a word constellation map. Membean benefits me a lot by expanding my vocabulary knowledge, and once I learn some new words, I suddenly notice them in other places. I think it’s most effective if you do it a couple of times a week, which is exactly what we do in Language Arts class. Thanks to all the Membean developers for this great new learning website.


Membean by Michael S

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This year in Language Arts we have been working on this program called Membean. Membean is an online vocabulary program. It’s a great way to learn more vocabulary words. I like Membean because it’s online and it’s constantly giving you the words you are learning. That’s how I learn words best.

Membean also gives you new words and you can go to different levels. I think I have come a long way this year by learning 350 new words. I see these word in almost every book I read now and I understand it even more.

We also got to write the developers of Membean. They wrote us back too, which was so cool. I am very excited to use Membean in the summer because when I come back to school after summer I won’t feel like don’t know anything. I would definitely recommend this to students next year. Membean is great!

Membean By: Ryan

I think Membean is a fun learning website. It is a website where you can you sign up and start learning new vocabulary immediately. I like membean because it teaches you words that you can use to improve your writing and understanding of words. It is also helpful because you learn root words and those can help you figure out what other words mean.

Membean isn’t one of those learning sites that teaches you a word and then let you forget about it. Membean refreshes old words in your memory very often. I still see words I learned in the beginning of the year!

Currently, I am writing a story with my friends and we use lots of the words we learned in Membean. I see and hear words I words learned on Membean in books, on TV, and on the radio. That is why I think Membean has helped me tremendously!


Membean by Franny


Over the sixth grade school year, my Language Arts class has been using an online program that helps you learn new vocabulary words and keep them to have and use in daily life. The title of this blog post probably gives away the name of the program, but if you haven’t noticed, it’s called Membean. Membean is a pretty cool program.

Over this year, we have had vocabulary lists and Membean study sessions. My favorite part of Membean is that once you have learned a new word, you keep on being quizzed on it, even once you have cleared the certain level that it was introduced on. There are many other cool things like the fact that not only does it quiz your skill on the words, but it also quizzes you on the certain root words that appear in more than a few words. It quizzes you with word constellations (connections of synonyms were you have to fill in the word), pictures with words, definitions, roots, and many other cool word hooks. After you read this post, I hope you visit the site at Thanks for reading!


Membean by Nathan G.

This year the 6th graders tried out a program called Membean. It’s a program that teaches and tests you in vocabulary. Now since it’s on the Internet it has a lot more sections and questions on each word! So much that when you learn and restudy words it has a whole page of different pieces of information! This includes cool features such as short video to help you understand the word.

I have really enjoyed Membean this year a lot more than normal everyday vocabulary on paper! Your teacher can just send you a quiz and it takes two seconds!! My friend and I have little contests to see who can answer the most correct questions so it actually makes learning vocabulary fun!


Membean by Jinger

The new online learning system we have started this year called Membean has helped me a lot with progressing in vocabulary. I loved how the system is set up because it is easy to learn all the words. There are lots of different activities on the pages besides the definition which helps me understand it more.

What helps me learn best is the quick definition they have ,then I review the different things on the page like the memory hook, word theater and context. Sometimes I would see the words I learn in Membean in a magazine or book, and I get so surprised becuase at the beginning of the year or in 5th grade I would never have understood what the word meant.

A couple of months ago we wrote the Membean company about what we thought of Membean. When Mrs.Donnelly gave us our letters back we got to see what Membean wrote us back. I appreciated that they wrote us all back letters individually. I liked receiving the letter they back to me. I would recommend other students using Membean because it helps a lot. I am looking forward to using it over the summer and next year.


Membean by Sylvia

Membean is a site where you learn words and answer questions about them. You also learn root words for the words you are studying. I think it is better for students to use Membean rather than a vocabulary list because everyone just forgets the words after the quiz of the list. However, with Membean you can go back to any word you have studied, and when you miss a question, you restudy the word that you missed. There are so many words I have only made it to level 2, and I’ve used it for about 100 days (but some people are way ahead of me). Anyway, it helps build your knowledge of vocabulary and a lot of words I find in books or other sites. I would definitely prefer Membean as my vocabulary learning site and I hope that more schools will start using it.


Membean By Alex P.
This year, our school used an online site called Membean. This program helps kids learn vocabulary and  SAT words. The cool things about it is that it uses the shortest, easiest, and most precise definitions. The page to learn a word has many ways you can learn it. As you start practicing more words, it is not as hard because Membean pops up old words. Therefore, when you know a lot of words it is not so overwhelming because you know more than half of them because you practiced them so much. Because of Membean, I now know 240 new SAT words! When I take the SAT, I won’t have to worry about the vocabulary! I highly recommend you use this great learning tool.


Membean By: Sam G.

For a whole school year of Language Arts in the 6th Grade we have been using an academic sight known as Membean. The esteemed creators of this sight are both intelligent and are great software designers. Membean helps you learn vocabulary for life. Words like depict, deplorable, and jubilant are just a small taste of what Membean has in store for you. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer and go to Google or Google Chrome and type Membean and create an account. Then start leaning, and the more correct answers you get the higher level and harder words you receive.