Membean by Michael S

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This year in Language Arts we have been working on this program called Membean. Membean is an online vocabulary program. It’s a great way to learn more vocabulary words. I like Membean because it’s online and it’s constantly giving you the words you are learning. That’s how I learn words best.

Membean also gives you new words and you can go to different levels. I think I have come a long way this year by learning 350 new words. I see these word in almost every book I read now and I understand it even more.

We also got to write the developers of Membean. They wrote us back too, which was so cool. I am very excited to use Membean in the summer because when I come back to school after summer I won’t feel like don’t know anything. I would definitely recommend this to students next year. Membean is great!

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