My Brain by Franny


During our last “full” week of school, my Language Arts class has been working on our last project- drawing our brains. My Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Donnelly, thinks that the human brain is really fascinating and incredible, so for this project, we drew ours.

I know what your thinking- that this would be very hard, would probably take more than a week, and that what does drawing your brain have to do with Language Arts? I will explain. We were “outlining” a brain shape and then, either inside it or in the space around it we would put what we think about every day.

In mine, I had small sections and a few pictures on the outside of the brain. I drew pictures to represent things instead of words because for some reason, I usually think with visuals and pictures instead of just words or phrases. I also like to draw, so I wanted to make it fun.

Going back to what you may have been thinking before, no, this doesn’t really have anything to do with Language Arts. It is just a fun project for the end of the year. The above picture shows the finshed product of my brain. I would have outlined the words with Sharpie, but I never got a chance to and I had to scan it so please excuse the hard-to-read writing!

My Brain by Charlie


My brain map is a collection my interests, my memories, and my emotions. This drawing represents everything that I have done, and everything I hope to do. This is what my person is, my mind, my body, my emotions. This holds memories of anguish, and memories of joy, memories of anger, and memories of happiness. All the things that make me tick, are inside this map. The emotional triggers are across this map. But this is the map to the maze of me. And there is no entrance, only an exit.

Brain by Nate


In Language Arts we drew brains. My brain has sections where I put different parts of my life. I divide my brain up and then fill in the categories. I think that my brain reflects my thinking and life in sixth grade. My brain has my Life List around it and I will probably keep it for future reference. Sixth grade has been my favorite grade and I am proud of my work.

Brain by Dylan J.




In Language Arts Class we have been working on a project where we draw a brain and write down experiences we had in 6th grade. We could also write things that happened outside of school in sixth grade in our brain. The most important thing on my brain is family. My family is what makes me keep on going.

In my 6th grade experience I had lots of fun, I learned lots of things, and I studied. The best thing that I have done in 6th grade is having lunch because I get a break from all of my classes and I get to talk to all of my friends and hang out. I think next year I am going to miss all of my teachers from 6th grade because they all affected part of my life.

Brain by Michael S


In Language Arts for the past week we have been working on a project that might sound a little crazy. We worked on our brains. We had to draw our brain and write words sticking out of the brain that we think are important to us. Then we also put our Life List in. I really enjoyed this project. I hope the 6th graders next year get to do this.

My Life List by Miriam D.

My life list:

  • Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
  • Go scuba diving in Hawaii
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Swim in a lagoon in a rain forest
  • Play on a school sports team.
  • Visit my cousins in Ireland meet Taylor Swift
  • Get a little of my hair dyed
  • Live or go to England.
  • My dream job
  • Own a puppy.
  • Go on vacation with a friend
  • Be in the CIA
  • Go to a make your own cupcake shop
  • Read at least 13 books in a month
  • Se all of the Hunger Games movies (when they come out)
  • Write a book
  • Meet Gabbi Douglas
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Go to a Taylor Swift concert
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Sing in front of a crowd
  • Make straight A pluses on a report card
  • Get married
  • Ride on on of those Italian motor cycle thingys
  • Get a trampoline
  • Learn to surf
  • Learn to speak French fluently
  • Design a clothes line
  • Go rock climbing
  • Get certified in scuba
  • Play paint tag
  • Graduate from college


Brain by Bella K.


Every brain needs rest!!!! You will be cranky after working for more than a couple hours. So you should sleep and let your brain to rest. Especially when you feel tired and sleepy, it means your brain is “overpowered”, and it has to be calmed down to take in all the things you have been working on. Whether you want to or not, your brains are filled with tons and tons things of everything in your life. So go get some sleep tonight!

Brain Story By: Ryan


This is a story I wrote for sentences in LA:

One SATURNINE day on the cruise Little Timmy lied PROSTRATE vomiting on the ground next to him when suddenly the boat began to OSCILLATE. The swinging was violent as if a herd of elephants were ramming into the cruise. While this was happening there was a faint sound that sounded like, “lolololololololololooo!” Little Timmy thought he was hearing things so he dismissed the sound. Little Timmy went to his room to get some pills that made him SOPORIFIC. He woke up to see two massive police officers that were about to PINION him. “W-wh-what have I done?” Stammered Little Timmy. “Sorry kid, wrong room,” the officers thumped out. The boat started to rumble again, and that was when Little Timmy heard the sound again. This time he went to investigate. It was coming from the cargo area. Little Timmy came across a blanket with a NODULE. The lumps was eeriely TACITURN as Little Timmy approached it. Suddenly a LUGUBRIOUS alpaca jumped out from under the blanket. “Olé! Lolololololololololooo!” The alpaca screeched. The animal bit Little Timmy truncating one of Timmy’s fingers. The alpaca started running around in circles and began to TANTALIZE Little Timmy, “Lolololololololololooo!” The alpaca continued screeching. Little Timmy was about to go mentally insane when a titanic MAELSTROM appeard and sucked the ship in. Everybody died…


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My Brain by Michiko

In our Language Arts class we drew our brain and wrote what we thought would be in it. Around that I put my Life List. My Life List has things that I want to do, places I want to go, and doing something for someone else. On my Life List I have some of the following things: go to New York, visit Hawaii, help someone in need, be on a school sports team, travel to all seven continents, own a beach house, and be someone’s hero. I choose to put those things on my Life List because if I had unlimited money and time, that is what I would try to do. Another thing that is on my brain is topics like school. I put school on my brain because school is an important part of your life, and sometimes it can determine your career. School teaches you things that you need to know in life. That is why I put my Life List and school on my brain.


Brain by Nathan G.


So as a fun last project we made a poster with our brains on it! It was a drawing of course!! Well we could do almost anything as long as it had a brain on it so see what I did above! ⬆ Well anyway something that has been in my brain lately is 7th grade! There are only 3 days of school until summer!!

I’m really excited about 7th grade but at the same time I’m kind of scared! I’m really psyched about being able to participate in school sports which is going to be a lot of fun and also about study hall!! It’s going to be very useful to be able to have a whole period to do homework!! But up has its downs. Starting next year we will have to start taking exams!! That means having to take tons of notes over the year and keeping them safe until the end of the year when we have to study them!! For the most part I’m really happy and excited for 7th grade and I think most people are too!