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I play lacrosse, gymnastics and horse back riding. My favorite food is angel food cake. My favorite colors are purple and lime green and silver. My favorite books is THE HUNGER GAMES series!!!!!!!!! I absolutely ❤❤❤❤❤ taylor swift!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Life List by Miriam D.

My life list:

  • Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
  • Go scuba diving in Hawaii
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Swim in a lagoon in a rain forest
  • Play on a school sports team.
  • Visit my cousins in Ireland meet Taylor Swift
  • Get a little of my hair dyed
  • Live or go to England.
  • My dream job
  • Own a puppy.
  • Go on vacation with a friend
  • Be in the CIA
  • Go to a make your own cupcake shop
  • Read at least 13 books in a month
  • Se all of the Hunger Games movies (when they come out)
  • Write a book
  • Meet Gabbi Douglas
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Go to a Taylor Swift concert
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Sing in front of a crowd
  • Make straight A pluses on a report card
  • Get married
  • Ride on on of those Italian motor cycle thingys
  • Get a trampoline
  • Learn to surf
  • Learn to speak French fluently
  • Design a clothes line
  • Go rock climbing
  • Get certified in scuba
  • Play paint tag
  • Graduate from college


iPads by Miriam D.



Photo taken by Miriam D.

I can’t believe it is almost the end of the year!!! This was our first year using the iPad program. I can honestly say that I liked it A LOT more than I thought I would. When I first heard about it, I thought there was no way on earth that this could possibly work, but it did! They did a really good job using a program that could easily go very wrong. At least form what I heard, all of the iPads that were lost were found. There was only one big mistake that happened with the iPads this year, which is impressive considering they gave over three hundred kids very expensive iPads. There were DEFINITELY a lot less bad things that happened than were anticipated. But next year, they are saying they are going to put the textbooks on the iPads, which I am COMPLETELY AGAINST!!!!!!! But who knows, it could turn out to be good, but probably not.


Membean by Miriam D.

Picture taken by me, Miriam D.
Almost every Language Arts or English class that I know of learns the spelling and definitions of new words. We do that in our class too, but we also use Membean. Not only is it fun to say, it’s really fun to do! It makes learning vocabulary so much easier and a lot more fun. It uses technology to teach you new words, then teach you the spelling of them, then teach you the definition of them, then it implants them into your memory. I think every class should use Membean because it helps kids learn vocabulary no matter what kind of learner they are. I really like how it has different levels so that you can be put into a level the fits your amount of skill! It works with everyone individually to ensure that each kid learns the words and know the words.

Memory by Miriam D.

Image Drawn by Miriam D.

In Language Arts class, we are reading The Giver. The Giver has to give away his memories to the new Receiver. If I was in his position, the first memory I would give to the new Receiver would be my memory of lacrosse. It is my favorite sport and I would hate being in a world without it. I would share the feeling of nervousness before a game, the tension when your team has the ball, and the happiness when your team wins. I would hope that it would give the new Receiver a memory of fun, friends, and sportsmanship.


My Ideal Teacher by Miriam D.

Image by me, Miriam D.

In Language Arts class, we are reading “The Giver” which is a book about the ideal society. Since we are in school, we decided to write about the ideal teacher. For a lot of kids, the ideal teacher would be one that gives no homework, recess all day, gives them candy, etc., but not for me. I mean, sure that would be great, but I need something more than that! My ideal teacher would be one that doesn’t overload you with work, but doesn’t let you blow off his or her class. One who is funny and makes jokes, but doesn’t make that prevent us from learning a lot (I had a teacher like this one, who is like the coolest guy I know, and he made every class REALLY fun, but I learned SO much in his class!!!). The teacher also needs to be more than just great in his or her academic field. They would need to be very understanding outside of class. They would need to be able to help me socially if necessary, but not try to always stick their nose into everybody’s business. They would need to be kind too. I have certain teachers who are like second mothers and fathers to me!


Community Service: Working for TABLE by Miriam D.

Image by me, Miriam D.

I have always liked community service at the middle school. It has always been really fun and rewarding for me. But this time I particularly liked it! My advisory went to TABLE in Carrboro, North Carolina. TABLE is an organization that gives food to kids who can’t afford it. Kids may get free meals at school during the week, but have nothing to eat a home over the weekend. So TABLE tries to provide fresh, healthy foods that kids like to eat. I had donated and worked there before with my family, so it was fun going back.

Over a couple of weeks, my advisory had brought in food to donate to TABLE when we went. We collected 260.5 pounds of food!!! Then we wrote the expiration date on all of the food that we brought. If something didn’t have a date or was expired, it went into a bucket that goes to a food market where people come in knowing that food may be opened or expired, but get to shop for free!!! Then we stacked all of the food that we brought on the particular shelves that they go on. They are VERY organized! After that we put all of the expired, opened, or not dated food into bags so that it could go off to that market. But sadly, after that, it was time to go. I am definitely going to sign up to work there again, and I feel really good knowing that I helped someone!


My Assignment by Miriam D.

Picture taken by me, Miriam D.

In Language Arts class, we are reading a book called “The Giver.” It is about a society with no choices. When you are twelve, you be assigned to a permanent work position, where you will train until you are good enough to work in that position. People from the government observe you to see where your natural gift is, and they place you in the job that they think will be best for you. Even though there are no animals in this society, I think my job would be “Animal caregiver” or “nurturer,” like Jonas’s dad. I love all animals and am good at working with them. I also love little kids and they all seem to like me. I have already started looking after them, so I think this would be a good place for me.


The Westing Game by Miriam D.

In Language Arts class, we read a mystery called “The Westing Game” by Ellen Raskin. Sixteen heirs with seemingly nothing in common move into a new apartment complex called Sunset Towers, not knowing that it will change their lives. There was a dressmaker, a secretary, an inventor, a doctor, a judge, a bookie, a burglar, a bomber, and a mistake. When the owner of the town that they live in, Westingtown, says in his will that he was murdered, all sixteen of theses are given partners, put into groups, and asked to solve the mystery for 10,000,000 dollars. What will their different solutions be? Is one of them a murderer? And what really happend to Sam Westing?

I absolutely loved this book!!! It is one of the most confusing things I ever read, which made it much more interesting. I loved all the characters, the plots, and I ESPECIALLY loved the end!!!



My Hero Book By Miriam D.

Picture Taken By Patti D. At the Frank Gallery on Fraklin Street.

In Language Arts, we all had to choose a person who we thought to be our hero. A hero is a person who has influenced your life a lot and who you admire. I chose my First Grade teacher Mrs. Suggs. Artist, Peg Gignoux, came to our school and helped us make the books. First, we got a bunch of really cool stamps and made the paper that we were going to use to make our books. On the second day, we folded the our books. The rest of the days we spent decorating our books. On the inside, everyone did a special scene with their hero in it, and then we cut a portal through the paper in front of it, like we were looking through something onto the scene. And on the outside, we did another special scene.

We also wrote stories about our hero. It started with an introduction paragraph, then we did three paragraphs, each one described one of the traits that we think that our hero has. Then it ended with a paragraph about how much our hero has impacted our lives. My hero was extremely touched by it. And the best part is, they were all displayed at the Frank Gallery, an art gallery on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!!!

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My Lady Or The Tiger Ending by Miriam D.


We read a short story called “The Lady or the Tiger?” In class. There was once a brutal king who came up with a trial system where he had two doors, one with a lady and one with a tiger, and the criminal chose which one that they were to go through. If they chose the door with the Lady, they would be married to her at once and live a great life. But if they chose the tiger, they would be ripped to shreds by the beast. The horrible king found out that her daughter was in love with a poor man from the village, so he sent him on trial. The princess had found out which door was which, and she waved her hand to the right to tell him to go to the door on the right. But what did she want for him? The story didn’t have an ending, it ended on a cliff hanger that didn’t explain what happened her. Here is my Lady or the Tiger ending.


And through that door was what I thought of as the better of the two terrible fates. My lover stepped cautiously toward the door to the right. Hand sweating, heart pounding, he slowly turned the handle. I turned away in disgust as the bells started ringing and the beautiful maiden stepped out of the door. I felt sick as I watched the wedding ceremony and them holding hands. I thought to myself,”Does he look happier than he had with me? Will I ever be able to live with myself knowing that I had set him up with his true love?” I realized I had made a mistake, that it really was better for him to die then to be with that despicable girl! But it was too late. I could do nothing about it. And that fact alone tormented me.

As my new wife and I surveyed the arena and saw all the happy, smiling faces, I couldn’t help to feel happy for myself. The princess had saved me from the tiger! I knew she would! But in all the commotion of the majestic sounds of the ringing bells and the cheering crowds, everything else was blocked from my mind. So after the preacher made us man and wife, my beautiful wife and I gazed into each others eyes and ignored the rest of the world. I opened the door for her so that we could leave the arena, still completely oblivious to everything going on around me, and it was the loud roar that snapped me back into my senses. I had opened the wrong door! I had opened he door to the tiger’s cage and he was upon us now. I tried to find her, but she had already been slain by the beast and I had less then a minute left to live. I looked over at the princess and saw a smile on her face. Though I still loved her, she disgusted me now. So I ran toward the tiger, willing to die, for I had nothing left in this world.