Brain by Michael S


In Language Arts for the past week we have been working on a project that might sound a little crazy. We worked on our brains. We had to draw our brain and write words sticking out of the brain that we think are important to us. Then we also put our Life List in. I really enjoyed this project. I hope the 6th graders next year get to do this.

iPads Michael S

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This year we have been given the opportunity of using iPads. IPads are great for projects. The apps I use for projects are: Evernote, Pages, Keynote, Google Docs, Skitch, and Sketchbook. My favorite app would probably be Evernote because I love the layout and it’s really easy to use. IPads have helped me in a great way by taking notes, studying, sharing notes, and having access to teachers notebooks. I use my iPad in every class but rarely in math class. We mostly use it in Language Arts. I am very happy that we had the chance to use iPads.

Membean by Michael S

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This year in Language Arts we have been working on this program called Membean. Membean is an online vocabulary program. It’s a great way to learn more vocabulary words. I like Membean because it’s online and it’s constantly giving you the words you are learning. That’s how I learn words best.

Membean also gives you new words and you can go to different levels. I think I have come a long way this year by learning 350 new words. I see these word in almost every book I read now and I understand it even more.

We also got to write the developers of Membean. They wrote us back too, which was so cool. I am very excited to use Membean in the summer because when I come back to school after summer I won’t feel like don’t know anything. I would definitely recommend this to students next year. Membean is great!

What Memory Would I Give Away Michael S


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In Language Arts class we are reading The Giver. In The Giver, the Giver gives the Receiver memories, especially the memory of snow. If I were the Giver I would give him the memory of the beach because there is sun shining, the ocean, sandcastles, and boogie boarding, and body surfing. My favorite is swimming in the ocean. There is so much to do at the beach.  I love the beach so much and this is why I would give the memory to the Receiver.

A Good Teacher Michael S


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In Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver. They live in an ideal society. I think the perfect teacher would be caring for her/his students, respectful, very organized with his/her work, and not in a bad mood every day. Teachers should never yell at their students. These are the things I think a perfect teacher would be.

Community Service Michael S





On May 8, 2013 Mrs. Donnelly’s class went to TABLE for community service. It is an organization in our local community. Table does something very special. It is all volunteers. Table is a small house filled with food . It helps kids who don’t have food on the weekend. Kids at school get lunches in a cafeteria but don’t have anything at home to eat. TABLE helps them out by giving them food. We first started by weighing our food. We donated 260 pounds of food. Then we wrote the expiration date on the food containers. After that we put the food in the correct category in a basket. And last we put them on the shelves. Table is a great organization and a great place. I hope I can go again. 

What Would My Assignment Be? By Michael S


In Language Arts we are currently reading the book The Giver. In this book their are different ceremonies for every age. At age twelve you get an assignment which is going to be your career for the rest of your life. This is given to you by the government and you don’t just get a job the government looks at your records. I think I would be assigned to be a professional basketball player because I have been playing for a long time. I play travel, rec, and at school. I would be the best in the town and representative. My whole family would be proud of me and I would donate money to the town. They would make a statue of me in the middle of the city.

Dressing Up as a Westing Game Character By Michael S

On April 29, 2013 we had a chance to dress up as a Westing Game  Character for extra credit. We didn’t know that we could dress up as a character until that Saturday morning. Mrs. Donnelly sent us a email about dressing up and it was on Evernote. I was at a basketball tournament at the time but my mom got the email and she said you better start working on the project. I started working on it that night like wearing a track jacket, two medals, and a track number. And the best part about it was that I got to wear a medal that I just won the day before!

Michael J and Michael S’s top 10 Basketball Shoes of the Year

10. In our rankings, we have decided that the CP3 6s are the tenth best shoes. They are Jordan brand and are the signature shoe of Chris Paul. Most commonly found in blue and red for the Clippers, these shoes are low top and have a zig zag pattern.

9. Ranking at number nine, are the Nike Hyperdisruptors. These shoes are some of the newest on the market and are worn by stars such as Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green. These shoes are hightops and are usually a solid color or a solid color with white.

8. The eighth shoes in our rankings are the D Rose 3.5s. They are adidas shoes and are the shoes of Derrick Rose who is currently injured. He wears red and black shoes because he plays for the bulls. They are high top shoes and are some of the best adidas shoes of the year.

7. At number seven are the Nike Hyperfuse low tops. These shoes aren’t too popular in the NBA, but are worn by college players such as Amile Jefferson of Duke. These shoes are very lightweight and offer good agility.

6. The 6th best shoe of the year are the high top Nike Hyperdunks. These shoes are very popular in college and the NBA, and have a unique design from the last years hyperdunks. They provide good cushioning for the feet and feature the fly wire design.

5. The fifth best shoes of the year are the Jordan Superfly Lows. These shoes are extremely agile, and lightweight, often coming in black and red. These shoes are some of the hottest Jordan’s of the year. They are worn by Kevin Martin of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Maya Moore in the WNBA and many more.

At number four, are the classic Nike Penny 5s. They are the shoes of Penny Hardaway, a player for the Magic in the 1990s. These classics are worn by players around the country such as Tyler Thornton and Rasheed Sulaimon.

The number three shoes are the Kobe 8s. These low top shoes are quick and agile worn by Kobe Bryant. These shoes have a classic pattern and a snake pattern and many players favor these shoes such as many of the Wichita State Shockers, Kobe Bryant and Michael S a.k.a The Mamba.

At number two, are the Kd Vs. These shoes are the fifth shoe that Kevin Durant has produced. The original KD Vs are high tops, but Nike has come out with the low top versions. They are worn by players such as Quinn Cook, Tyler Thornton, and Michael J.

And the number one shoes of the year are the… Lebron Xs. These shoes are Lebron James’ shoes. These shoes are worn all around the country, by players like Rasheed Sulaimon, Seth Curry, Mason Plumlee, and pros such as Eric Bledsoe. These shoes are hightops but Nike has recently released the low top versions. These shoes are some of the best Lebrons that have come.


Lady Or Tiger by Michael S

Sweating, trembling, hoping, the princess’s lover walked to the two doors. He thought about which one he was going to open. The man was scared because everyone was chanting OPEN IT!!!!! Over and over. Some people in the crowed were even throwing things at him, especially coins, food, and even bottles.

     He walked up to the door. He thought and thought and thought about which door he was going to pick. He just stood there with grief. He fell to his knees praying that he was going to die.

     He got up and opened the door on the right. There was nothing there in the dark room but this sign that said, “Look behind you.” As he turned his head he saw the princess and the tiger with vicious looks on their faces.

     The princesses lover was very scared trembling and tensing up. The princess was still mad at the man for flirting with that other lady. The tiger was drooling. He was so hungry. In a blink of an eye, the tiger and the princess started to run after the man into the dark room. There was a door that no one knew about. The man found that door but it was too late. The tiger ripped him to shreds. Blood was everywhere all on the walls and floor.  The princess also had blood all over her, but you could see her laughing with a grin on her face. Anyone in her way to not lover deserved to be killed.