Lady Or Tiger by Michael S

Sweating, trembling, hoping, the princess’s lover walked to the two doors. He thought about which one he was going to open. The man was scared because everyone was chanting OPEN IT!!!!! Over and over. Some people in the crowed were even throwing things at him, especially coins, food, and even bottles.

     He walked up to the door. He thought and thought and thought about which door he was going to pick. He just stood there with grief. He fell to his knees praying that he was going to die.

     He got up and opened the door on the right. There was nothing there in the dark room but this sign that said, “Look behind you.” As he turned his head he saw the princess and the tiger with vicious looks on their faces.

     The princesses lover was very scared trembling and tensing up. The princess was still mad at the man for flirting with that other lady. The tiger was drooling. He was so hungry. In a blink of an eye, the tiger and the princess started to run after the man into the dark room. There was a door that no one knew about. The man found that door but it was too late. The tiger ripped him to shreds. Blood was everywhere all on the walls and floor.  The princess also had blood all over her, but you could see her laughing with a grin on her face. Anyone in her way to not lover deserved to be killed.

3 thoughts on “Lady Or Tiger by Michael S

  1. Your lady or the tiger story is very funny, I enjoyed reading it very much. GREAT JOB!!!

  2. Your lady or the tiger story is very funny, I enjoyed reading it a lot. GREAT JOB!!!

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