Ellie’s Brain By: Ellie


The Brain project was one of the last projects we did. We would draw a brain-like shape and then we would write words that would described our 6th grade experience. Some new people (like me) also put memories of our old school. In my brain I put the names of my old and new friends and my teachers. On the outside of my brain I put my old school logo, as well as the DA logo. I also added what classes I am taking in bold colors. Then I added some little color splashes in and voila, I finished.


Membean By: Ellie






Membean is a new software program that helps students learn vocabulary at the student’s pace. I like this website because it helps you feel less pressured to do well on quizzes. Also, they made really creative and fun ways to learn the words, like a Word Theatre. This is a short video that is about your word. I also like the Quick Glance tool. This provides a synonym to the word that is easy to comprehend. Another thing that is helpful is, they tell you which words you kind of know, the ones you know pretty well, the ones you know very well, and the ones you know like the back of your hand.

iPad Reflection By: Ellie

This year we have used iPads a lot and for many different reasons.

Language Arts: We use our iPads every day, you couldn’t forget your iPad or you’d have to go get it. We use the iPad for blog posts, vocabulary, Membean, Evernote, and projects on Google Drive. The apps that we use are Google Drive, Evernote, Safari (Membean),Sketchbook, and some people use Kindle.

Math: We use our iPads rarely, only in a few cases but we might need an iPad on a day that would be unexpected. We use the iPads for getting/doing practice quizzes and receiving our grades. The apps we use are GoodReader, Evernote, Safari (Veracross).

Science: We use our iPads twice a week, so it would be good to bring your iPad with you to class. We use the iPads for videos, quizzes, grades, and science websites. The apps we use are BrainPOP, Safari (Veracross)

History: We use our iPads to look at images of whatever we’re studying. We use it twice a week. The apps we use are Evernote, Safari, and our Google app.


First Memory By: Ellie

In Language Arts class we are reading The Giver. The Giver is an old man that has memories of the world before Sameness.

If I were The Giver I would give away the memory of cherry blossoms blowing off of a tree in the spring because, firstly, cherry blossoms are beautiful, and secondly they smell really nice from a distance. In the memory I would include a meadow where the cherry blossom tree is on top of and a garden with the most vibrant colored flowers that would smell sweet. I think that the Receiver would enjoy this memory because of the beauty of it all.


The Ideal Teacher By: Ellie M

ellie ideal teacher





My ideal teacher would post all of the homework for the next week ahead of time on the Sunday before that school week so his/her students can plan ahead for that week. An ideal teacher would also have more two-day assignents that might take a little longer to complete. Also, at our school our homework should take about 20 minutes. Some teachers say “stop once it is 20 minutes” but others just want you to finish it no matter how long it takes. An ideal teacher should also assign projects that are relatively fun that students get to choose between certain guidelines. This makes learning a lot more fun! Lastly, the ideal teacher would give you back your quizzes and tests the next day (and not lose a test or two). Half of my teachers don’t do that!


Community Service By: Ellie M.

elllie ideal blog






Photo drawn on sketchbook

For community service we went to a meals on wheels shelter. When we got there a volunteer said to split up in two teams. All of the boys and girls in outer advisory each stepped toward opposite sides. Then the volunteer brought us in and put the girls in a conference room and the boys in the pantry.

The manager of the Thrift Shop associated with the meals on wheels shelter came in and gave us a lot of boxes with everything that has been donated to the thrift shop. This included unmatched earrings, broken watches, necklaces, pins, anything that someone didn’t have any need for. Our job was to sort the items into different boxes. Although we never finished we got halfway done.


The Giver By: Ellie

In Language Arts we are reading The Giver. One of the main characters is Jonas. He is an Eleven and is about to become a Twelve. He is waiting to find out what his assignment will be. I would think that the Elders would pick me as lawyer because I would spend all of my volunteer hours at the Law and Justice building. It probably wouldn’t be smart of them to pick nurturer, doctor, or caretaker of the old for me just because it isn’t me, you know? Although judge would be kinda fun, lawyer sounds much more fun.


The Westing Game By: Ellie







Photo Screenshot by me

Ellen Raskin writes so perfectly, each word where she wants them to be. How she placed the words in the story so thoughtfully is so hard to believe. For example, two of the themes of the book are patriotism and games. These two themes come up so much in the book in subtle ways. Although there isn’t a variety of games in this book the one big game is chess. For example, there are sixteen heirs and sixteen chess pieces on one side of the board. Also, there is a move that applies to the game that Sam Westing always does in chess called The Queen’s Sacrifice. Patriotism comes up a lot especially about 4th of July like when the tenants to-be recieved their note about Sunset Towers.

The last thing I would say is don’t fall for everything each character says and thinks and how they act, and don’t rule out ANY possibilities.


Talk To Your Teen by Ellie

In Language Arts, we are reading Cosmic. Liam is the main character, and he is reading Talk to Your Teen. Here is some advice I would add.

When your child has a test or a quiz, NEVER put pressure on them to get a certain score or higher. This makes it harder to do well. Instead, make sure you support them before they take a test or a quiz. When your child gets that test or quiz back make sure that you are enthusiastic if they get a good score. If your child gets a 98%, you should congratulate them, not say something like, “You can do better.”


My Hero Reflection By: Ellie

My hero was my PopPop. My three characteristics were patient, selfless, and caring. I did my book where I was looking out onto a marsh with PopPop.

I thought our project was long and hard but the final products were AMAZING. I think it was worth the while. The best part was showing it to my hero. I know he really liked it, especially the story and that really was something. Also, it was fun to walk around and see other people’s hidden rooms.

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